Mizoram Travel Guide

Often called ‘The Land of Blue Mountains’, Mizoram is a place that has made its home on the bucket lists of a lot of travelers. It is a tiny state located in the Southern part of Northeast India. For the fifth tiniest state in the country, Mizoram is full of history, culture, food, and friendly people.

That being said, the creme de la creme for all the people visiting this place is its idyllic beauty. The lush greenery surrounding picturesque villages with a few waterfalls sprinkled in the mix make for unbelievable sights in every nook and cranny of the state. We’re sure there are more than a few questions you want to ask before you leave for a trip to the Northeast. So, read our Mizoram travel guide for everything you need to know!

Mizoram Travel Guide

History And Culture Of Mizoram

The historical and cultural part of this state is very unique and equally interesting. The people of Mizoram believe that they are descendants of people who migrated to this part of the world from Khul, a cave system in Southern China.

It is believed that this group of ‘Miso’ people, or Highlanders, traveled from China to Manipur, Assam, and Myanmar. Two tribes from this group, the Lushais and the Hmars, crossed the Tiau River to come to what is now called Mizoram, which translates to ‘Land of the Highlanders’. However, Mizoram didn’t become an individual state until 1987. In fact, up until 1971, it was a part of Assam, after which it was turned into a union territory for 16 years, before finally becoming the 23rd state of India.

Anthropogicaly, the people of Mizoram belong to a mongoloid race. However, there are a lot of sub-tribes in the community. A long time ago, they were animists as well as nature worshippers. It is when the Christian missionaries knocked on their door that they accepted the religion, turning a majority of their population to Christianity.

Christianity is so wholeheartedly accepted that the capital of Mizoram, Aizawl, came to be known as ‘the city of churches’. Also, Sundays are very important to Mizo culture. A lot of the shops stay closed and you’ll find a lot of people dressing up in their Sunday best for Sunday mass.

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Mizoram Travel Guide

How To Get To Mizoram

Getting To Mizoram By Road

If you’re traveling to Mizoram by road, you will have to follow a combination of national and state highways that take you through Assam or Manipur. If you’re starting from anyplace other than Nagaland, the only way to get into the state is through Silchar, Assam. Highway 306 leads straight into the state and takes about 8 hours to take you to the capital city of Aizawl.

There are private and government buses that run from places as far as Kolkata. If you start from Guwahati or Silchar, you can also avail a Sumo-taxi to take you to most places in Mizoram.

Getting To Mizoram By Air

The city of Aizawl has the only airport in the state. Lengpui Airport is a domestic airport that only sees flights coming in, and going to, Kolkata. You can get taxis from right outside the airport that will take you through the state.

Getting To Mizoram By Rail

The closest railhead to the state of Mizoram also happens to be in Silchar. You can easily get a bus or taxi to take you into the state. However, it is a 6-8 hour drive. So, please be ready for a long drive through some absolutely beautiful terrain, before you ever start your actual trip!

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Best Time To Travel To Mizoram

The weather in the state of Mizoram is pleasant for a majority of the year. The months from March to May see the summer winds, bringing the average temperature between 20°C and 29°C. The last days of the month of May see the season of monsoon come in, where the temperatures drop down by almost 10 degrees, coming to a bracket of 11°C to 21°C. Lastly, the season of winter comes in around October and stays here until March with temperature patterns similar to that of monsoon.

All that being said, the time between September to May is great for visiting Mizoram. You get to go around the place without a lot of concern about weather and see the sceneries that the state has to offer in their best versions possible!

Mizoram Travel Guide

Getting Around Mizoram

The entire state of Mizoram has hilly terrain with not-so-easy roads. There aren’t any buses that get around regularly. But, there are Sumos. The ‘Sumo’ is an Indian SUV that is a go-to choice for people driving in hilly/mountainous areas.

There are two distinct categories of Sumo-taxis that run through the state. One type of taxis will take you through the state, while the other will help you get around individual villages. You should note that the frequency of the ones that go around villages is lesser than the ones that travel through the state. However, the ones that cover the entire state are available 24/7. A good idea would be to hire a taxi driver for the entirety of your trip. While a tad bit expensive, it is one of the most convenient ways of getting around Mizoram.

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Mizoram Travel Guide

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Do you remember that scene from Thor: Ragnarok, where Odin meets Loki and Thor before Hela shows up and wrecks Thor’s hammer? Remember the lush green plains where all of that happens? Well, Reiek is a village that has a few cliffs just like that. Except, it is 4,808 feet above the sea level and has clouds instead of the sea. Taking a walk through this village, or even just sitting down in the meadows is sure to help you relax and feel refreshed.

Vantawng Waterfalls

Mizoram holds the title of having the 13th highest waterfalls in the country. Unfortunately, the Vantawng waterfalls are very difficult to get close to because of the sheer foliage that surrounds it. This happens to be a good thing because the force of water falling 750 feet is high enough to be injurious, if you aren’t careful around the waterfalls. However, that doesn’t take away from the scenery at all. Please do visit this place, given that you have a chance.


Mamit is a beautiful village in Mizoram that is the ideal place for wildlife enthusiasts. This village is home to the Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary and home to many interesting species of animals like peacocks, malabar pied hornbills, crested serpent eagles, and emerald doves. If you’re keen enough, you might even spot some of the rarer species like leaf monkeys and rhesus macaques. So, if you like taking long walks and watching some of the most exotic species in this part of the world, this is a place you cannot afford to miss.


One of the oldest villages in Mizoram, and the capital of the state, is one of the most famous tourist spots in the area. It is blessed with heavenly views and tranquility that will let you feel calm and serene as soon as you get there. Moreover, the beauty of the village itself is something you will treasure for a long time.


Why Is Mizoram Famous?

Known as the land of the highlanders, Mizoram is famous for its bamboo forests, evergreen hills, crisscrossing rivers, and the combined beauty of it all.

What Is The Old Name Of Mizoram?

The old name of Mizoram was Lushai Hills of Assam. It got the name ‘Mizo Hills’ in 1954, and Mizoram in 1972.

What Is The Staple Food In Mizoram?

Rice is the staple of Mizo people. They generally add curries made out of chicken, beef, fish, or lamb to the rice.

Does Mizoram Have Snowfall?

No, Mizoram doesn’t receive snowfall regularly. However, some years you do get to see a layer of frost build on winter days.

What Is The Local Dress Of Mizoram?

The most preferred local attire of the people living in Mizoram is called ‘Puan’. It is a wrap-around skirt that is mostly found in black or white.

Is Mizoram Worth Visiting?

With the wide variety of activities at your disposal, the serene views, and the fact that this area is relatively untouched by commercialization, Mizoram might be one of the best places to visit in India!

What Is The Main Occupation In Mizoram?

The main occupation of people living in Mizoram is agriculture.

Is It Difficult To Travel To Mizoram?

Yes. It is a tiny bit difficult to get to Mizoram. It is mostly because of its geographical location, which puts it right between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

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