Offbeat Experiences In Goa

Ah, Goa! The land of good times! Just the name is enough to bring up so many images in everyone’s mind. From the warm sandy beaches to the vibrant nightlife, Goa is an absolute vibe. If you see a Goa trip coming up, rather than doing the same old mainstream things you can indulge in something fun and unique. So for your upcoming trip, avoid the cliches and say hello to some offbeat experiences in Goa!

Top 8 Offbeat Things To Do On Your Goa Visit

  1. Experiencing Goa From 1,000 Feet Above In A Hot Air Balloon
  2. Visiting The Remnant Of A Different Goa- Safa Masjid
  3. Diving Deep Into The History Of Alcohol At The ‘All About Alcohol Museum’
  4. Soaking In The True Goan Vibe At Divar Island
  5. Exploring The Mini Forest Of Mystic Woods- The Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa
  6. Drinking Goa's Most Loved Drink At The Feni Tour
  7. Exploring Goa On Two Wheel - On A Bicycle!
  8. Witnessing Paradise On Earth At Arambol Sweet Lake 

1. Experiencing Goa From 1,000 Feet Above In A Hot Air Balloon

Let’s start this list with a bang! You may have indulged in water sports, you may have even done paragliding. But how about a hot air balloon ride over one of the most picturesque states in India? A hot air balloon ride is one of the most exciting things you can do. It feels like you are chilling on a balcony in the sky! Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) and the Government of Goa have joined hands with Tiger Balloon Safaris to bring this amazing experience to Goa. 

The balloon rises from Assolda Football Ground, in Chandor. Located in South Goa, you know that the vicinity is going to be oozing with that sweet old Portuguese charm and going to be a stunning sight to behold! Now, this will be a costly affair as compared to other activities you get to do here, but it's going to be worth every penny.

Location: Margao-Chandor-Curchorem Road, Xic-Xelvona, Goa 403714

Timings: The balloon will take off at 6:45 am on the day of your flight.

Cost: INR 13,000 per person and INR 8,500 per child (6-10 years).

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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2. Visiting The Remnant Of A Different Goa- Safa Masjid

Now, this is a place that even most Goans are unaware of. The Masjid is in the city of Ponda and was built all the way back in 1560 by Ibrahim Adil Shah. After the Portuguese took over Goa, they destroyed most of the mosques, but a few still remain. Safa Masjid’s structure looks serene and similar to the Portuguese homes from the 16th century. The inside is pretty simple with a prayer room and the roof is made of terracotta.

Just outside the masjid, you will find a huge masonry tank that's usually filled with water. The mosque has a tranquil and comforting atmosphere, from all the surrounding greenery. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the looks, history, and peaceful aura of this humble building. Most tourists fill their itinerary with beaches and churches, this is your opportunity to do something different.

Location: Near Ponda bus stand, Ponda, Goa 403401

Timings: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Cost: The entry is free of cost.

Duration: You can spend around 30 minutes here or more soaking in its beauty.

Offbeat Experiences In Goa

3. Diving Deep Into The History Of Alcohol At The ‘All About Alcohol Museum’

This is the first and only museum dedicated to alcohol. This is a bit surprising considering that we have so many alcohol lovers in the country. But no one is as passionate about their drinks as the Goans. The museum is situated in Candolim and is spread across 1,300 sq ft. It shows visitors the golden past and the thriving present of feni, which is Goa’s very own alcohol made from cashew apples and coconuts. It showcases various tools used for serving and testing feni which dates back to the 16th century. 

There is even a cellar here that contains over a thousand bottles of feni. But it is not just about feni, there are so many more interesting things here such as wine glasses, chalices, mixers, snifters, and old grinders. This is like a holy place for all alcohol aficionados!

Location: Main Road, Candolim, Goa 403515

Timings: Every day - 11 am to 9 pm

Cost: INR 300. It includes a 45-minutes tour of the museum.

Duration: You can easily spend around one and a half hours here.

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4. Soaking In The True Goan Vibe At Divar Island

We all have this mental image of the quintessential Goan village in our minds. Where the vibe is always laidback and everyone’s jolly and which seems to have its own separate time zone and is abundantly blessed by mother nature. Look no further, these places really exist like the Divar Island of Goa. It is a village surrounded by the Mandovi River on all sides, so you’ll have to use a ferry to enter and exit the island. 

Here you can bask in the old Goan charm, spend time in picturesque churches and explore long, empty roads. Everyone needs to spend at least a few hours in Divar and if you are someone from a city, you definitely need to visit here!

Location: About 10km upriver from Panjim, Goa

Timings: As this is an island, the only way to enter and exit it is via ferries. There are three different terminals on this island. The first ferry every day is at 6 am and the last one is at around midnight, but this can change depending on the weather. 

Cost: There are no entry fees. You just have to pay for the ferry.

Duration: You can spend an entire day here.

5. Exploring The Mini Forest Of Mystic Woods - The Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa

A simple middle-class couple owned a patch of land on a hill, in the village of Priol and decided to turn it into a little forest dedicated to butterflies. This is how Mystic Woods was born. You not only get to see various kinds of colorful butterflies here but also get to learn about them and nature in general. This place is also a spice farm and a fossil museum. 

