Live Your Bollywood Dream By Renting Jahnvi Kapoor's Chennai Home!

Remember how visiting the inside of a Bollywood actor was something we could achieve only in a dream? Not anymore! If, in the near future, you’re planning to go to Chennai, you can stay within the luxurious childhood home of the famous actress Jahnvi Kapoor. On 1st May, Airbnb announced the launch of ‘Icons’ – where everyone gets to experience the world that they only once daydreamed about. Currently, there are 11 homestays enlisted from all over the world that belong to famous personalities.

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Located in the sophisticated Akkarai beach on the East Coast Road, this golden ticket allows two guests to stay on the property. They’ll have access to one bedroom and bathroom and the booking begins from the 12th of May. The space is adorned with furnishings built by the local artisans, giving it a proper homely feeling. You should even be prepared to be spoiled with traditional South Indian food and Jahnvi Kapoor’s favorite dishes like ghee podi rice and palkova. Grab this opportunity and boast about living in the home of a successful Bollywood actor once you’re back.