Long Ride? A Complete Checklist Of Bike Trip Essentials

Heading to the mountains with your bike and buddies by your side is every millennial's dream. A generation that has grown up watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Dil Chahta Hai, all of us are guilty of having collectively fantasized about a road trip at one point or another. 

If you’re one of the rare lucky ones who finally got the opportunity to make that dream come true, it’s great to know the essentials. A bike trip is bound to be fun but a lack of preparation can make you frazzled. Fret not, in our complete checklist of bike trip essentials, we’ve mentioned everything you need to carry on your long journey. 

Things To Carry For A Bike Trip

  1. Driving license
  2. Helmet
  3. GPS system
  4. Glasses
  5. Riding jacket and gloves
  6. Riding trousers or pants
  7. Elbow and knee guards
  8. Riding shoes
  9. Weather gear
  10. Saddlebag 

1. Driving License 

Whatever you do, don’t forget to take your driving license. A driving license is a legal document that is often required when you enter any new place on your bike. If you don’t have a functioning driving license, just renew it with your current information. Pack your driving license where it’s easily accessible to you so you can easily take it out whenever needed. 

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2. Helmet 

Let’s start with the basic yet most important item for your bike trip - a good helmet. Invest in a good-quality helmet that gives your face enough coverage. Make sure your helmet isn't too big or small otherwise it can easily become the bane of your journey. 

Always go for a certified good quality helmet that offers you the comfort you’ll need to survive the long journey. Light colors helmets are generally better for long journeys, so get a good white helmet before you hit the road.

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Long Ride? A Complete Checklist Of Bike Trip Essentials

3. GPS System

There are many GPS sets available in the market but if you don’t want to invest in them, you can just get a good phone holder for your bike and use the maps available on your smartphone. 

A GPS is going to be your guide throughout your journey but we wouldn’t want you to get stuck somewhere insane if your network betrays you. Download the offline maps so you’re in the clear even when your networks go all dark. 

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4. Glasses

Go for biking glasses if you have the budget for them. Biking glasses are specifically meant to be worn with your helmet and protect your eyes from the obstacles you might encounter during your bike trip

We’ll strongly suggest you go to the store and buy proper biking glasses that fit your face well. Ignore going for tinted glasses which might affect your vision because your vision will genuinely be one of the most important essentials during your road trip. 

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Long Ride? A Complete Checklist Of Bike Trip Essentials

5. Riding Jacket And Gloves

A riding jacket and gloves aren’t just for the looks. They’re a very practical investment that’ll make your journey less exhausting. A biker jacket is often made with high-quality materials that will provide your body the support it needs to sustain being on the road for too long.

Riding gloves will provide protection for your hands which will be doing the most work. Riding gloves will also save your hands from friction. Both of them together will set you apart on the road while making you visibly stand out on your bike trip.

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6. Riding Trousers Or Pants

If the journey isn’t crazy long, you can wear your favorite pair of comfortable pants. But, if you plan to stay on the road for a few days, definitely get riding trousers. If you end up wearing uncomfortable pants on a long journey, not only the trip will become painful but your body will also be affected. 

A good pair of riding trousers often come with a riding jacket and gloves if you buy a complete set. You can also get them separately and make sure you get the ones with premium material and padded knees.

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7. Elbow And Knee Guards 

This is a subjective item for those who like to go all out but a great addition to your riding jacket and pants. You would definitely get good quality elbow and knee guards as it will protect your elbows and knees in case any unfortunate event occurs. They’ll also protect your elbow and knees from the sudden friction and bumps you might encounter on your journey. 

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8. Riding Shoes

We’re talking about long journeys and as a biker, we’re pretty sure you’re familiar with the importance of having the right kind of shoes. Uncomfortable shows can not only make your feet hurt but can also be a safety hazard. You must invest in good quality riding shoes and make sure your feet are familiar with the shoes well enough before you take them on the long trip.

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Long Ride? A Complete Checklist Of Bike Trip Essentials

9. Weather Gear

The weather can be unpredictable only if you don’t prepare for it before you set out for your bike journey. It’s always better to be prepared than wallow in unannounced rain or other climatic conditions. So make sure you look up the weather forecast for the destination you’re going to pack appropriately. 

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10. Saddlebag

The right kind of bag is absolutely essential when it comes to planning a long bike trip. You can't carry a suitcase or anything too space-consuming. Saddlebag is a go-to bag for many bikers because you can keep all your bike gear in it and it can be attached to the bike. 

They’re long-lasting, light, and look super trendy. The best part is that your shoulders will be absolutely free so you can at least give your body some ease. A hydration backpack or tank backpack is also pretty popular among bikers so you decide as per your trip requirements. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Planning For Your Bike Trip

  • It is absolutely essential to keep in mind that your body is prepared for a long road trip. Get proper health checkups and speak to your doctor in case you have a history of sickness before you take the long and difficult route.
  • Make sure your bike is in top shape before you take it out on the road. Check the tires, oils, electronics, and brakes.
  • Don’t forget to pack your go-to snacks, food, and a water bottle because the roads might lead to unexpected turns but you might not enjoy them if you’re thirsty and starving. 
  • Keep the tank full before you leave for your journey and carry extra fuel along in case your bike runs out of it somewhere where there’s no fuel available. 
  • While you pack for your bike trip, make sure you don’t go overboard with it. Pack concisely, don’t end up carrying your entire wardrobe along with you.
  • A first aid kit should always be with you that should have the necessary bandages, ORS, ointments, medicines, and sanitizers.
  • Your tool kit should always be with you. Even after making sure your bike is all good to go, in the end, it’s a machine that can fall apart at any point. The tool kit and roadside assistance can be your saving grace in case of any emergency.
  • Don’t forget to pack a portable charger and good earphones. Trust us, you’ll be needing them.
  • Do carry some cash along with your credit and debit cards and keep them all together and safe where they don’t fall off. 
  • Always carry zip lock bags and plastic bags for your dirty clothes and even in case of sudden rain.

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Summing Up

A long trip on your bike is going to be an experience like no other. We’re sure that our checklist of bike trip essentials will help you organize your trip better so you can start focusing on the fun part of the journey. 


What Should I Bring To An Adventure Ride?

You’ll need to take all the essential items on your adventure ride. It includes your clothes, toiletries, food, water bottle, bike gear, GPS system, and tool kit to mention a few.

How Should You Wear Your Hair On A Motorcycle?

Always tie your hair as neatly as possible under your helmet. If you’ve long hair, trying them in a bun can be your best bet. Free hair might look good in movies but trust us, neither they’re practical nor safe. 

What Should You Not Wear On A Motorcycle?

Avoid wearing tight, heavy, and uncomfortable clothing on a motorcycle. Wear clothes that feel like second skin where you and your skin can breathe. Wear light and baggy clothes under your bike gear so you aren’t suffocated. 

Why Do Motorcycle Riders Wear Black?

Black is a color that is practical for riders because it can be visible even from a distance. It’s abrasion resistant and can protect the skin of the riders.

Where Do I Put My Phone When Biking?

Don’t put your phone in your trousers pocket if you aren’t wearing trousers with a zip. You can put your phone in your jacket or on your phone holder if you’re using GPS.

What Should I Eat During A Long Bike Ride?

A bike ride can be exhausting and food will be the one fueling your system so make sure it’s good and healthy. You can pack healthy foods such as bananas, apples, homemade sandwiches, protein bars, rice, oats, potatoes, and beans.

Should You Buy A Black Helmet?

If you don’t have a helmet or are planning to get one, go for a white helmet. Black absorbs the sunlight and can heat up which might cause trouble while riding.