8 Luxury Hotels In Munnar

8 Luxury Hotels In Munnar

Gifting yourself a trip to Munnar is a luxury in itself. The town is filled with unending tea plantations and is as relaxing as it gets. A getaway here definitely calls you to some shut-eye and wind down in the manicured greenery of Munnar.

There are also dozens of options to choose from when it comes to picking an accommodation here. From properties set right in the midst of nature to properties that scream ‘chill out’, there’s something for everyone. We’ve picked out some of the best luxury hotels in Munnar so that your holiday is A1. Let’s dive right into it!

8 Luxury Hotels In Munnar

  1. Parakkat Nature Hotels & Resorts
  2. Haze And Kites Resort
  3. Windermere Estate 
  4. Elixir Hills 
  5. Spicetree Munnar
  6. The Tall Trees Munnar
  7. Blanket Hotel And Spa
  8. Chandys Windy Woods

Parakkat Nature Hotels & Resorts

This fabulous resort is just 20 minutes away from the central town in Munnar, so you’re not too cut off from sites you wish to explore. At the same time, you’re far enough from the town to hear the birds chirping to glory. If that’s a priority for you then this property is a great choice. Besides the location being great, they also have elegant spaces at the resort such as seating areas from where you get an unobstructed view of the plantations.

The room style is like a chain hotel - orderly, neat as a pin, and elegant. But the hospitable nature of staff will not allow you to feel like you’re just at a luxurious property but in the care of people that know the region. The property occasionally also organizes campfires.

Starting Price: INR 8,325 per night

Location: 2nd mile Chithirapuram, Pallivasal, Kerala 685565

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Haze And Kites Resort

If views from the room mean everything to you then this property doesn’t disappoint, after all, it’s perfect on a mountain top. You’ll find yourself drawing the curtains to catch the hues of color as the sun sets and rises. They also offer some thrilling activities such as sunrise walks, cycling, campfires, plantation visits, and cooking demonstrations.

Another activity that you might find interesting is kite flying! Something you probably did a long long time ago. So if you don’t like just sitting in your room but would rather enjoy at a property with activities, you’d have a ball here. The property also has an open deck from where you can catch a 360 view of the peaks of Munnar. You most certainly could lose track of time as you destress here.

Starting Price: INR 8,028 per night

Location: Muthuvankudi - High range Dairy Road, Sengulam, PO, Munnar, Kerala 685565

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8 Luxury Hotels In Munnar

Windermere Estate

This estate is unlike any traditional hotel and will feel like you’ve time-traveled to an old English home in the country. Each nook and corner of the beautiful estate is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The property has enough character to inspire a writer to pen down thoughts for a story. And yes the property also has an old-world charm library!

Other amenities include a swimming pool, picnic tables, and hammocks on which you can just sit back and do nothing. If you like properties that are unique in design and speak through their architecture and decor, this is the place for you. 

Starting Price: INR 11,800 per night

Location: Pothamedu Pothamedu, Munnar, Kerala 685612

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Elixir Hills

Elixir is a stunning property that looks like a creatively designed luxurious tent in the midst of a misty forest. The most outstanding feature of the property is the infinity pool that overlooks a forest. Besides an artificial pool, there are also natural waterfalls in the vicinity where you can go for a dip or short picnic with the group you’re traveling with. Within the property, you’ll also find a sauna and spa to take care of your recuperation needs.

If you’re traveling with kids, you’ll be happy to know that they also have a kids playground in addition to the indoor game area with table tennis, foosball, and a pool table. Yes, your kids might just not want to leave from here (and you too).

Starting Price: INR 7,281 per night

Location: Near Letchmi Tea Estate, Munnar, Kerala 685612

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Spicetree Munnar

Want to experience a slice of heaven? Then Spicetree Munnar is where you’ve got to be. Without question this property is easy to fall in love with because of the warm cozy vibes it sends across effortlessly. It fits perfectly into the definition of what a boutique luxury hotel category is and lives up to being just that.

You should know that one of the rooms of this property has a private pool while the other has a Victorian jacuzzi. These ones are certainly most in demand so make sure you get your reservations in advance if you choose to stay here.

