Pack Your Bags For Vietnam Because It's Planning To Make It Visa-Free For Indians!

Vietnam is in the talks to hop onto the list of countries to waive a visa for Indian tourists. Previously, Thailand and Sri Lanka announced that Indian visitors can now enter their country without needing a visa. Vietnam’s Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Nguyn Van Jung, has called for a short-term visa waiver to major tourist countries like India and China. This is an attempt to recover Vietnam’s tourist sector.

Photo Credits: TronLe/Unsplash

Indian tourists are known to often visit destinations like Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc Island, Ha Long Bay, and Hoi in Vietnam. At the start of August, Vietnam started to issue e-visas for all of the travelers with a validity of 90 days with multiple entries. If this succeeds, Vietnam will become the third country to let Indian tourists enter without a visa.