Mizoram 1 Week Itinerary

Nestled among the lush green hills of Northeast India, lies Mizoram, a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. With its vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality, this state offers a truly unforgettable experience for adventurous travelers. If you're ready for it all, then let us take you on a journey through Mizoram with our perfect one-week itinerary. From cascading waterfalls and serene lakes to ancient temples and untouched wilderness, this Mizoram 1 week itinerary is designed to help you discover the very best of this stunning region.

During this trip, you'll be staying in Aizawl which is the capital and the largest city of Mizoram. Aizawl has many accommodation options to fit all budgets and all of the exciting places mentioned by us are reachable from here. Also, this city is one of those exciting places, why? Well, you are about to find out! But first, here are some good hotels you should consider.

Best Places To Stay In Aizawl 

  1. Chief Guest House

Address: Laipuitlang Road, near Planet Fashionable, near Planet Fashion, Chanmari

Cost: Starts from INR 850

  1. Aizawl Guest House

Address: PHE Bill Pekna Bul, Laipuitlang Road, Laipuitlang

Cost: Starts from INR 1,400

  1. Hotel Dinthar Zara

Address: DT-12, Zawlphei Street, Dinthar Veng

Cost: Starts from INR 2,000

  1. The Esquire

Address: D-51, Sikulpuikawn, Mission Veng

Cost: INR 2,300

  1. Royale Lalawi Hotel

Address: House No: D 7, Khatla

Cost: Starts from INR 3,500

Day 1: Explore Aizawl, The Capital City Of Mizoram

Here we go! Aizawl is just the right place to start your journey. It’s nestled amidst picturesque hills, and the friendly locals will make you feel at home. On day 1, you can visit the Durtlang Hills to witness the beauty of Aizawl. Imagine hiking up to the top and being greeted by a panorama of the entire city spread out below you. It's a short trek that packs a big punch in terms of scenery. Whether you're a nature lover or just looking for that perfect Instagram-worthy shot, Durtlang Hills won't disappoint. Plus, it's an excellent spot to catch a mesmerizing sunrise or sunset.

Next up is KV Paradise, also known as the Taj Mahal of Mizoram, which is just a 10-minute drive away from Durtlang Hills. It's a two-story structure, built by Mr. Khawlhring in memory of his wife, Rosangpuii Varte, who died in a tragic accident in 2001. When you step in here, the ground floor welcomes you with an awe-inspiring memorial and a captivating painting of Mrs. Varte. The real magic awaits you on the upper floor, where you can witness her life's different facets come alive through her dresses, footwear, and photographs, including her precious wedding memories. KV Paradise is truly a celebration of love.

While exploring these two places, you’ll also get to see glimpses of Aizawl’s culture and daily life. Do take some time out to explore its bustling markets like Bara Bazaar and Solomon’s Cave for shopping and tasting the local cuisine.

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Day 2: More Of Aizawl!

Today is when you’ll be visiting the Mizoram State Museum which is a treasure trove of Mizo history and heritage, giving you a deeper understanding of the local culture. The museum possesses an extensive collection of artifacts, manuscripts, photographs, and other items that exemplify the state's rich heritage. Visitors can gain insight into the traditional lifestyle, customs, and beliefs of the Mizos, as well as appreciate the intricate craftsmanship of their arts and crafts.

Your next stop of the day is Solomon's Temple which is a marvel of architecture, showcasing a blend of modern and traditional design. This temple was built by Dr. L.B. Sailo, who claims that he had a dream where God showed him Solomon’s Temple. So years later, he built it exactly how he saw it in his dreams! Both places offer a glimpse into the heart of Mizoram. So, whether you're into history or architectural wonders, these spots have something special to offer.

Day 3: Take A Trip To Tam Dil Lake

Start the third day of your vacation by visiting Tam Dil Lake. It’s a three-hour drive away from Aizawl, so get ready for a mini road trip. Tam Dil Lake in Mizoram is a serene haven for nature enthusiasts. What makes it special? For starters, it's Mizoram's second-largest natural lake, nestled amidst lush green hills. The name "Tam Dil'' means "Lake of Mustard" in the local language and is inspired by the surrounding golden mustard fields. The lake is home to a variety of fishes so you are going to see lots of these colorful guys. Whether you want to paddle in a boat or relax by the calm waters, Tam Dil Lake promises a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Day 4: Go On An Adventure At The Murlen National Park

Rise and shine! You are going to embark on another exciting four to five-hour-long ride to reach Murlen National Park. Only 1% of the Sun’s rays enter this forest due to its dense and lush greenery. This is why the park is home to incredible flora and fauna, some of which are rare and endangered. You will need a permit to enter this national park, which can be obtained at the gate itself. 

There are over 250 species of orchids and several varieties of rhododendrons adding vibrant splashes of color to the landscape. You may encounter elusive Hoolock gibbons, clouded leopards, and more such intriguing animals. Birdwatchers will be delighted by the park's diversity, featuring species like Mrs. Hume's Pheasant and the Oriental Pied Hornbill. There are a few places inside the park where camping is permitted, so you can take your camping gear along with you. 

