8 Places To Visit In And Around Malshej Ghat In Monsoons

City life can get so hectic! The fact that most city dwellers rarely get to take more than two days off work makes it very difficult for them to plan a long vacation. That’s when the holiday destinations located around the cities can offer you a chance to escape from your worries and enjoy a blissful weekend. In this case, cities like Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra are extremely lucky as they have several destinations nestled right in the lap of nature just at their doorstep.

Hidden away in the mighty Western Ghats, Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass that attracts all the folks from the nearby cities, especially during the monsoons. Enjoying the panoramic view of the lush green valleys, enchanting waterfalls, surrounding hill ranges, tranquil lakes, and sipping on a hot cup of chai can instantly melt away all your stress. Let us tell you more about this paradise on earth with our collection of the must-visit places in and around Malshej Ghat in monsoons.

8 Places To Visit In And Around Malshej Ghat In Monsoons

  1. Malshej Waterfalls
  2. Harishchandragad Fort
  3. Konkan Kada
  4. Pimpalgaon Joga Dam
  5. Ajoba Hill Fort
  6. Shivneri Fort
  7. Photography Point
  8. Bhandardara

Malshej Waterfalls

Owing to the fact that Malshej Ghat is located in the very heart of the Sahyadris, the beauty of this hill is enhanced by the various magnificent waterfalls that are scattered all over the hill. The bewitching view of streams of water gushing down the verdant rocky terrain, the lush foliage, the misty atmosphere, and the enchanting forest that envelopes the route will leave you mesmerized. The fact that you can unwind in the lap of nature and enjoy the tranquil serenity here makes Malshej Falls one of the best locations for a weekend outing.

The cool water running through your toes and the raindrops gently kissing your cheeks make the entire experience unforgettable. Although you’ll have to stroll down some charming forest trails to reach some of the waterfalls, there are some waterfalls located on the highway itself. In order to make the most of your experience, do ensure that you visit these waterfalls in Malshej Ghat in monsoons.

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Harishchandragad Fort

Avid trekkers and photographers will unanimously agree to the fact that the panoramic view offered by the glorious Harishchandragad Fort is unrivaled. Once you reach the top of this fort, the captivating view will make it difficult for you to bid adieu to this fort. Perched at the height of roughly 1423 meters and located in the district of Ahmednagar, Harichandragad offers you the perfect opportunity to go back in time and bask in the glory of the rich heritage of this fort.

Dating back to the 6th century, the fort is home to several caves, several Ganesha and Vishnu temples, and a scenic lake. Being one of the highest peaks of Maharashtra, this fort helped the rulers to keep an eye on all the surrounding regions. The beautiful Buddhist caves located around the fort are simply intriguing. Several gorgeous trekking trails will lead you to the top of the fort and naturally, trekking to Harishchandragad is the best way to explore its beauty.

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Konkan Kada

If you’ve trekked up to the top of the majestic Harishchandragad Fort, it would be an absolute sin to miss out on the breathtaking view offered by the Konkan Kada or the Konkan Cliff. It’s essentially a tall, semi-circular rock wall that resembles the hood of a cobra. The name of this point has been derived from the fact that it overlooks a large part of the Konkan region.

The structure of the rock wall lets you witness several mind-blowing natural phenomena like circular rainbows and vertical cloud bursts (also known as the Brocken Spectre). The clouds that surround the cliff are first pulled downwards into the pitfall region and then hurled upwards into the sky which gives it an appearance of a vertical cloud burst. Similarly, you can also catch a glimpse of the circular rainbow when the valley is a little bit misty and the sun is positioned directly behind you when you face the valley.

The grand sunsets in Konkan Kada should not be missed out at any cost. To add to that, you might be able to experience rappelling here provided the weather isn’t very bad. If you’re lucky, you could also encounter some friendly locals who might be willing to cook some native dishes for you.

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Pimpalgaon Joga Dam

The Pimpalgaon Joga Dam is a 5 km long picturesque dam that stretches across the gorgeous Pushpavati River. Located roughly 18 km away from the Malshej Ghat and resting against the backdrop of rolling hills, this dam is a great picnic spot for families as well as couples. Since it’s one of the lesser-known tourist spots in Maharashtra, it is rarely crowded. Moreover, this spot is a must-visit if you wish to snap some stunning sunset shots along with the vivid hues of the skies and the silhouettes of the mountains.

To add to that, Pimpalgaon Joga Dam is a haven for bird-watchers. Several rare species of birds like the alpine swift, purple-moorhen, quail, whistling thrush, pied crested cuckoo, and green pigeons flock around the glistening river waters. If you visit the dam during the winters, you might even catch a glimpse of colonies of pink flamingos having a gala time over the river. Don’t forget to carry your binoculars while traveling to Malshej Ghat if you don’t want to miss out on some exciting sights.

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Ajoba Hill Fort

Ajoba Hill Fort, one of the most picturesque locations near Malshej Ghat, crowns one of the tallest peaks of the mighty Sahyadri Hill Range. Although the fort is in complete ruins, the Ajoba Hills Trek is what attracts several adventure seekers. The rush of adrenaline felt after conquering the magnificent peak of the Ajoba Hill Fort via trekking or rock climbing is absolutely incomparable.

