Nightlife In Goa: Best Clubs And Places To Party

Just reading out the name Goa is enough to spring up visuals of old churches, sun-kissed beaches, fish curry and sorpotel and people in clubs having the time of their life. Now that your mind is already there, the rest of you should join it too! Don’t worry if it is peak season or off-season, there are many awesome clubs here that are alive, happening and having a crazy time through the year. To experience the nightlife in Goa, here are some of its best clubs and places to party to check out. Cheers! 

Top Clubs And Places To Party in Goa

  1. Titos Night Club
  2. Club Cubana
  3. LPK (Love, Passion, Karma) Waterfront
  4. Sinq Night Club
  5. Shiva Valley
  6. Café Lilliput
  7. Cantare
  8. Cape Town Café, Goa

1. Titos Night Club

One of the oldest names in the huge landscape of Goa’s nightlife is Tito’s club. Happy faces have been saying “Bottoms up!” here since 1971. It used to be one of the go-to spots for hippies and foreign tourists, but as years went by, everyone else discovered the magic of this place too. A bar with a huge selection of drinks, an open-air restaurant whose menu is loaded with lip-smacking items and a spacious dance floor. 

Kickass resident DJs and international beat droppers play captivating music from a variety of genres. Tito is decked up with all kinds of crazy lights, which when combined with the music, puts you in an amazing trance. To keep it fresh, Tito’s has several themed nights and special events each day of the week. 

Address: No.7/5, Titos Lane, Saunta Vaddo, Baga.

Price Approximation: INR 2,000 for couples. INR 2,500 for stags. Free entry for ladies

Timings: 6 pm – 4 am

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Nightlife In Goa

2. Club Cubana

Located in the village of Arpora, is one of the biggest names in the party culture of Goa, the Club Cubana. Popularly known as “Nightclub in the Sky,” it is a neon-lit musical extravaganza. It comes with a loaded open-air bar, a huge swimming pool, pleasant views of the beach and a dance floor. All this is the recipe for a cocktail called “an awesome night” and this club serves it every night!

If you want to heighten your experience, you can opt for the VIP zone, where you enjoy all the above while chilling in a jacuzzi. Yeah, a jacuzzi. Cubana features regular performances from talented DJs and it keeps spicing things up with theme parties. 

Address: Aguada - Siolim Road, Arpora.

Price Approximation: INR 2,500 for two with alcohol.

Timings: 9:30 pm – 3:30 am. It is closed on Tuesdays.

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3. LPK (Love, Passion, Karma) Waterfront

It sits in a picturesque spot near Nerul River in Candolim that features a magnificent centerpiece that sets the whole vibe of the club. It is a captivating structure of a leaning lady with a lot of experimental design elements thrown in. There are some places that are so finely designed, that get printed in your memory and due to this structure, LPK is one of them.

A huge open area surrounds the structure where people dance to great music. If you look across the river from the club, you will spot its famous “LOVE PASSION KARMA” sign. You can expect all the usual suspects to be here - A superb bar, awesome DJs, delicious finger food, theme parties, and more.

Address: Opposite Bank of India, Verem - Nerul Road, Nerul.

Price Approximation: INR 1,500 for two people with alcohol. 

Timings: Monday - Thursday, Sunday: 9:30 pm - 3:30 am. Friday - Saturday: 9:30 pm - 4:00 am.

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Nightlife In Goa

4. Sinq Night Club

This one checked all the boxes that are required to be considered an amazing club, then it added some of its own boxes and ticked them too. Sinq is not just a club, it is a Goan tavern, a poolside deck, and a lounge. You can spend your evening relaxing at the pool, head to the tavern for some chicken cafreal, pork vindaloo or any of the Goan delicacies. Then get ready to show off your moves at the club. The interiors are spacious and laden with minimalist furniture and the use of decorative lighting here is impressive, all of which come together to create a chic and upscale look. 

Address: Aguada - Siolim Road, opposite Taj Holiday Village, Candolim.

Price Approximation: INR 1,800 for two people with alcohol.

Timings: Monday - Tuesday, Sunday: 7:00 pm - 2:00 am. Friday - Saturday: 7:00 pm - 3:00 am.

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5. Shiva Valley

Shiva Valley is not just an awesome club, it is one of those places that define Goa’s culture. It is a two-story shack that has acquired a cult following over the years. Shiva Valley is a lot like all the other clubs in Goa with good music, drinks and food. But it comes into its truest form on Tuesdays when it turns into a temple of trance music. 

