Mangalore Travel Guide

Known as the Gateway to Karnataka, Mangalore is considered to be the seventh-largest port in India and the chief port of Karnataka. But of course, you’re probably more interested in knowing what the city has to offer. We assure you, it has plenty to offer – the alluring beaches, places of worship, historical structures, and a vibrant culture are just a few things that make Mangalore the charming city it is.

Planning a trip to Mangalore? We’ll tell you right away that a mere 2-3 day trip wouldn’t suffice. You’ll need to set aside at least a week to see and experience all that Mangalore has to offer. So, how do you go about planning your Mangalore vacation? This Mangalore travel guide is all that you need!

History And Culture Of Mangalore

The city of Mangalore is said to get its name from Goddess Mangaldevi. This southern city has an interesting history and the earliest references are said to date back to the third century. Mangalore, which is currently known as Mangaluru, was ruled by a variety of rulers from different dynasties. From the Mauryan dynasty to Kadambas, Chalukyas, and Vijayanagara rulers, the city has a rich history that has also influenced the culture of Mangalore.

It was during the 1400s that the Portuguese set foot in Mangalore and that’s the reason why you can witness bits of European influences in the city. Later on, the British East India Company took control over Mangalore from Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan. The Britishers ruled over Mangalore till the country got independence, after which the city became a part of the state of Karnataka.

As for the culture of Mangalore, the city is home to a variety of communities including Tuluva, Konkani, and Beary or Byari communities. The locals in Mangalore converse in three main languages that are Tulu, Konkani, and Kannada. While a majority of the people in the city are Hindus, you’ll also find a number of Christians and Muslims. Janmashtami and Dusshera are some of the popular festivals celebrated in the city while Kudlostava and Karavali Utsav are annual festivals celebrated locally in Mangalore. When it comes to food, the cuisine of Mangalore is heavily influenced by the flavors of South India. You have to try the Mangalorean fish curry, neer dosa, and mutton biryani when you visit the city of Mangalore.

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Mangalore Travel Guide

How To Get To Mangalore

Getting To Mangalore By Air

If you’re planning on traveling to Mangalore by air, know that the city has got an airport of its own. The Mangalore International Airport (IXE), (also known as Bajpe Airport), is located about 7.6 km away from the city center. You can easily get taxis or buses from the airport to reach your destination. Traveling to Mangalore by air is convenient as the airport is connected to all major cities in India, and both domestic and international flights are available on a daily basis.

Getting To Mangalore By Train

Mangaluru Central Railway Station or Mangalore Central Railway Station (MAQ) is the city’s main railway terminus. This station has trains connecting to all major cities in India running on a daily basis. There are also a number of super-fast trains that connect Mangalore with cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc. You should also know that the city has another station by the name Mangalore Junction. While many trains do pass this station as well, it’s Mangaluru Central Railway Station which lies in the heart of the city and is the most convenient to travel from.

Getting To Mangalore By Road

Mangalore is well connected to all the major cities in India by road. The nearest route to reach Mangalore by road is NH 77, which is only 351 km away from Bengaluru. There are ample state and private buses that run on this route with one available every 2 to 3 hours.

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Mangalore Travel Guide

Best Time To Travel 

The best time to explore the city of Mangalore is during the winter months from October to March. The average temperatures during these months range between 15°C and 32°C, making it a pleasant time for doing some sightseeing around the city. You can easily visit the various museums, temples, and architectural wonders during this time. Taking a stroll on the beaches or trying out water sports, if you’re feeling adventurous, is also a good option when visiting Mangalore during winter.

You can choose to visit Mangalore during summer, but the weather might not be the most ideal for sightseeing. The average temperatures range between 22°C and 39°C

during the summer months and the heat might be unbearable at times. However, you might get a few discounts on your travel and accommodation since this is not the peak tourist season in Mangalore. The city also experiences strong and heavy showers during the monsoon season, which aren’t ideal for your travel plans. You might not be able to enjoy many outdoor activities during this time, but you can witness the Aati festival if you’re visiting Mangalore during the months of July and August.

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Mangalore Travel Guide

Getting Around Mangalore

There are various modes of transport that you can use to travel in and around Mangalore. Most locations in the city are well connected via buses that ply on a frequent basis. Buses are a preferred mode of transportation among locals as well as tourists as they are cheap and easily available. Apart from buses, autorickshaws and taxis are other modes of transportation available in the city. While some of them do operate on a metered basis, you might have to bargain with those who are charging on a random basis. Do keep in mind that the fares charged during nighttime will be relatively higher than those charged during the day for the same distance.

