McDonald’s McDelivery In India Is Now Color Blind Friendly!

When ordering McDonald’s online, we’re all instantly drawn to the vibrant colors that practically leap off the menu. From the golden-brown juicy patty to the sunshine yellow of melted cheese and the crisp, colorful veggies, those visual cues play a big role in whetting our appetites. But, for over 70 million Indians, these colorful pictures appear to be rather dull. This can make choosing their favorite menu items a challenge.

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Just like any other challenge, McDonald’s India took the initiative to make food ordering more joyous and accessible to their colorblind customers. In their new EatQual 2.0 initiative, McDonald’s McDelivery in West and South India launched a feature to make their food a visual treat even for those who can’t see all the colors on the spectrum. This new feature offers three color enhancements for those with 'Green-Red,' 'Red-Green,' and 'Blue-Yellow' color blindness. With this new launch, everybody can drool over their cravings on the McDelivery app and on the website before placing an order!