The park's diverse landscapes offer breathtaking scenery and numerous trekking trails for adventure enthusiasts. That's not all, it also has caves! Tan Tlangis, Lamsial Puk, Zokhawthar, and Hnahlan are some popular ones. What can we say, Murlen National Park really has something for everyone.

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Day 5: Visit Vantawng Waterfall, The Highest Waterfall In Mizoram

Good morning explorer! You'll be riding to Serchhip today which is three hours away from Aizawl. It is here that you will witness the largest waterfall in Mizoram. The Vantawng Waterfall is named in honor of 'Vantawnga' who was renowned for his remarkable swimming skills, excelling to the point where he could effortlessly glide within the rushing waters, resembling a fish. Tragically, during one of these impressive displays, a floating log unexpectedly descended from above, resulting in his untimely demise.

This waterfall stands tall at a staggering height of 750 feet and it is a natural wonder that's hard to resist. Surrounded by lush greenery and rocky cliffs, this waterfall offers a mesmerizing sight.

Day 6: Explore The Hmuifang Tlang & Falkawn Village

By this point, you might've gotten used to traveling around here! Your ride to Hmuifang Tlang is going to be shorter, it just takes over an hour to reach there. Situated amidst the lush green hills, this place offers breathtaking views of rolling landscapes, dense forests, and serene valleys. The place is perfect for trekking and hiking enthusiasts, with well-marked trails that lead you through pristine wilderness. The summit of Hmuifang Tlang offers stunning panoramic views, especially during the early morning or late afternoon, when the sunlight bathes the landscape in a warm golden glow.

Hmuifang Tlang stands tall at an elevation of approximately 5,000 feet above sea level. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, you can indulge in thrilling activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and trekking through the rich biodiversity of the region. To promote tourism in Hmuifang Tlang, the Mizoram Tourism Department hosts the Thalfavang Kut festival regularly. It's celebrated typically in November after the completion of the rice transplanting season and features a range of cultural performances and celebrates the harvest.

After you’re well-relaxed and rejuvenated, hit the road for another hour and reach Falkawn. This village is known for its unique tradition of making bamboo handicrafts. The local artisans craft intricate products that showcase their exceptional skills. Falkawn is laden with beautiful landscapes, making it a perfect spot for photographers. Falkawn offers a delightful glimpse into Mizoram's cultural and natural riches. Come to witness the bamboo craftsmanship and stay to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside. 

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Day 7: Witness The Magnificent Rocky Hills At Reiek

Ready for the last ride! Okay, wait. That was way too dramatic. This is the last day on this itinerary, so make the best of it! Today, you'll be riding to Reiek, just an hour's drive away from Aizawl. Reiek is a charming village in Mizoram that, just like the state itself, offers a delightful escape into nature's embrace. What makes this place special? 

First, it's a great spot for trekking enthusiasts, with its well-maintained trails and lush green surroundings. The main attraction, however, is the stunning Reiek Tlang (Reiek Peak) which offers panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and hills. It's nothing less than a paradise, especially during the sunset or sunrise. Plus, the region is known for its rich cultural heritage, and you can often witness traditional Mizo festivals and performances here, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your visit.

Reiek is also where the Reiek Mountain Sanctuary is located. It offers a safe haven to various species of birds, serows, leopards, and lots of other amazing animals. If you're lucky, you might spot some of these during your trek. The village itself is warm and welcoming, with locals eager to share their culture and traditions. This is why Reiek should definitely be on your Mizoram itinerary. As it's just a short drive from Aizawl, you can easily go back to your hotel and get some rest before heading home.

Summing Up

A week in Mizoram is like stepping into a hidden paradise. From the lush hills to the vibrant culture, it's a journey you won't forget. Whether you're hiking in Hmuifang or gazing at the Vantawng Waterfall, Mizoram offers unforgettable moments at every turn. Now that you have a Mizoram 1 week itinerary, pack your bags, explore this Northeastern gem, and let its beauty and warmth embrace you.


Which Is The Best Time To Visit Mizoram?

You can visit Mizoram, any time of the year but the weather is more pleasant and beautiful from November to March.

What Is The Famous Food Of Mizoram?

Some of the popular foods of Mizoram are Bai, Vawksa Rep, Arsa Buhchiar, etc.

What Is The Best Thing To Buy In Mizoram?

Tourists mostly buy bamboo and cane products. One of the most vibrant and favored items in Mizoram is the traditional skirt wrap worn by Mizo women, known as the Paun.

Are Tourists Allowed In Mizoram?

Yes, but you need to have an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to visit Mizoram. Indian tourists can obtain it from a Liason Officer in Mizoram House in Kolkata, Silchar, Shillong, Guwahati, or New Delhi. This process can’t be done online.

Can We Carry Alcohol In Mizoram?

The Mizoram state government has prohibited the manufacture, import, sale, and consumption of liquor for everyone.

What Are The Famous Falls In Mizoram?

There are 3 famous waterfalls in Mizoram. They are Vantawng Falls, Tuirihiau Falls, and Khawh Pawp waterfalls.

Which Language Does Mizoram People Speak?

The people of Mizoram mainly speak Mizo and English language.