As you make your way to the top, you will encounter the Valmiki Ashram and a cave that holds massive importance in the hearts of Hindu devotees. According to the mythological legend, the Valmiki Ashram is where Rishi (saint) Valmiki wrote the epic of Ramayana. Similarly, the cave is believed to have been inhabited by Mother Sita when she had separated from her husband.

The view of the entire region from the top of the peak is mind-numbingly beautiful. The endless verdant hill ranges enveloped in thick mist, the lush greenery that surrounds the peak, and the cool wind blowing through your hair make all the efforts spent in ascending the fort worth it. Apart from Ajoba Hill Fort, you can enjoy trekking and rock climbing at Darkoba Peak, which is located just a few kilometers away.

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Shivneri Fort

Famed for being the birthplace of the valorous Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the Shivneri Fort gives you a glimpse into the glorious history of Maharashtra. This fort found its use safeguarding the trade routes that connected Kalyan and Desh. The fort has survived several wars and continues to stand tall which proves that the architecture of the fort is robust and impregnable. Although some interior parts of the fort aren’t in great condition, the tourism sector of the state has done a fabulous job at preserving the main areas of the fort.

There are several attractive and intriguing spots inside the fort that will captivate your attention. There is a beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Shivai (after whom Shivaji Maharaj was named) behind which lie multiple interesting caves. You’ll also come across the ancient granaries (known as Ambarkhana) and some water tanks that are named after some of the holiest rivers of India.

Apart from that, you will come across the Kadelot Point which is actually a cliff from where criminals were shoved down the hill (capital punishment). The view of the region from the top of the fort is certainly mesmerizing and unforgettable. In fact, the peak of the fort is considered one of the best places to view the Lenyadri Hill, Manikdoh Dam, Chavand Fort, Nimgiri Fort, etc.

Photography Point

The Malshej Ghat Photography Point is located about 6 km away from the Malshej Bus Stand in the heart of Malshej Ghat. This point is particularly famous for offering tourists a breath-taking view of the verdant valleys, sun-kissed mountain peaks, and the endless low-lying plains. We suggest visiting Photography Point in Malshej Ghat in monsoons if getting soaked in the cool waterfalls and being kissed by the clouds sounds appealing to you.

Find the fort-like structure and a door around the Malshej Photography Point to get the best view of your surroundings. This vantage point serves as a terrific backdrop for clicking some incredibly beautiful pictures. While you enjoy nature in its rawest form, you can also find some local vendors selling steaming bowls of instant noodles and freshly roasted corn on the cob rubbed with masala salt and lemon. The mouth-watering food combined with the picture-perfect view sums up to a delightful experience.


Snuggled in the embrace of the Sahyadri Hill Ranges is the sleepy hill station of Bhandardara. Dubbed the ‘Queen of Sahyadri’, Bhandardara captivates the attention of all nature lovers with its ravishing beauty. The lush green landscapes studded with cascading waterfalls justify the name of this hill station, which actually translates to ‘the valley of treasures’.

Packed with natural beauty, Bhandardara offers a chance to all the weary city dwellers a chance to revel in the enticing and rejuvenating lap of nature. Located near places like the Umbrella Falls, Wilson Dam, and Arthur Lake, the strategic location of this town ends up attracting several tourists. Many trekkers relax in Bhandardara after conquering the Kalsubai Peak which is believed to be the highest peak in the state. Away from the hustle and bustle of the metro cities, a trip to Bhandardara is the enchanting getaway you need to melt away all your stress.


Where Is Malshej Ghat Located?

Malshej Ghat is a scenic mountain pass nestled in the mighty Western Ghats in the state of Maharashtra. Studded with innumerable waterfalls, majestic forts, lush green forests, and diverse species of birds and animals, Malshej Ghat appeals to trekkers, history enthusiasts as well as nature lovers.

How Can I Go To Malshej Ghat?

Located just about 85 km away, the Kalyan Junction railway station is the nearest station to Malshej Ghat. Once you get off at Kalyan, you can take a public/private bus or taxi to this scenic mountain pass. If you currently are in the nearby cities of Mumbai, Thane, or Pune, you can directly book a cab or take a bus to Malshej Ghat. A road trip to this Ghat will leave you mesmerized as the surroundings are picturesque.

How Long Is Malshej Ghat?

Malshej Ghat rests on the border of the districts of Pune and Thane and is perched at a height of roughly 700 meters. This place is located about 154 km away from Mumbai and 130 km away from Pune. If you’re going by train, you can either choose to get off at Kalyan Junction station or Karjat.

How Can I Go To Malshej Ghat From Mumbai By Train?

Unfortunately, there’s no direct train connection from Mumbai to Malshej Ghat. You’ll first have to take a train to Kalyan Junction. From there, board a train to Asanagaon and then find a cab to Malshej Ghat. Another way to go about it would be taking a direct train to Kasara station and then a cab from there to Malshej Ghat.

Is Malshej Ghat Dangerous?

The person who is driving a car in the Malshej Ghat needs to be particularly skilled as the road is filled with potholes and low-hanging trees. Apart from them, the area is also prone to landslides. The road from Murbad to Malshej Ghat is particularly ill-maintained and filled with potholes, so we’d advise you to drive slowly.

Which District Is Malshej Ghat?

Malshej Ghat is located in the Thane District of Maharashtra.