Starting Price: INR 12,000

Location: P.O, Muttukad-Periakanal Road, Nadukkurissu, Chinnakkanal, Munnar, Kerala 685618

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The Tall Trees Munnar

The Tall Trees is another good find among many luxurious properties in Munnar as it gives you the chance to reside in an individual cottage. The entire property consists of 26 cottages all reasonably spaced from each other. This property is perfect for those of you that aren’t looking for a 5-star chain hotel or a resort but want more privacy by having a cottage to yourself. Within the property, you can indulge in exploring the marked nature trails. They also have a huge pool that does resemble the looks of a greenhouse.

8 Luxury Hotels In Munnar

Starting Price: INR 15,400 per night

Location: PB No 40, Munnar - Bison Valley, Road, Pothamedu, Munnar, Kerala 685612

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Blanket Hotel And Spa

This property is popular among many tourists because of being in close proximity to waterfalls. If you choose to stay here you’d definitely be able to hear the Attukad waterfalls. Some premium rooms of the property overlook the waterfalls as well. Keep in mind that this property is roughly 30 minutes away from central Munnar.

For many, it’s worth the travel as you get to see Munnar and its panoramic views from a different lens. Other than that, this property meets the 5-star corporate hotel standards. The staff will go above and beyond to make your stay comfortable as well. 

Starting Price: INR 10,600 per night

Location: Attukad Waterfalls, Aluva - Munnar Road, Pallivasal, Kerala 685565

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Chandys Windy Woods

Chandys Windy Woods is not too far away from Blanket Hotel and is another favorite choice for tourists who wish to stay near Attukad waterfalls. Part of the waterfall also passes through the property and this is something you’ll see for yourself if you stay here. The best space of Chandys Windy Woods is the open terrace that offers some incredible views that take your breath away. Staying here would truly be a luxurious affair in every sense!

Starting Price: INR 12,400 per night

Location: Pallivasal, 2nd Mile, Meencut P.O, Chittiarpuram, Munnar, Kerala 685565

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8 Luxury Hotels In Munnar


Which Is The Best Time To Visit Munnar?

Most tourists plan their trips to Munnar between October to March as the climate is most pleasant during that time. You can enjoy the beautiful tea plantations and comfortably go sightseeing too.

What Is Munnar Famous For?

Munnar is famous for its tea plantations, nature trails, waterfalls, and sanctuaries. If you want to be in the midst of nature and great scenery, you’ve got to plan a trip to Munnar.

How Can I Spend Two Days In Munnar?

Two days in Munnar can be spent hitting the main tourist attractions such as Eravikulam National Park, Echo Point, Mattupetty Dam, and Attukad Waterfalls. With the leisure time you have after sightseeing, just stroll around one of the many plantations you come across by foot.

How Much Does A Munnar Trip Cost?

A vacation in Munnar can easily be in the range of spending INR 2,500 to INR 3,500 per night with a tight budget. Luxurious trips can very well reach INR 12,000 a night. Many luxurious properties offer rooms in the range of INR 8,000 to INR 10,000 per night.

What Are Some Of The Best Resorts In Munnar?

The Leaf, Spicetree Munnar, Parakkat Nature Hotels & Resorts, and Haze And Kites Resort are some of the best resorts in Munnar.

Which Are The Best 5 Star Accommodations In Munnar?

Blanket Hotel & Spa, Amber Dale, Chandys Windy Woods, and Windermere Estate are some of the best 5-star accommodations in Munnar.

Which Is Better, Munnar Or Coorg?

Both Munnar and Coorg are similar to each other in many ways in terms of breathtaking scenery and plantations. However, they both lie in different states that is Kerala and Karnataka. If you’re inclined towards exploring the rest of Kerala, Munnar would be a better choice and vice versa. 

Is Munnar A Good Place For A Honeymoon?

Munnar is a popular destination for honeymooners because of how romantic the hill station is. It’s a peaceful quiet getaway where you can go on treks, explore waterfalls and feel refreshed with the crisp clear air. If you’re looking for other romantic places to take your special someone to, check this article out: 11 Romantic Destinations For Valentine's Day.