Well-known DJs from the realm of Goa trance and psychedelic music play here till dawn. Dancing all night near the sea, under the soft moonlight while sharing the floor with people who are passionate about these genres, is like a delightfully relaxing therapy.

Address: Anjuna Beach, Near Flea Market, St. Michael Vaddo, Anjuna.

Price Approximation: INR 1,000 for two people without alcohol.

Timings: Monday, Wednesday to Saturday: 9:30 am - 11:30 pm. Tuesday: 9:30 am - 4 am. Sunday: 3 pm - 3 am.

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6. Café Lilliput

You just can’t go wrong with this one. It is a beach shack and a club and it one of the most popular ones in Goa. One cannot talk about the clubbing culture here without mentioning Cafe Lilliput. As it’s a beach shack, there is no doubt that you are going to get superb views 365 days a year. 

The other thing that goes on here all year round is the parties! This club is known for bringing impressive DJs to take over the dance floors. Along with being the default party place for many people, it is also popular for its variety of delicious food like sizzlers, pizzas, prawns masala fry, and more.

Address: Anjuna Beach, Monteiro Vaddo, Flea, Market Road, Anjuna.

Price Approximation: INR 1,000 for two people with alcohol.

Timings: 8 am - 5 am

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7. Cantare

Here’s a different kind of party spot. It doesn’t feature bass-heavy music or crazy laser lights, but it will surely get your feet moving. From the outside, Cantare is an old typical Goan bungalow, but it has been turned into a bar. The interiors have features warm lighting, wooden furniture from the 70s and a laid-back vibe that relaxes you as soon as you walk in.

Apart from nailing the ambiance just right, they do a great job with the food too. The Thai and Goan delicacies served here are fantastic and the menu has so much to offer. Last but not the least, the major attraction at Cantare has always been its live music performances. Show up here on Mondays and be ready to be taken over by the spellbinding jazz played by marvelous musicians. Enjoy the tunes from your table or kickstart the party by showing off your dance moves!

Address: 7/72 B, Cruz Vaddo, Saligao.

Price Approximation: INR 800 for two people with alcohol.

Timings: 6 pm - 1 am

8. Cape Town Café, Goa

Ask any party animal in Goa about their favorite clubs and this one is going to be on that list. Rather than being a huge club with multiple stories, this one has gone the other way. It is a compact, yet comfortable spot that is known for its lively ambiance. The modern design and style of the interiors, fine collection of drinks and great music have helped this club carve a place for itself in a neighborhood like Tito's Lane, an area that is full of clubs. What good is a cafe without tasty food? Cape Town excels at this front too with amazing Continental and Italian dishes along with Goan specialties.

Address: Tito's Lane, Baga Calangute Road, Saunta Vaddo, Bardez.

Price Approximation: INR 1,000 for two people with alcohol.

Timings: 5 pm - 3 am

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Nightlife In Goa

Summing Up

Whether you are going to Goa for a few days or planning to spend your weeks there, these clubs are sure to turn your stay into a memorable episode of revelry. Everyone needs one from time to time! That’s the magic of Goa. It encourages you to let loose, embrace the slow pace of life, the fine buzz of alcohol, the heavy beats of music, tipsy conversations, late-night plans and more. We hope you have a great time at these clubs. Party hard, but responsibly. Have fun!


Is Goa Safe?

Yes. But it is best to be more careful whenever you are traveling and away from home. Avoid shady areas and people. Drink responsibly.

What We Should Not Miss In Goa?

You shouldn’t miss the clubs, but there’s a lot more to see here such as the pristine beaches, peaceful churches, delicious food, shopping bazaars, and museums.

What Is Famous In Goa Food?

There are so many! Chicken Cafreal, Chicken Xacuti, Crab xec xec, Goan Fish Curry (Xitti Kodi), Chouris pao, Sorpotel, Bebinca and Pork Vindaloo.

How Much Is Clubbing In Goa?

You can have a memorable clubbing experience for around INR 1,000 to INR 2,500.

Is Alcohol Expensive In Goa?

Compared to all the other states, alcohol is cheaper in Goa.

What Is The Legal Age In Goa?

18 years and above is the legal drinking age in the state of Goa.

Is Goa Good For New Year Parties?

Yes! The clubs in Goa host some of the biggest parties in India. But this also means that all of those clubs are crowded and their entry fees will be super high. If you want to party in Goa on 31st December, ensure that you have booked your passes well in advance.