Offbeat Weekend Getaways From Goa

Goa is the first place that comes to mind for a vacation in India. Its sunkissed beaches, laidback towns, and melting pot of people visiting it has made it a popular destination in India. Because of the number of tourists coming to Goa, it’s only natural to want a break from it once in a while. So we’ve curated a list of some of the best offbeat weekend trips you can take from Goa.

7 Best Offbeat Weekend Trips From Goa

  1. Chikkamagaluru
  2. Agumbe
  3. Chorla Ghat
  4. Dandeli
  5. Karwar
  6. Yellapur
  7. Bhatkal

1. Chikkamagaluru

If you’re looking for a destination that offers you serenity with a pinch of adventure to it, then you need to check out Chikkamagaluru. It’s one of the most peaceful hill stations in Karnataka that sits coyly away from the chaos of Goa. Here you can soak in the natural beauty, try some adventurous activities, and just cool down.

A weekend in Chikkamagaluru’s wild could be anything from just walking through the green meadows to going for a thrilling jungle safari at Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. And if you want to add to the adventures, you can even take up the challenge to trek all the way up the hilly terrains of Kemmangundi Peak. 

Goa To Chikkamagaluru Distance: 448 km, 8.5 hours by road.

Best Time To Visit: September to February.

Things To Do In Nersa: Camping at Sakleshpur, experiencing solace at Hirekolale lake and strolling tea plantations are some of the fun things to do at Chikkamagaluru.

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2. Agumbe

Another stunning wonder that takes you away from the attention-seeking state of Goa, is Agumbe. Snuggled in the embrace of the Western Ghats, this quaint town enjoys the perks of having many scenic attractions. If you’re up for a drive through fog-covered roads hiding the spectacular view of the distant hills and valleys, then you have to take a trip to Agumbe.

Other than the lush greenery and breathtaking views, this little town is known for its cascading waterfalls. Housing these falls are the lofty terrains, that serve as amazing trekking trails. While you’re on your trek you might come across some slimy friends, as Agumbe is known to be a favorite among snakes. So keep your eyes open and backpacks closed on your trek here!

Goa To Agumbe Distance: 315 km, 6 to 8 hours by road.

Best Time To Visit: October to February.

Things To Do In Agumbe: At Agumbe you can go sightseeing, frolic under the waterfalls, go trekking, and catch an enchanting sunset from the hilltop.

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Offbeat Weekend Getaways From Goa

3. Chorla Ghat

Sharing boundaries with Karnataka and Maharashtra is Chorla Ghat, located in the suburbs of Goa. And being a part of Western Ghats, it is home to several resident and exotic wildlife species. So on your trip here, make sure you carry your camera along so you get to capture all these fascinating creatures through your lens.

If you go on early morning treks or hikes at Chorla Ghat, you might get to listen to the morning orchestra of the birds. Other than making friends with the colorful butterflies walking through the jungle, you can also go around exploring its main attractions. Chorla Ghat is known for housing some very charming waterfalls that will surely leave you stunned, and it is something you surely don’t want to miss.

Goa To Chorla Ghat Distance: 76.2 km, 2 hours by road.

Best Time To Visit: August to November.

Things To Do In Chorla Ghat: Trekking, hiking, and taking jungle walks are some of the common things to do at Chorla Ghat. You can also explore places like the Twin Vajra waterfalls, Peak of Lasni Temb, Sunset point, Onake Abbi falls, Jogigundi falls, and Barkana falls.

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4. Dandeli

Around 100 km away from the lively state of Goa, is the laid-back town of Dandeli. With its enchanting landscape filled with dense forests and gushing rivers, this town is all set to steal your heart! From exotic bird species to animals like panthers and tigers, you can spot them all at Dandeli, so don’t you dare move your finger from your camera’s shutter button!

Not only is it a haven for nature lovers, but also a luxury for adrenaline junkies. Canoeing, white water rafting, kayaking, and mountain biking are just some of the thrilling activities to go for. And if you’re not someone who is into too much adventure, you can try angling or just explore the nearby places of interest.

Goa To Dandeli Distance: 105.1 km, 3 hours by road.

Best Time To Visit: October to March.

Things To Do In Dandeli: Some of the must-visit places near Dandeli are Om beach, Half Moon beach, and Sri Mahabaleshwara temple. If you want to treat the explorer in you, then you must check out the Kavala caves.

