5 Places To Go Glamping Around Mumbai

Flinging on a backpack and tramping off into nature always seems like such a great idea: you effortlessly set up a tent, relax around a fireplace, and wake up the next morning to an unbeatable sunrise… but once you’re there, there’s too many biting bugs, the tent won’t pitch and you’re too cold and uncomfortable to actually sleep well! As amazing as camping is made to look, it can be quite tough and hardy. Which is why glamping is the next best thing.

Glamping is a portmanteau of the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’, and lets you experience the fun of camping without any of the mess or trouble. Here’s a run-down on 5 places to go glamping around Mumbai for people who want a break from the urban hustle and bustle.

5 Of The Best Glamping Destinations Around Mumbai

  1. Moonstone Hammock, Karjat
  2. D.A.T.A. Resort, Lonavala
  3. Forest Hills, Tala
  4. Treks And Trails, Karjat
  5. Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

Moonstone Hammock, Karjat

Moonstone Hammock brings the glam to glamping like never before! Their location in Karjat is prime, right next to the Ulhas River, and yet they’ve managed to provide for quite a few comforts along the way. The tents, each as spacious as the next, are set up on cantilevered decks. This takes you closer to nature like never before while remaining in the comfort and shelter of your tent. Plus, imagine the views! The decks also have hammocks, and if you aren’t rocking yourself back and forth, the cool breeze over the river will gently do it for you.

Each tent is sturdy and waterproof, and comes with a queen size bed, comforters and pillows, lights, table top fans and a charging point. Drop into their cafe and breeze through the books, and as the sun sets, gear up for the live band to enthrall you with their performances around a bonfire. Want to cozy up under the stars and watch a movie? Rest assured, Moonstone Hammock can get it done for you.

Rate: Starting from approximately ₹3,000 per head per night

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D.A.T.A. Resort, Lonavala

Delta Adventure Training Academy Resort in Lonavala takes glamping to the next level with their military-themed glamping resort. This is the first of its kind in India, offering uber luxurious accommodation and amenities, and fun activities. The excitement begins even before you get there, as the glamping resort is surrounded by dense jungle. The only way to get there? A 40-minute off-road journey in a military-themed vehicle, provided by the resort.

Your tents are spacious and roomy, equipped with double beds featuring memory foam mattresses, a 42-inch flat screen TV, bespoke furnishings, an electronic safe and tea/coffee makers. Private bathrooms are attached to the tent, with twin vanity counters, bathrobes, shower cubicles, a steam room and a jacuzzi. Set the mood with the mood lighting, crack open a cold one from the minibar, and head out to the patio for some spectacular views.

Be a part of mock demonstrations in the training rooms, and challenge yourself physically and mentally on India’s first professional and permanent military-style obstacle course. There are special training sessions, conducted by expert trainers headed by Lieutenant General Raymond Noronha (Retd.), once the Chief of Staff Southern Command from The Indian Army. Head to the spa after a long day of exertion to unwind and feel those muscles relax. You can also splash around in the pool, and enjoy some delicious food at the Salaam Manekshaw restaurant.

Rate: Starting from ₹10,000 per night

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Glamping spots around Mumbai

Forest Hills, Tala

Located in the verdant hills of Tala, Forest Hills has a campground that is sure to be unforgettable. It is the perfect combination of the essence of camping and the comfort of modern amenities. Fitted at the highest point on the getaway’s vast property, the campground has fantastic views and is spread over 2.5 acres. The tents are set up in a shady grove so as to ensure they remain cool in the day.

The tents themselves are spacious, and each tent has mattresses, air pillows and comfortable sleeping bags: no more trying to sleep with only a sleeping bag between you and the cold ground! The tents also have charging points, so your DSLR and phone can always be ready to take some stunning pictures. There’s free Wi-Fi for those you can’t stay off the grid, as well as clean drinking water. There’s common toilets that are kept spotlessly clean with a cleaning and checking once each hour.

Curl up around the bonfire and enjoy the live music, or opt to watch a movie under the stars. You have included activities like archery, rifle shooting and an exciting jungle trail to Kuda Caves, and there’s a range of other additional activities like horse riding and kayaking. Don’t bother trying to make Maggi on a measly fire as you can enjoy gourmet meals throughout the day.

