Malvan Travel Guide

Beautiful beaches, juicy mangoes, and amazing Maharashtrian food - all of this make Malvan one of the most sought-after destinations in Maharashtra. And why not? The place has tons of historical sites, street foods, beaches, and much more and still you don’t have to worry about tourist spots being too crowded. Yes, you read that right! Even the beaches here aren’t that crowded so you can rest assured that you can enjoy a calm and relaxing holiday here.

From being a small fishing hamlet to being known for Alphonso mangoes, Malvan has certainly surprised all tourists here with its beauty and tons of activities. Right from water sports to adventure sports, you can indulge in various fun activities at the pristine beaches here. So why wait? Keep reading our Malvan travel guide to plan your next vacation here.

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History And Culture Of Malvan

Malvan is a beautiful little town in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. When talking about Malvan, one can’t forget the historically significant Sindhudurg fort here. It was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the ruler of the Maratha empire. If you visit the fort, you’ll be spellbound by the massive walls of the fort that were constructed to deter the enemies from attacking the place.

Speaking of the culture of Malvan, the town is known to have several villages like Angane Wadi Masure, Khalchi, Devi, and many more. Here, you’ll find that all the villagers are engaged in agriculture and fishing as their main occupations. No wonder fish curry and rice is the staple food of all the villagers in Malvan. Some of the famous delicacies of the place are Malvani khaja which is a sweet dish prepared with besan flour and jaggery. Even Malvani ladoos are one of the most famous sweets here.

You’ll find many local people talking in the traditional Malvani dialect which is considered to be a mixture of both Konkani and Marathi languages. The Malvani dialect is also prevalent in certain parts of Ratnagiri and Northern Goa. Malvan’s culture, history, and traditions are greatly reflected in its famous art form called Dashavataar. The people conduct this art form during the time of mahapuja of the Gram Devta. This is where you’ll find all local villagers coming together and making traditional food like khaja, ladoo, lonache (pickle), and many other items.

When it comes to the attire of the Malvani people, you’ll find their clothes also reflect the traditional Indian culture. Men are mostly dressed in a white dhoti and a sadara. But you’ll find many young men in t-shirts, jeans, and trousers here. Women, especially in the villages, wear the Maratha saree which is known to have a short-sleeved blouse and sari of almost 42 inches.

Some of the most celebrated festivals here are Ganesh Chaturthi, Narali Poornima, Deepavali, etc. During festivities, the people enjoy their traditional dance form called ‘Koli Nritya’. This is a fast-paced dance form that people enjoy dancing to live music and there’s no doubt that watching it will be a treat to your eyes.

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How To Get To Malvan

Getting To Malvan By Air

One of the fastest and most convenient ways to reach Malvan is by flight. The nearest airport here would be the Dabolim airport which you might recognize from the name Goa International Airport. Just head around 28 km southeast of Panjim and you’ll reach this airport. Other airports near Malvan are Belgaum Airport, Kolhapur Airport, etc.

Getting To Malvan By Train

If you’re planning to reach Malvan by train, then you’ll have to go to Sawantwadi railway station. Unfortunately, Malvan doesn’t have a railway station, but you have other options like Kudal which lies on the Konkan Railway Station. To reach Sawantwadi or Kudal, you can take trains like the Mandovi Express and Konkan Kanya Express and then reach your destination from any of these stations. There are other cities like Pune, Mumbai, Goa, New Delhi, Jabalpur, etc that have daily and bi-weekly trains to Kudal and Sawantwadi.

Getting To Malvan By Road

Malvan is just 28km away from Kasal and you can reach there by taking the National Highway from Mumbai to Goa. You can also avail of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) via Kasal from Mumbai to Pune. One thing is certain, your road trip to Malvan from Mumbai or Pune will be a delightful one. It’s hard not to get carried away by the scenery of the ghats across Lonavala and also the fields when you cross Kolhapur and Satara.

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Best Time To Travel To Malvan

If you’re planning a holiday trip to Malvan, then late winter and early summer would be the ideal time to visit the place. That’s when you get to experience the pleasant climate of the place to enjoy the fun activities waiting for you at the beaches here. For sightseeing, winters are the best time to visit Malvan. The cool climate of the place lasts from November to February.

To give you an insight into the less favorable time to visit Malvan, we suggest you avoid going there during monsoon. That’s because enjoying sightseeing becomes difficult because of the heavy rains here. Summers on the other hand tend to be quite hot in Malvan, however, to enjoy the beaches, it’s one of the best seasons here. Most tourists avoid visiting the place in the summer because of the hot weather. But if you want to avail yourself of the discounts on accommodation here, summers are the perfect time to visit here.

