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Marari Travel Guide

A Guide To Exploring Marari Beach

The pristine beach of Marari lies just a few kilometres north of the heavenly backwaters of Alleppey (Alappuzha). Initially, what was considered as an alternative to the commercial and tourist beach of Kovalam in South Kerala, is today considered the go to destination to end a memorable holiday in Marari.

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The beach is so clean and beautiful that a few years ago, Marari was voted one of the 5 best hammock beaches in the world by the National Geographic Survey. For the uninitiated, a hammock beach is a beach where you can tie a rope bed between two palm trees and lounge outdoors gazing at the sea. Marari’s excellent accessibility from other tourist destinations and major cities like Cochin make it one of Kerala’s most favored destinations.

History And Culture Of Marari

There isn’t a lot of individual history to focus on when it comes to this serene hammock beach that is home to the fishermen community of the Mararikulam village in Alappuzha district. The village is known for its warm locals and their simple sleepy way of life. What’s truly amazing is that this serene vibe has been unaffected even after Marari’s transformation into a beach resort of sorts.


Marari’s culture is largely the same as the rest of the Malabar coastline. While the beach is known for its white sand, beautiful sunsets and coconut palm trees, this little waterfront village is also gaining popularity for its fledgling textile and weaving industry. For nature lovers, Marari’s ecology is as complex as it is fascinating. This pocket-sized region is home to over 90 species of butterflies, close to 80 species of birds, 300 species of endemic plants, 3 varieties of turtles and over 10 different types of frogs. To simply summarize, Marari is a nature lover’s delight.

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How To Travel To Marari

Getting To Marari By Air

Marari’s excellent connectivity makes it an extremely popular destination among travelers. The closest airport is the Cochin International Airport. Cochin has excellent connectivity to other metros, Tier-1 cities and tourist destinations. A cab to Marari from Cochin Airport should set you back approximately by ₹1,500 to ₹1,800 and should take about an hour to get to.

Getting To Marari By Train

Alappuzha is the closest major railway station from Marari Beach. However, Kottayam and Ernakulam Junction in Cochin are not too far away either. Between these three railway stations, an extensive network of trains connected to South India are covered. So based on where you’re coming from, getting to any of these stations means you are only an hour away from the cozy waves of Marari.

Getting To Marari By Road

Kerala’s bus network (KSRTC) is one of the best bus networks in the country. This means Marari is also extremely well connected, especially Alleppey which is 12 kilometers away and Cochin which is an odd 70 kilometers away.

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Best Time To Visit Marari

The best time to visit Marari is definitely the winters. From November to March is when the weather is at its finest. Monsoons from July to October can be unpredictable and may restrict the number of beach days you have due to incessant rains. It’s a great time to visit Marari if attending an Ayurveda workshop is on your mind. Summer months from April to May are best avoided. The beach is too hot and humid and there’s little to do. On the upside, you’re likely to get some great discounts during the summer.

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Getting Around Mararikulam

Exploring Marari Beach and by extension other destinations in Mararikulam and largely the Alappuzha district by foot is the best way of going about things. For destinations around the district, ferries and Kerala state buses are the best options. Bus connectivity here is excellent and you can explore most of the district by just relying on the bus network.

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Breaking Stereotypes About Marari

"Marari has turned into a beach resort and isn’t a hammock beach anymore."

It’s a stereotype that is true to an extent. Marari as a region has been transformed into a beach resort. However, it has still not been negatively affected by the wave of tourists it welcomes. Marari remains a secluded hammock beach and one of Kerala’s best places to vacation in.

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Go Check Out

Since Marari is largely one beach area, there isn’t much to check out in particular. It is one of those beaches that are clean and safe for swimming. Ayurveda workshops are organized in the larger Mararikulam area. It’s one of those destinations that you don’t go in with a list of things to check out, but just spend your days lying at the beach and unwinding in!

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Is Marari Beach Safe?

Yes! Marari Beach is quite safe and if you feel like it (and only if you’re able to), go for a swim in the waters.

How Far Is Marari Beach From Alleppey?

Marari Beach is about 16 km away from Alleppey. You can board a bus and get off at Mararikulam Junction or just hire a rickshaw.

Is Marari Beach Clean?

Marari Beach is quite clean, and can make for a great destination for you to have a lazy, romantic holiday.

Are Kerala Beaches Clean?

Kerala has its share of clean and dirty beaches. Some of the cleanest beaches are Varkala Beach in Thiruvananthapuram, Kappad Beach in Kozhikode and Kuzhuppilly Beach. On the other hand, Kozhikode South Beach has the reputation of being dirty.

Can You Swim In Kerala Backwaters?

While you can swim in the backwaters of Kerala, we’d advise you not to do so. It’s because there’s a considerable amount of wastewater dumped into them, and the strong currents underwater.

Are There Crocodiles In Kerala Backwaters?

No, there are no crocodiles or alligators in Kerala’s backwaters. So you needn’t worry about a big scaly lizard snapping at you as you’re snapping away beside the waters!

How Far Is Kerala From Goa?

Kerala is about 600 km away from Goa. Both states have great connectivity via air, rail and road.

Is Alleppey Beach Clean?

Alleppey Beach is among the most popular beaches in Kerala. But the popularity comes at a price as the beach gets quite crowded and isn’t the cleanest.

How Many Beaches Are There In Alappuzha?

The coastal district of Alappuzha has six beaches. They are: 


  • Alappuzha/Alleppey Beach
  • Marari Beach
  • Thotappally Beach
  • Andhakaranazhy Beach
  • Thumpoly Beach
  • Punnapra Beach

What Is The Cost Of Houseboat In Alleppey?

The cost of a one-bedroom houseboat in Alleppey starts from approximately ₹7,500 per night.


  • Region
    South India
  • Places To See
    Spend time at the beach, Ayurveda workshops
  • Best Time To Visit
    June to March
  • What's The Weather Like?
    Winter months are the most ideal. While monsoon months are restrictive due to unpredictable outpours its a good time for Ayurveda workshop, summer months are best avoided as Marari can be unbearably hot
  • Food You Must Try
    Biryani, Puttu Kadala, Karimeen, Toddy,
  • Language
    Malayalam, English
  • Ola / Uber
    Yes / Yes
  • Airport
    No (Cochin airport is the closest)
  • Trains
    No (Alleppey railway station, Kottayam railway station and Ernakulam railway station are all close by)
  • Buses
  • Marari
  • Exploring Marari
  • Things To Do In Marari
  • Trip To Marari