Malana Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide

A shared secret among travelers, Malana is a small village in Himachal Pradesh. This unique village has maintained its authentic charm for years and still remains a subject of curiosity. With a rich history at its core and gorgeous mountains surrounding it, Malana is a perfect place to fall in love with history and nature together. 

But there are certain things to keep in mind before you plan to explore the town and we’re here to help with that. Keep reading our Malana Himachal Pradesh travel guide and you’ll know everything that’s there to know about this mystical town.

History And Culture Of Malana

When it comes to a glorious history, Malana has plenty of interesting tales to share. The most popular origin story as per the legends is of Jamlu Rishi. It’s believed that this sage inhabited this land, made all the rules and the people have been following them ever since. You’ll be surprised to know that the locals strongly claim that Malana is one of the oldest democracies in the world. They have their own parliament system which, as per their belief, is guided by their deity (Jamlu Rishi).

They also consider themselves a part of the Greek bloodline, precisely Alexander The Great, which is why they see themselves as superior to any other race. Another legend believes that they descended from the Aryans. The narratives behind the culture are hazy but they’re all pretty interesting to learn about.

The primary source of livelihood for the Malians is the famous Malana Cream which is one of the biggest tourist attractions as well. Their culture is pretty rich and they celebrate their own festivals to worship their deities. Fagli festival is one popular festival celebrated in the Town of Taboos. The festival is celebrated in mid-February to honor Jamlu Rishi where they show their gratitude by gifting a goat to their God. They also dress up in their traditional attires and do a dance while roaming around the village.

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Malana Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide

How To Get To Malana

Getting To Malana By Air

Kullu Manali Airport is the closest airport to Malana village. If you take an early flight, you can book a car from the airport and directly reach Jari village in an hour or so. From the base village, you’ll need to trek 3 hours or more to reach the magnetic Malana village. So make sure you’ve enough water and snacks with you.

Getting To Malana By Rail

Taking the train to reach Malana can be a long path for you. Joginder Nagar is the nearest railway station to Malana. The station is located at a distance of 125 km from Malana so the only feasible thing to do is hop on a bus to reach Kasol which is just 21 km from Malana.

Getting To Malana By Road

One of the most preferred ways to reach Malana is taking the road. The journey will be as beautiful as the destination. You'll easily find buses from Delhi and Chandigarh that’ll directly take you to Kasol. 

Chandigarh road journey will be comparatively shorter in the distance while Delhi has better connectivity and frequency. You can hire a taxi from Kasol to take you to the Malana gate and trek from there. If you enjoy long treks, you can trek all the way from Kasol to Malana which can easily take 5 to 6 hours.

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Best Time To Travel To Malana

Planning your trip at the right time is very important, especially if you want to visit Malana. It’s best if you plan the trip during the summer months when the chances of landslides and snowfalls are minimal. Post-monsoon is also a good time because the surroundings will be stunning but do check the weather forecast before you plan your trip.

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Malana Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide

Breaking Stereotypes About Malana

The Locals Are Unwelcoming 

While they take their laws and rules seriously, they aren’t unwelcoming at all. If you’re respectful of their rules, they’ll be more than happy to help you explore the hidden gem of Malana while sharing their life stories. A lot of them enjoy being in front of the camera so if you ask nicely, you might be able to capture their beautiful pictures.

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Things To Do In Malana

Malana village in itself is the primary attraction to explore. After your trek, you’ll enter the stunning Malana village which is situated at an altitude of 2,652 meters. You can’t stay overnight here so you should be quick with your exploration. Here are some of the places you can check out:

Visit Jamlu Devta Mandir

As we mentioned earlier, Jamlu Devta is believed to be the founder of Malana. This temple is the place where all the locals gather to worship their God. It’s a vintage building with stunning architecture. Keep in mind that you can’t enter or touch the temple but you definitely should check it out for its history and architecture.

Malana Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide

Explore Parvati Valley

Malana is nestled amidst the gorgeous mountains and is situated near the stunning Parvati valley. The Malana trip can only be a day one day experience so don’t hesitate to explore the nearby surroundings like Parvati Valley. The small town of Parvati has delicious mountain food, aesthetic and affordable hostels, clean rivers, and breathtaking scenery. You can definitely plan your stay in the valley and explore gems like Malana, Tosh, and Manikaran.

Explore The Adventure Activities Around 

You should ideally start trekking down from Malana around 6 pm so that you can reach the town on time. There are plenty of adventure activities around Parvati valley and Kasol, so definitely check them out. Stargazing is also a popular activity in Parvati valley and you can also check out river rafting, paragliding, and rock climbing.

Things To Keep In Mind In Malana Himachal Pradesh

  • First and the most important thing is to avoid touching people and places. As we mentioned, the locals take their laws very seriously so refrain from any physical contact without their consent. You can talk to them and explore the town but breaking the laws is a big no and can cause you unpleasant experiences and hefty time.
  • Malana has its own laws so you can’t involve the police in any capacity or help. If you seek out police help, you’ll be fined.
  • While the Malana temples are eerie and beautiful, you can’t actually enter inside them. They take their secrecy and deities seriously so just admire it from a distance.
  • Always seek consent, even when you’re photographing the villagers or parts of their homes.
  • Few Malanis speak in English, Hindi, and many in the local Kanashi dialect. While in many places locals find it cute when you’re curious about their language and try to speak it, it’s not appreciated in Malana. Like many aspects of their lives, they like to keep their language exclusive as well.

Malana Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide

Summing Up

Visiting Malana is certainly an experience you should add to your travel journal. This one-of-a-kind place can teach you a lot about a different aspect of India’s history where people know exactly what they want and managed to keep it that way. We’re sure our Malana Himachal Pradesh guide will help you plan and execute your Malana trip in the best way without breaking any rules.


Is There Snowfall In Malana?

Snowfall is pretty common in Malana. You’re most likely to witness snowfall during the months of mid-November but it can happen randomly as well. During the peak winter season, landslides are also frequent so plan accordingly.

How Long Does It Take To Visit Malana?

Malana is around 20 km from Kasol village. If you hire a cab, it can drop you at Jari village (the base) and you’ll need to hike for 4 km from there.

Which Month Is Best For Kasol?

Kasol is a wonderful place to visit year round. Ideally, we’ll suggest you plan your trip between the months of March to June because you’ll be able to enjoy the scenery without freezing from the cold.

Is Malana Trek Difficult?

This is an easy trek if you’re going in summer but can get difficult during winter. The short trek from the Malana village entry point is just 1.5 km and will hardly take you an hour. 

Why Kasol Is Called Mini Israel?

Kasol is an extremely popular town in Himachal Pradesh where you’ll find tourists in all the places. When you look at the tourists, you’ll notice a significant amount of Israeli tourists, which is why it’s also known as Mini Israel.

Can Tourists Stay In Malana?

No, tourists can’t stay in Malana. While you can visit and explore the town, you can't actually stay. So plan your day in a way that you reach the town early and come back before dark.

Which Is Better Tosh Or Malana?

Both Tosh and Kasol have their own scenic beauty to offer. Both places require you to trek for at least 3 to 4 km but Tosh is comparatively the easier one to explore. Malana is one of a kind village but Tosh can offer you simple scenic peace that is feasible to reach.

  • Region
    North India
  • Places To See In Malana
    Jamadagni Temple, Renuka Devi Shrine Temple, The Chanderkheni, The Deo Tibba Mountain
  • Best Time To Visit
    May to August
  • What's The Weather Like?
    The weather is pleasant throughout.
  • Food You Must Try
    Malana Cream
  • Language
  • Ola/Uber
  • Airport
  • Trains
  • Buses