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Getting Around Malvan

Malvan is a charming beach town that’ll give you the Goa vibes. To get around this beautiful town, you can take buses from the Malvan depot. These buses will take you to most of the tourist attractions here like the Sindhudurg fort, Tarkarli beach, etc.

You can also hire a rickshaw here to go sightseeing at tourist spots for short distances. If you’re planning to visit places like Sindhudurg, Tarkarli beach, and Ratnagiri, then you can hire cars or SUVs if you’re traveling with your friends and family.

Breaking Stereotypes About Malvan

“Malvan is a vacation spot only for visiting beaches”

Who said Malvan has only beaches for sightseeing? Let’s not forget the fact that Malvan has a very rich history and so visiting the historical sites here is a must-do thing if you’re planning a trip here. Don’t miss out on the historically significant Sindhudurg fort here which was built in the 16th century by Shivaji Maharaj. The dominance of the Maratha empire is clearly evident in the way the fort is constructed.

There are other historical sites like the Malvan Castle also popularly known as Rajkot Fort which was also built during the Maratha empire. There’s also the Rameshwaram temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva. The incredible architecture of this temple will certainly leave you astounded.

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Go Check Out

Tarkarli Beach

Just head 7km south of Malvan and you’ll reach this beautiful Tarkarli beach. White sands and tranquil waves make Tarkarli beach one of the most popular tourist spots in Malvan. There are tons of activities to do here like scuba diving, snorkeling, banana boat rides, jet-skiing, and many more. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get to see dolphins at this beach, so don’t forget to carry your camera when you visit here. You can relax and watch the sunset which will surely leave you in bliss.

Rock Garden

Rock Garden is a beautiful public garden in Malvan. Since it’s close to the beach, it’s a perfect spot to sit back and relax and listen to the soothing sound of the waves. You get to see the most beautiful sunset from this garden. One can’t help but notice the sight of the natural rock formations here. To fulfill your hunger pangs, there are several food stalls near the garden where you can relish tasty street food and chai.

Malvan Marine Sanctuary

Another fun place to visit in Malvan is the Malvan Marine Sanctuary. Right from exotic corals to beautiful plantations, there’s so much to see here! You’ll find several faunas like black-headed gulls, ducks, plovers, etc. The rich biodiversity of this place has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malvan. And hey, if you’re planning to visit here, don’t forget to check the Akari Guest House of the Forest Department for your accommodation. You wouldn’t want to miss a sea-facing guest stay right?


How To Explore Malvan?

You can start your journey by first visiting historical and religious sites like the Sindhudurg fort and Rameshwaram temple. The best time to explore the beaches here would be in the evenings when you get to see the sunset. You can explore various beaches here like Tarkarli beach, Malvan beach, Chivia beach, etc.

Where To Go In Malvan?

You can go visit the following places in Malvan:

  • Tarkarli beach
  • Sindhudurg fort
  • Rock Garden
  • Malvan Marine Sanctuary
  • Rameshwaram temple

Is Tarkarli Worth Visiting?

Tarkarli beach is one of the famous tourist spots in Malvan. If you’re a fan of beaches and fun water sports, then this place is definitely worth visiting. Right from scuba diving, and snorkeling to banana boat rides, there are tons of fun activities for you to enjoy at the beach.

Is Malvan Worth Visiting?

If you’re a fan of beaches and adventurous water sports, then Malvan is a place worth visiting. Apart from beaches, Malvan is also famous for its traditional Malvani cuisine, historical sites, and religious temples. It’s definitely a place worth visiting for all those seeking a getaway from the city lifestyle and wanting a relaxing vacation.

How Many Days Are Enough For Malvan?

To cover all the picturesque views of Malvan and to engage in some thrilling and fun activities, you would need at least a 2 to 3-day trip to Malvan. Although you would not feel like leaving this town so soon, a weekend getaway to Malvan would be perfect to escape the everyday chaos.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Malvan?

It is recommended to avoid visiting this town during monsoons, as sightseeing would be a pain and you won't be able to fully enjoy the adventure sports. So, the best time to visit Malvan is during the early summers or late winters, when the climate is pleasant and you can make the best of your trip.

Is Konkan And Malvan Same?

No, Konkan and Malvan are not the same. Konkan is a coastal region spread across Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka, and Malvan is a part of Maharashtra's coastal area.

Which Is The Nearest Railway Station For Malvan?

Malvan does not have its own railway station. So the best way to reach there is to arrive at the nearest railway station of Sawantwadi, which is about 52 km away from Malvan.