9 Awesome Places To Celebrate New Year In India

9 Places To Celebrate New Year In India

New Year’s Eve is one of the very few opportunities for people to celebrate without a lot of thought. A huge reason for that being that as you down a drink, you know your boss is doing the same thing in some other part of the world. Now, whether you decide to down a drink in a wild party, or at a calmer, much more relaxing place, we think that this celebration should be held at a place just as awesome as the occasion. So, here’s a list of places to celebrate New Year in India!

9 Places To Celebrate New Year In India

  1. Goa
  2. Mumbai
  3. Bangalore
  4. Gokarna
  5. Lakshadweep
  6. Jaipur
  7. Jaisalmer
  8. Kochi
  9. Himachal Pradesh

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Goa tops the list of any party destination in the country. When it comes to Goa New Year parties, it doubles down on that frenzied spirit with even crazier venues and events. You can party at a club, a disco, on a beach, and even on a boat!

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Even with the high number of beaches, some parties cannot be contained on land. Worry not, Goa has a few floating clubs and casinos, too! If you want to experience what it is like, to party on a boat, do check out all the events happening. 

Other than that, you can also visit fireworks shows and participate in multiple paper-lantern events held across beaches in the state. You can also opt for a bonfire-and-barbecue on beaches like Calangute, Palolem and Dona Paula.

Goa is a mixture of high-spirited (literally and figuratively!) tourists from all over the world, with a very distinct culture, absolutely amazing food and of course, insane parties that actually keep up with the hype. While all of this makes for an amazing celebration, it also brings in a crowd that is just as huge. So, unless you plan on hopping from one place to another, make sure you check for bookings and availability as a lot of these venues operate according to bookings.

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The city that never sleeps is, of course, the one that parties all night. You can find a variety of events happening throughout the city until the wee hours of the morning. 

Mumbai is mostly known for its pubs, clubs, and hotels turning into the wildest of raves with unlimited drinks, amazing food, world-famous artists and DJs banging out music like it’s the 1970s!

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Some of the well-known events are held in the Grand Hyatt, Radisson Blu, Matahaari, and Kitty Su. These places will attack your wallet for anywhere between INR 1500 to INR 15,000.

A few more things that you can choose for an entirely off-the-hook event are the NYE event at SMAAASH, which is a Bollywood-themed party with a plethora of activities like dances, arcade games, along with food and drinks. New Year’s ball, held in Navy Nagar, is another one-of-a-kind experience for New Year in Mumbai. Within the heart of the navy residency, this event has a proper ballroom with live music and dancing.

For those who just want to start the New Year in Mumbai with a rather calmer evening, many locations around the city offer camping along with bonfires and barbecues. Places like Pawna Lake, Bhandardara, and Sanjay Gandhi National Park have organizers who offer all of these services, with spectacular views, for a reasonable price.

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The city that is known as the IT hub of the country turns into one of the craziest towns to party in during New Year’s Eve (probably because all the software guys finally get a chance to look away from the screens). The city is dotted with pubs and clubs that are pretty cool all year round. During New Year’s, these places offer an experience that is memorably hardcore.

9 Awesome Places To Celebrate New Year In India, bangalore

You can head to Hard Rock Cafe for one of the best New Year parties in Bangalore. With a guest DJ and an insane food and drinks menu, this is definitely the spot for any party-goer. Other spots like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Ramanashree California and One Night In Paris are slightly themed but have an insane line-up of events. Ramanashree California and Las Vegas even offer some kid-friendly activities!


Areas like Indiranagar, MG Road, Brigade Road, and Koramangala are some of the hotspots for parties that range anywhere between moderately priced to super expensive.

The ones who want to get away from the city and its crowds can head to spots like Nettigere, Ramanagara, Kanakapura, Nandi Hills, Doddaballapur, and Kolar for a relaxed night in a tent under the stars with nothing but the bonfire, music, and your loved ones to keep you company. All of these spots are relatively easy on the pocket and offer calm and quiet. Perfect to enter a new year full of excitement!


Celebrating the new year in Gokarna might seem an unusual choice. And yes, this coastal town in Karnataka has equally unusual options to do so. Far from the crowds of all major party cities, Gokarna is the best place to go for a different experience.

4 Places To Travel To In February 2021,9 Awesome Places To Celebrate New Year In India

While there is still the option of partying available, the many resorts and beaches also offer camping with bonfires, treks, visiting all the tourist attractions, firework shows, and yoga!