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Offbeat Weekend Getaways From Goa

5. Karwar

Known as ‘Queen of the Konkan Coast’, Karwar is still not known to many tourists. This is what makes it one of the best offbeat places near Goa. Other than being popular for its divine beaches, it also has a rich history and cultural heritage, and the multi-lingual communities and forts are living evidence of the same.

If you are looking to have some adventure on your weekend, then Karwar could be an ideal place to take a weekend trip. From trekking to snorkeling or scuba diving, you can try them all here. An evening at Karwar can be spent sitting on the beach shore, spotting dolphins with the backdrop of the setting sun.

Goa To Karwar Distance: 76.2 km, 2 hours by road.

Best Time To Visit: October to February.

Things To Do In Karwar: Some of the prominent places to visit while you’re in Karwar are Rabindranath Tagore, INS Chapal, Sadashivgad fort, Durga temple, and Kali River Bridge.

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6. Yellapur

Yellapur is your ticket to relishing an offbeat weekend in the woods. It is a part of the Uttara Kannada district and is blessed with the natural wonders of the Western Ghats. Spending time here would help you find the solace you can no longer find on most of Goa’s beaches. 

This dainty town is studded with many enchanting waterfalls and is surrounded by tall trees, that paves way for the pure wind to give a peck on your cheek. Visiting here for a weekend would truly be a gift for the photographer in you. Yellapur is also an ideal place to be if you’re planning a romantic getaway with your partner.

Goa To Yellapur Distance: 156.7 km, 4 hours by road.

Best Time To Visit: November to April.

Things To Do In Yellapur: Yellapur’s forests invite you to go trekking here and explore waterfalls like Satoddi falls, Magod falls, Durga Devi temple, and the village of Kalache.

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Offbeat Weekend Getaways From Goa

7. Bhatkal

What if we tell you that you get to spend a weekend away from Goa, but still get to stay close to a beach? Bhatkal is a coastal town in Karnataka that offers you the quiet, you miss at the beaches of Goa. This port town is known for many popular attractions that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Other than the alluring beaches, Bhatkal is also embellished with many temples and mosques with ornate architecture. Some of prominent places are Noor Masjid, Kethapayya Narayan temple, and Jama Masjid. A weekend at this location not just gives you the chance to relax at its beaches, but also to take in all the positive vibes from the holy places.

Goa To Bhatkal Distance: 201.8 km, 4.5 hours by road.

Best Time To Visit: August through March.

Things To Do In Bhatkal: Explore the Gandhi falls, Bhatkal lighthouse, Kadavinakatta Dam, Hadin Eco beach, and seek blessing from temples and mosques.

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Summing Up

These are all the best offbeat weekend destinations to take a trip from Goa. And we promise that each of these destinations are sure to give a unique experience. So pick any, and you can find your escape from the usual crowd that Goa invites.


Which Place Is Similar To Goa?

If you’re looking for an alternative for Goa, luckily there are several options available. Some of the best places to check out are Marari, Kovalam, Gokarna, Havelock, and Pondicherry.

What Is Cheaper Goa Or Pondicherry?

Both Goa and Pondicherry are beautiful beach destinations, that have been on the tourist maps since forever. But if you’re looking to take a trip that’s light on your pockets, then Goa could be the best option.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Goa?

If you looking for the most pleasant climate to visit Goa, then that would be during the winter months. So you can plan your trip anytime between November to February.

How Many Days Is Enough For Goa?

Goa is studded with many gorgous beaches and other attractions and is known to be the paradise for party lovers. To cover all the prominent attractions of Goa, you would need at least 2 to 3 days.

What Is Off Season In Goa?

Generally May to September are the months considered as off season in Goa. So if you want your trip to be less expensive, then you can plan an off-season trip to Goa.

How Much Is Scooter Rental In Goa?

The cost of scooter rentals in Goa starts at around INR 300, but this is subject to vary depending on the area, demand, and season of your visit.

When Beaches Are Closed In Goa?

During the monsoon months of June to September, the beaches in Goa have restrictions due to the possibility of high tide. You can still go and visit the beaches, but swimming and other water sports are strictly prohibited during this time.

Is It Worth Visiting Goa In April?

Absolutely. April is a great month to visit Goa as there are no rains, so you can easily access beaches and go around sightseeing without much trouble. Spending time at the beach during noon can be a little difficult as the sun would be at its peak, but mornings and evenings would be pleasant overall.