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Go Check Out

Panambur Beach

Mangalore is known for its beaches and your visit to the city will be incomplete without checking out at least one of the many. If you’re looking for a clean and well-maintained beach, you should check out Panambur Beach. Located close to the Mangalore Port and around 11 km away from Mangalore Central Railway Station, this beach is frequented by tourists from all over the world. One of the most famous things this beach is known for is the International Kite Festival which is usually held during the month of April. Along with some mesmerizing sunset views, you can enjoy swimming, boating, and a few water sports at this beach. In addition, Parambur Beach is also open to hosting weddings, parties, and other events.

Mangalore Travel Guide

St. Aloysius Chapel

Located atop Lighthouse Hill, St. Aloysius Chapel is a famous attraction in Mangalore. Built in 1885, the chapel has a line of circular pillars with an arched ceiling and has paintings done by an Italian Jesuit, Antonio Moscheni. While some of the paintings depict the life of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, a few others also showcase the life events of Jesus Christ. Similar to the Sistine Chapel of Vatican City, the charm and authenticity of St. Aloysius Chapel provide a serene atmosphere to anyone visiting it. You can visit the chapel any day between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm.

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple

One of the most famous temples to visit in the city of Mangalore is Kudroli Gokarnath Temple. Also known as Gokarnatheshwara Temple, it is believed to be almost 100 years old and is primarily dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are also a few smaller temples dedicated to other Gods and Goddesses within the temple complex. After being renovated in 1991, the temple follows the Chola style of architecture and is decorated with murals showcasing the different legends of mythology. The festival of Dusshera is celebrated with a lot of grandeur at Kudroli Gokarnath Temple and you have to pay a visit here if you happen to visit the city during this time. You can also try the different food items and buy souvenirs from the stalls set up during the festival.

Kadri Hill Park

Considered to be among the largest parks in Mangalore, Kadri Hill Park is located near Kadri Manjunatha Temple and is a popular attraction among locals as well as tourists. There is also an animal conservatory inside the park where you get to see a variety of birds and animals. You can catch a glimpse of the laser light shows, musical fountain shows, and flower shows that are held throughout the year at this park. Kadri Hill Park is usually open on all days of the week from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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Mangalore Travel Guide


Why Is Mangalore So Famous?

Mangalore is famous for being the seventh-largest port in India. The city is also known for its clean and serene beaches, temples, churches, and museums.

What Is A Famous Sweet In Mangalore?

While you’ll find a variety of sweets like halwa, ladoos, and pedas in Mangalore, one traditional sweet that the city is famous for is chiroti. It’s a traditional sweet dish made with maida, sugar, and milk, and is commonly eaten during marriage ceremonies.

Which Language Is Spoken In Mangalore?

Kannada, Konkani, Tulu, and Malayalam are the main regional languages spoken in Mangalore. However, English is also commonly used to converse with locals and for administrative purposes.

Which Is The Best Month To Visit Mangalore?

The months from October to March are the best time to visit Mangalore. The weather is pleasant and you get to explore the city in its best form. Try planning your trip to Mangalore in the month of October if you wish to experience the grand celebrations of the festival of Dusshera in the city.

Is 2 Days Enough For Mangalore?

Yes, you can easily visit all the major attractions in Mangalore within 2 days. However, if you wish to spend a relaxing getaway in the port city, you can definitely extend your stay for a few more days and enjoy some peaceful time on the serene beaches.

Is Mangalore A Beautiful City?

Yes, the port city of Mangalore is beautiful with its pristine beaches, varied architecture, and serene temples. It’s a city definitely worth visiting on your tour of South India. 

Which Is The Famous Beach In Mangalore?

Panambur Beach is considered to be among the most famous beaches in Mangalore. It’s a clean and safe beach that attracts tourists from all over.

Which Is The Coldest Month In Mangalore?

The month of August is the coldest month and from June to September, the climate is cool and pleasant.

  • Region
    Tulu Nadu
  • Places To See In Mangalore
    Ullal beach, Sultan Bathery, St. Aloysius Chapel, Pilikula Nisargadhama and Kadri Shree Manjunatha Swami Gudi
  • Best Time To Visit
    October to February
  • What's The Weather Like?
    The weather is mostly warm and moderate.
  • Food You Must Try
    Gassi, Goli Bajji, Korri Roti, Gujje Podi, Mandakki and Kadale Manoli
  • Language
    Kannada, Konkani, Tulu, and Malayalam
  • Ola/Uber
  • Airport
  • Trains
  • Buses