There are multiple organizers in the town who offer all sorts of packages at all sorts of rates. Our recommendation is to find a resort with a private beach, as some of them also offer activities like camping. Even if you don’t opt for any outdoor activities, you still have a beach to yourself with a very limited crowd.


The sparsely populated island of Lakshadweep is the best getaway for anyone who doesn't want people around while vacationing. Since this is such an off-the-beaten-path location, the options to party are not many and the ones available aren’t as loud and festive as the other places. However, that might very well be the best part for some!

7 Things To Do In Lakshadweep,9 Awesome Places To Celebrate New Year In India

For a New Year’s eve that gives you the feeling of calmness and an adrenaline rush all at once, Lakshadweep is also relatively affordable. This place is known for water-based activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. You can opt to go for those, followed by a quiet evening at the beach to start the new year. 

You can find many resorts in Lakshadweep and Google’s ratings are quite reliable. You can start exploring right now!

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Around NYE, Jaipur itself turns into a party. The entire city, along with all the palaces, are brightly lit and a plethora of events happen around town, not restricted to just the hotels. Apart from its royalty, the Pink City also happens to be among the best places to celebrate New Year in India!

5 Luxury Hotels In Jaipur, 9 Awesome Places To Celebrate New Year In India

Nahargarh Fort and Lohagarh Fort top the list of forts you should party at. Both of these venues are a great experience since you would be partying in a literal fort, with great DJs from around the country, a combination of local and other cuisines from the world over, and some even offer unlimited drinks! Lohagarh is known to have some kid-friendly activities, too. 

Other than that, places like Blackout, The Lalit, The Beatles, and The Royal Muhuna Palace hold some of the best parties in town. The price range for all the places lies between moderate and expensive. However, you can find venues that are much more pocket-friendly.

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Jaipur and Jaisalmer offer very different experiences to a party-goer. While Jaipur turns into a party town, the desert town of Jaisalmer tends to hold on to its sophistication and royalty a little more than the former.

9 Awesome Places To Celebrate New Year In India

Jaisalmer offers you so much that you might actually require a year to go through it all. Of course, there are places that offer the regular, loud and large parties. The actual gems of Jaisalmer are the places that do not offer that!

There are camps organized in the desert for NYE with a bunch of activities. Carnivals, dune chasing, ATV riding, firework shows, heritage walks, and parasailing are some of the exciting alternatives that Jaisalmer offers for a New Year’s celebration. 

All of these activities are offered by different organizers in a variety of packages that differ in the amenities offered and in prices. We recommend you do some research before booking a package.

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Kochi is the place you go to NOT party. You DON’T go there for loud EDM or for an insane amount of drinks. You DON’T go there for raves or club-hopping, hangovers or wingman-ing your passed out buddy to the hotel room floor. You go there for the carnival!

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The Kochi Carnival is held every New Year’s Eve. It starts out with all the carnival attractions like folk music, dances, and other performances. You can visit the shops that sell everything in between soup and souvenirs and experience a different kind of high. 

One of the biggest attractions in the carnival is the burning of an old man’s effigy at the stroke of midnight. It symbolizes the end of the old and the beginning of the new.

Take a walk around the carnival to find costume parades, wrestling competitions, Panchavadyam music, and the town's biggest Christmas tree!

If you can either reach the carnival by yourself you get yourself a package from any popular travel and tourism firm. However, once you get there, a grand welcome to the New Year is definite.

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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is the one place that truly knows how to party. You’ll find highly energetic vibes and even more energetic people during New Year in Himachal Pradesh. Kasol, Parvati Valley, Kullu-Manali, and Dharamshala are some of the places you have to be if you’re a trippy traveler wanting to party.

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Some of the biggest parties are held in Kasol and Parvati Valley under banners like PsyNation Festival, Third Eye New Year Festival, Sylvester Gathering, and Kasol Full Moon Party. Shared between the two places, these NYE celebrations are known for attracting a crowd from all over the world with their trippy, loud music and tantric vibes going all over the place.

Other than that, you can find campsites operating through the state and either book them yourself or get a package from a travel company. The music festivals and such are generally a little on the higher side of the price range and the camping spots vary from place to place.

Regardless of where you go to celebrate New Year in India, remember that we’re just getting out of a pandemic and traveling to party with a bunch of strangers is still a risk. That being said, we hope you have an amazing start to the New Year and have an even better year follow through! Please let us know if we missed out on your favourite spots and do check one of ours out. Cheers!


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