Rate: Starting from approximately ₹15,000 per night

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Glamping spots around Mumbai

Treks And Trails, Karjat

Surrounded by nature, nothing but the sounds of birds and the lake to fill the air… glamping in Karjat is nothing but a great idea. Add to this a campfire and some piping hot barbeque, and you have yourself the perfect experience. All this and more is up for grabs when you head to Karjat with Treks and Trails. Their tents are set up right next to a vast lake, and you’re surrounded by green hills. This promises some stunning sunrise and sunset photos, so make sure you’re up early the next morning!

Though we must warn you, with the amount of activities there are, you may just sleep too soundly to wake up early. Give those arms a workout by kayaking on the lake, and then try your hand at archery and rifle shooting. Make memories with your friends by the lakeside as the stars begin to peep out, and finally retire to bed. Your tents all have proper bedding, alongside a charging point so those Instagram story updates can happen, as well as a fan to keep you cool.

Rate: Starting from ₹2,500 per night

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Glamping spots around Mumbai

Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

Luxurious rustic tents, decorated with a personal touch, perfectly located on a beach: Bohemyan Blue is every beach-lover’s dream come true. No more will you have to worry about the sand getting into uncomfortable places, since Bohemyan Blue’s tents are created to be as comfortable as possible. There’s also a few tents to choose from, so you can go after whatever your heart desires (provided your budget allows).

No matter what tent you choose, the interiors will all be tastefully done up, all thanks to Sunanda Gupta, who co-owns it with her husband. Her love for textile means there’s pretty prints all around, and the few pieces of furniture are all handpicked by her. The tents are air conditioned and come with an attached bathroom. You’re not surrounded by the suffocation of concrete, yet you sleep safely atop elevated beds in the secure, closed tent.

Head to the al fresco lounge-cum-dining area that has a vibe of its own: eclectic benches, stashes of books and board games, bougainvillea bunched into glass bottles, and soft instrumental music to top it all off. Wi-Fi is available, but better yet are the cycles that are up for rent. There’s also a pool to splash around in, and Kihim Beach is a mere 13 minutes away.

Rate: Starting from ₹5,500 per night

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What's The Difference Between Camping And Glamping?

Camping usually involves setting up your own tent and is a lot more down and dirty, since you make do with next to no modern amenities. Tents are usually pre-pitched when glamping, with amenities that can even be luxurious like big beds, furnishings, air conditioning, TV and attached private toilets.

How Much Does A Glamping Tent Cost?

Purchasing a glamping tent can set you back well over ₹20,000, while staying in a glamping tent is cheaper. It can cost around ₹3,000 per person.

How Much Does Glamping Cost?

The cost of glamping depends on how long you plan to stay and which site you opt for, since some have more amenities than others. On an average, glamping can cost you around ₹2,500-3,000 a night, while the more expensive glamping sites can cross ₹7,000.

Can You Make Money From Glamping?

Setting up a glamping site is a great way to utilize empty unused land, and can certainly help make you some money. But it is to be noted that there’s a decent bit of maintenance to be done, especially since this is a premium camping experience.

Do Glamping Sites Have Electricity?

Not all glamping sites will necessarily have electricity, though almost all will have battery-operated devices at the least. Several sites not only have electricity, but also have fans or air conditioners in the tents, along with charging points and Wi-Fi.

Why Is Glamping So Popular?

Glamping brings the fun and excitement of camping and removes the hassles of being away from modern comforts and conveniences. It works out well for people looking for a relaxing break among nature, as well as for those who feel that camping is a bit too much discomfort for them.

How Do You Go Glamping?

Going glamping is fairly simple, especially now that there are so many options available. Simply book a site of your choice and pack up a few essentials like a change of clothes, toiletries, medicines and of course, mosquito repellent.

What Should I Bring To Glamping?

Unlike with camping, glamping takes care of a lot of your needs for you. We recommend carrying a pair of socks for the night, a few games, a change of clothes and casual swimwear. 

What Do You Eat When Glamping?

Almost all glamping sites will look after meals and meal preparation for you, leaving you to explore the area freely. In most cases you will have a barbecue, while other sites will give you a buffet meal. You can also carry a few light snacks and sandwiches if the site allows for it, just make sure to not litter.