Make Your Christmas Merry By Shopping At These Markets In Mumbai

Ho! Ho! Ho-w confused are you about where to shop for this Christmas in Mumbai? With the city of dreams being so diverse, every festival is celebrated with equal amounts of anticipation and preparation. 

The minute the calendar announces the 1st of December, the Christmas spirit starts taking over Mumbai and the markets start to display all things Christmas. From Christmas trees to jazzy decorations, special festive sweets, wreaths, and stockings, you can get it all! To not get lost in research, we have made a list of the best markets you can visit in Mumbai for Christmas. 

5 Best Christmas Markets In Mumbai

  1. Crawford Market, Fort
  2. Colaba Causeway, Colaba
  3. Hill Road, Bandra
  4. Orlem, Malad
  5. IC Colony, Borivali

Crawford Market, Fort

Photo Credit: Inntravel/Pinterest

Oldest but the goldest, Crawford Market is the favorite marketplace for all Mumbaikars. The reason it is most liked is because the items sold are at wholesale price, making it highly affordable. You can purchase essentials such as home decor items, bags, clothing, fruits and vegetables, or stationery without burning a hole in your pocket. 

For Christmas, you’ll find all of those essentials sold in the theme of the festival. A doormat that wishes you merry Christmas, or a tablecloth with little Christmas trees printed on it, or tiny bells to hang on your door, everything is very cutesy. If you have the hunting skills, you might even discover some rare and unique ornaments! Crawford Market’s Abdul Rehman Street is your knight in shining armor because it has everything you could want under the sun. 

Some of the vendors at Crawford Market also sell pre-packaged ingredients for the Christmas sweets such as nevri, jujubes, and guava cheese. Not much of a baker? The ingredients are measured to a T to serve a specific number of people. So, you don’t have to worry about going wrong with the measurements. 

Be sure that you visit the Crawford Market on a weekday or in the morning to avoid an overwhelming crowd of people. And while you’re at it, might as well also stock up some utilities for the next month because you never know when a zombie apocalypse might strike.

Colaba Causeway, Colaba

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Colaba Causeway is right in the heart of Mumbai. It’s also in the heart of those who love shopping for clothes. Famous for its street shopping, it is one of those places where you would go to buy one thing and end up bringing home ten different things. The streets are filled with countless stalls of clothing, and it doesn’t end there. There’s jewelry, make-up, books, shoes, and even home decor!

Christmas brings out the festive side of the Causeway. You’ll see the lanes covered with the spirit of the festival and a lot of vendors will bring out their Christmas collection. In December, there is an entirely new market opened to exhibit antique and fancy decor. If fancy collections are your thing, something is guaranteed to strike your fancy.

Be sure to have a list of things you want to bring because once you stray from your path, not even Santa Claus can save you. The one perk of shopping at Colaba Causeway market is that everything is at an affordable price and the prices can go even lower! How? Well, playing hard to get is not only restricted to dating. For the shopkeepers to lower their prices for you, you need to act as if you’re uninterested and will buy it from elsewhere. Because once the sellers catch you drooling over something, they will not lower the prices. 

Hill Road, Bandra

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Shimmering tinsels, four-pack mistletoes, shamianas of wreaths, 7ft tall Christmas trees, Christmas crockeries, do we have your undivided attention? Hill Road has all the Christmas essentials to lure you.

Some of the street stalls in Bandra are near the shop, Cheap Jack. There’s a whole line of vendors displaying a huge variety of different Christmas decorations, including Santa hats and masks (for theme parties or costume parties). The prices start from INR 50 and can go up to INR 2,500.

The proper shops sell amazing Christmas party supplies. So, if you’re planning to host one, you know where to go. Gold garlands, strands of bells, inflatable snowman, Christmas candles—you’ll find all of this in shops such as Cheap Jacks, Seven, and 7 Star. 

Hill Road also sells something called ‘dancing’ Christmas tree (no, it does not do the Cha-Cha real smooth). But, the branches of the tree move to the rhythm of a carol. They even keep the traditional trees, some green and some white. These being proper shops, you cannot bargain with the prices. The range of the trees start from Rs. 100 and can cost you till Rs. 9,500. 

Orlem, Malad

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Orlem in Malad has a sizable Catholic population. So, you can imagine the Christmas prep that happens during this time of the year. That little part of Malad comes alive with Christmas spirit in December, just like Mariah Carey does.

The trees are decorated with bright Christmas lights, and the roadside is beautified with flowers, garlands, and foliage. The sight feels a lot like a carnival. There’s even an annual Christmas ball that is hosted, if you ever want to visit.

If you want to make a Christmas crib, Carnations in Orlem has all the supplies for you. Orlem is also known for its beautiful flower shops. They even have wooden ornaments to use as a house decoration or a Christmas tree decoration. Now you know where all the Christmas vibes are!

IC Colony, Borivali

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In all of Mumbai, you’ll find the highest number of Christians residing in IC Colony. Visiting the colony during Christmas is a treat for your eyes! The whole lane is decked in lights, giving a proper festive touch to the area! It’s absolutely stunning. And there is no place better to shop for Christmas than a place that celebrates it so heartily. Every possible stall you’d need for shopping and they have it.

The best time for shopping in IC Colony is during the afternoons because there’s a chance for it to get packed with people. For the majority of your shopping, there’s a lane called Brother Cyprian Street, and you can buy star-shaped balloons, mini Christmas trees, and everything glitter over there. So, sprinkle away! 

Summing Up

Christmas has always had a very warm feeling attached to it. There’s a sort of merriness that dances in the air. Watching the streets begin to feel magical with all the lights and trinkets and bells, you can’t help but include yourself in the festivities. 

Even before Christmas starts, these marketplaces bring in the spirit of togetherness and fuels the anticipation of the holidays. Whether you’re on a budget or you want to splurge, all of these places will leave you satisfied with your shopping. 


Do They Celebrate Christmas In Mumbai?

Christmas is one of those festivals that makes all the people in Mumbai come alive with the party spirit as they groove to Christmas carols and host a lot of house parties. 

Where Can I Watch Christmas Lights In Mumbai?

  1. Something Special, Bandra
  2. IC Colony, Borivali
  3. Vile Parle Market, Vile Parle

Is Bandra Reclamation Decorated With Christmas?

Christmas and New Year celebrations have been marked in Mumbai's Bandra Reclamation area with lighting.

Where Is The Best Place To Celebrate Christmas In Maharashtra?

Pawna Lake, Mumbai, Nashik, Pune, Mandwa, Kamshet, Alibag, Lonavala, Igatpuri, Tarkarli, Bhandardara, Lonavala, Kolad, Mahabaleshwar are the famous places where Christmas is celebrated. 

Which Mall Is Best For Christmas In Mumbai?

  1. Growel's 101, Kandivali
  2. Oberoi Mall, Goregaon
  3. R City, Ghatkopar
  4. Inorbit Mall, Malad
  5. Viviana Mall, Thane
  6. Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla

Where To Go In Bandra During Christmas?

7 & Seven, Bandra West

Go to Seven and 7 Star, two stores that are next to each other on Hill Road. These stores have everything you could possibly need for the holidays, from elaborate decorations to gorgeous trees. It's difficult to resist these shops.