One of the biggest attractions here is its rooftop garden. No, there are no potted plants on its terrace, the actual roof is almost entirely covered with a thick patch of grass and some plants. You didn’t expect this from the party capital of India, did you? But this is exactly the purpose of this list, to embrace the unexplored and offbeat side of Goa.

Location: 1263/20, Pisgal -Priol, Savio Verem Road, 403404, Goa 

Timings: Wednesday - 9 am to 5 pm

Friday - 9 am to 4 pm

Saturday and Sunday - 9 am to 5 pm

Cost: INR 100 per person.

Duration: Around 2 hours or more.

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Offbeat Experiences In Goa

6. Drinking Goa's Most Loved Drink at the Feni Tour

You will learn a lot about feni at the All About Alcohol museum, but this is where you get to see its production up close. The tour takes place at Cazulo’s in the village of Cansaulim. Cazulo is a feni manufacturer that originated and is based in Goa. The whole tour is a feni drinker’s dream come true. If you’re not familiar with the charm of feni, then there could not be a better place to start! After your arrival, you will get to tour the farm and the distillery where the magic happens. 

Then lunch takes place in a little pond surrounded by trees. Your table will be set up right in the middle of this pond with your feet dipping in the water. A lovely spread of fruits, sausages, sandwiches, cheese, Snickers bars (why not?), and varieties of fenis is what's for lunch. You are going to just love how every little thing comes together to create a one-of-a-kind drinking experience.

Location: Cansaulim, Goa (Exact address is provided after booking)

Timings: Monday to Saturday - 11:30 am & 2:30 pm

Cost: INR 2,500 per person and INR 1,250 for kids (5-18 years).

Duration: 2 hours.

7. Exploring Goa On Two Wheels - On A Bicycle!

Sometimes switching from 45 km/h to 15 km/h can bring a world of difference to your trip. We are not saying that exploring new places using automobiles is not fun. But sometimes adding a bicycle into the mix can be a great gateway to new experiences. The pride after successfully reaching the top by cycling uphill for 10 minutes and the sheer crazy fun of going down the slope cannot be experienced in any other way. 

Goa has everything that’s required to make it a great cycling destination. Wide empty roads and coastal routes lined with trees, clear skies, abundant beaches, and idyllic houses. It has loads and loads of spots for cycling. 

Location: Some of our favorite places are Divar Island, Assolna to Netravali route, and Miramar to Old Goa church route. But you can come up with your own too.

Timings: The early morning hours would be the best.

Cost: You will just have to shell out the cost of renting a bicycle and helmet. 

Duration: You get to decide this. But we suggest that you ride for atleast 3 hours in total to get the feel of the roads and the beauty around it.

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8. Witnessing Paradise On Earth At Arambol Sweet Lake 

You might’ve heard about the beautiful Arambol beach, but what about Arambol sweet lake? Well, the beach gets most of the attention but the latter is like an introverted little sibling that some know about, and others don’t. This is one of the reasons why we love this lake because the number of tourists here is far fewer than most of the popular destinations in Goa. The other more important reason is that it looks like the default image our mind comes up with when we hear the word “paradise.” 

The lake is located at the end of Arambol beach and right behind Kalacha beach. It is also known as Vagkolam and Paliem sweet water lake. Getting here can be tricky so do ask the locals for directions. It is a freshwater lake surrounded by coconut trees and little hills. Once you are here, find a good spot under the branches and just soak in all the beauty. The final step is to go ahead and take a dip and welcome that instant relief and rejuvenation. The simple joys of life.

Location: Behind Kalacha Beach, Pernem, Goa

Timings: It is open 24x7, but don't hang around here if it's too dark. Note that you won't be allowed to enter here during high tides.

Cost: Entry is free of cost.

Duration: You can easily spend around 2 hours here.

Offbeat Experiences In Goa

Summing Up

Goa is more than beer on the beach and clubbing till 3 am. There’s so much that the state has got to offer. So if you are willing to look beyond what this state is known for, then on your next trip explore what you have not yet explored. You will be thoroughly surprised to see a treasure trove of all the random awesome things that Goa has to offer.


What Is The Best Time To Visit Goa?

You should visit between November and March as the weather is at its finest during this period. Do note that the month of December is the peak tourist season, so the prices are going to an all-time high and the same goes for the crowd.

Is It Safe At Night In Goa?

Yes, Goa is safe at night. But remember that precaution is better than cure. So always stay aware of your surroundings and drink responsibly. 

What Is The Famous Food Of Goa?

Chicken xacuti, sorpotel, chicken cafreal, pork vindaloo, and chorizo are some of the most popular delights of Goa.

What Can We Bring From Goa?

Cashews, feni, handicrafts and how can we forget, bebinca!

Are 4 Days Enough For A Goa Trip?

Well, when it comes to Goa, the more the merrier! But yes, four days are perfect. You will be able to visit many fine places in this duration.

Are Things Expensive In Goa?

Yes, because the major source of income here is the tourism industry. But you can save money by showing some smartness. Book your accommodations early to not be affected by hikes and find offbeat restaurants as they will be comparatively cheaper.

How Common Are Hot Air Balloon Accidents?

They are very rare. They mostly happen if your balloon gets tangled in electric wires and this is a danger that can easily be avoided. Don’t worry, hot air balloons are very safe.