Naldehra Travel Guide

Naldehra is a real hidden gem and a great destination to feel refreshed. It is a small enchanting hill station at a distance of 24 km away from Shimla and at an altitude of 2,195 meters above sea level. The hill station is cloaked with greenery and is famous for its golf courses. Watching the skyscape change from red to gold is a treat to the eyes. In this Naldehra travel guide, let’s take you over everything you need to know to experience it to the fullest.

History And Culture Of Naldehra

Way back in 1864, when the British government ruled over India, they fell head over heels with Shimla and declared it to be ‘the summer capital of India’. The orchards, pine-covered forests, and large floating clouds in Shimla are truly impressive even today. Travels to Shimla remain incomplete without a day trip to Mashobra and Naldehra. Both these locations are not as crowded as Shimla.

The drive from Shimla to Naldehra is just 1 hour and is very lovely because of the serene landscape. The place is an absolute stunner. The records show that it was Lord Curzon (a British Viceroy) who uncovered the beauty of Naldehra. He was awestruck by the place and even built a golf course here in 1905. If you want to try your hand at the sport, Naldehra provides a pleasant environment to play. 

What’s also interesting is that the Viceroy had such a strong emotional connection with the place that he also named his third daughter after the place. Her name is Alexander Naldehra. When you visit the place, a long stroll will help you experience what he relished in the place. For a glimpse of Himachali culture, you must plan your visit to Naldehra in the month of June when the Sipi fair is hosted. 

Naldehra Travel Guide

How To Get To Naldehra

Getting To Naldehra By Air 

If you’re considering flying to Naldehra, it is highly recommended to look for flights flying into Chandigarh. This city has great connectivity with most major cities so finding a convenient flight to book won’t be a problem. 

Once you arrive at Chandigarh airport, the rest of the trip to Naldehra will need to be by road and the trip will take roughly 5 hours. You should ideally ask your accommodation to arrange for a pickup from the airport for you. 

Getting To Naldehra By Road

Getting to Naldehra from Delhi or Chandigarh will be easily doable. In terms of the distance, you will be on the road for roughly 9 hours from Delhi and 5 hours from Chandigarh. Road trips to Naldehra are convenient from quite a few places in Punjab or Himachal Pradesh. Most people prefer doing a Shimla to Naldehra trip because both hill stations are just an hour away from each other. There are buses you can avail of from Shimla that drop tourists to Naldehra too.

Getting To Naldehra By Train

The nearest railway station to Naldehra is Kalka Railway Station, which is just 112 km away. However, getting tickets to this station can be difficult because of the number of tourists that wish to take this scenic train ride. In case you can’t avail of tickets, your next best bet is Chandigarh railway junction, which is 129 km away from Naldehra. From both railway stations, you will need to make your way to Naldehra via local transport.

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Naldehra Travel Guide

Best Time To Travel To Naldehra

There are two timeframes when Naldehra is most pleasant. The first is between the months of September and November. This is when the temperature drops to a chill cold (around 13 C° and lower) and you also have a chance to catch sight of snow. You will definitely want to hold on to a cup of hot tea every time you’re back in your room from the cold conditions. 

The second best time to visit is between the months of March and June, which is summertime! In the summers the scenery is beautiful beyond words and you will want to stay outdoors for hours. During the summer months, it gets pretty hot in other parts of the country, but Naldehra maintains pleasant temperatures. 

It is best to avoid visiting Naldehra in July and August because the monsoons could bring certain roadways to a standstill. You can still choose to visit and stay at a beautiful Victorian cottage from where you can stay indoors and enjoy the views.

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Getting Around Naldehra

Most places in Naldehra are best explored by foot. There are several parks and hiking trails for which you won’t need a car to reach. But bear in mind that the hill station is at an altitude of 2,195 meters and due to this walking everywhere will be pretty tiring. So having a private vehicle or renting one is the way to go. This makes it easy to explore not just Naldehra but the surrounding places of interest such as Shimla, Chaba village, Kufri, and Mashobra.

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Go Check Out 

Carignano Nature Park

Solitude, silence, and serenity can easily be found at Carignano nature park. The nature trail here are easy to follow and it is a must-visit. The sounds of birds, the buzz of insects, and the fresh air are sure to be doing the work of relaxants for you.

Jablanda Golf Course

Jablanda golf course is the main tourist attraction of Naldehra. You can either choose to play the sport on the lush green lawns or sit by the café nearby to watch the sport. There is a picnic ground right next to the golf course where you can chill among the Deodar trees.


Tattapani is a quaint little village and a good spot to try river rafting. But the river waters are pretty calm so it won’t be as thrilling as river rafting in Rishikesh. Most tourists also take a dip in the river water because its believed to have healing properties.

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Naldehra Travel Guide


Is Naldehra Worth Visiting?

It is worth visiting Naldehra for a day trip from Shimla. The main attraction here is the golf course.

What Is The Altitude Of Naldehra?

Naldehra is situated at an altitude of 2,195 meters above sea level. 

Is There Snowfall In Naldehra?

If you visit Naldehra in January, there are chances of seeing the landscape covered in significant snow. 

Which Is Better Naldehra Or Kufri?

Both Naldehra and Kufri are enchanting places to visit and most tourists head there from Shimla. In terms of distance too, both are roughly an hour away from Shimla. In Naldehra, the golf course is the main attraction while the Himalayan nature park is a must-see in Kufri. Depending on what you wish to explore, you can choose which one is better for you.