5 Lesser Known Beaches To Visit In India

Summer season is almost here, and with it comes the dream of lazing away on a beach. Taking in the sun, sand, and surf is something everyone aims to do every summer, whether it’s at a beach nearby or on some exotic island. The problem arises when you start listing down the spots you might like and realize that all of them will be full of people.

Well, wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of beaches that not a lot of people know? We’re here with just that! These five beaches are well-kept local secrets that we found, and are now bringing to you. Check them out!

5 Lesser Known Beaches To Visit

  • Tarkarli, Maharashtra
  • Cola Beach, Goa
  • Marari Beach, Kerala
  • Kaup Beach, Karnataka
  • Modhva Beach, Gujarat

Tarkarli, Maharashtra

India’s west coast is scattered with beaches, the more famous ones being the beaches of Goa and Gokarna. But with a coastline this long, there’s several more beaches that remain hidden from the throngs of tourists. Tarkarli in Malvan is one such beach. Located in the southern part of the state of Maharashtra, Tarkarli is perfect for several reasons.

The azure sea here is relatively cleaner and clearer than other beaches, and can get surprisingly calm with barely a ripple breaking on the shore. But the stillness is far from an indication of what is available, as Tarkarli has several options for water sport lovers. Make use of the wind and waves to go parasailing, or head out to sea to spot pods of dolphins splashing around. Go scuba diving to see the world beneath the waves, rr try your hand at snorkeling!

When you’re not splashing around in the water or lazing on the sands, dig your teeth into some delectable Konkan cuisine. The seafood here is a must-have. Head to the Karli River when you tire of the sea, where you can even stay on a houseboat and let the still backwaters take you away. Empty beach, scuba diving, houseboats, and so much more! Tarkarli combines Goa, the Andamans and Kerala, all in one.

Getting To Tarkarli

Tarkarli is situated on the Konkan coast, and is close to north Goa. Goa’s Dabolim Airport is the closest airport to Tarkarli, around 10 kms away. Kudal is the nearest railway station, and you can easily hop on a bus or a taxi to Tarkarli from here. You’ll take an hour to get from Kudal to Tarkarli.

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Cola Beach, Goa

Simply a 2-hour drive away from Panjim, Cola Beach in South Goa remains an elusive spot in Goa, known only to a few. Its neighbors Palolem and Agonda tend to draw the crowds, leaving this hidden among palm fronds. Cola Beach has clean, clear sands interspersed with a few boulders, and waves crashing on the shore.The water isn’t too unpredictable to splash around in, but keep an eye out for the boulders above and below water. The ground is uneven with a few sudden dips, so don’t blindly go rushing in. But with every precaution taken, Cola Beach is gorgeous, and the sunsets here are worth experiencing.

Apart from the beach, definitely head to the Emerald Lagoon that looks as magical as it sounds. Simply walk along the beach to see the end of a freshwater stream pouring out into the sea; this point is what is called Emerald Lagoon. The stream is fringed by palm trees creating an arch of green overhead, and the water rushing past isn’t strong enough to sweep you off your feet so you can definitely have some fun in the water.

Getting To Cola Beach

Part of why Cola Beach is so hidden is because like anything worth experiencing, it takes you some trouble to get here. As you get closer to the beach, you’ll need to veer off the paved road onto a muddy, bumpy one. The easiest way to get here is by taking a boat ride from Agonda Beach, but make sure you pre-plan your return, whether it is by informing the boatmen or arranging for a pickup to get you. You can alternatively trek here from Agonda Beach, but this isn’t suitable for someone with physical disabilities or ailments.

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Marari Beach, Kerala

A mere 11 km from the town of Alleppey in Kerala lies a hidden beach with white sands and blue waters. This is no other than Marari Beach, one of Kerala’s lesser known beaches. Marari Beach got its name from the local fishing village of Mararikulam, and you’ll often see fishing boats resting on the beach, or being pulled into the waters. 

Apart from seeing the waves rhythmically beating against the shore and catching the fishermen in action, there’s not much else to do here. This makes it quite the perfect beach to visit if all you want to do is relax to your heart's content.

Getting To Marari Beach

Marari Beach is 60 km from Kochi, and the Cochin International Airport is the closest airport. Mararikulam is connected by rail to nearby major railway stations. National Highway 66 passes nearby, giving you easy access to Mararikulam.

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Kaup Beach, Karnataka 

Karnataka’s Gokarna has long been hailed as one of India’s finest offbeat beach destinations, so much so that it is now starting to crawl onto the list of famous tourist attractions. Give Gokarna a skip, and head to Kaup instead. The village of Kaup or Kapu is sandwiched between Udupi and Mangalore in Karnataka. This little village has one of the cleanest, most serene beaches in India.

The beach itself is surrounded by greenery, and small walks through the foliage make for a pleasant change from the sand. Kaup Beach has an unmissable attraction; unmissable not only because it is something you mustn't miss at all, but also because it is quite hard to overlook it. This is the 130-foot lighthouse, towering over the beach. The lighthouse is said to have been built in 1901, and can give you some stunning views and fantastic pictures.

Getting To Kaup Beach

Mangalore International Airport is the closest airport to Kaup Beach, about an hour’s drive away. The nearest stations are Udupi and Mangalore, and you can get a cab or a rickshaw to Kaup from either two destinations. Kaup is also easily accessible by road from nearby major destinations.

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Modhva Beach, Gujarat

Located in the Kutch district of Gujarat, the Modhva Beach is 8 kms east of the town of Mandvi. Just like many other beaches on our list, it remains shadowed by another much more famous beach nearby - the Mandvi Beach. Modhva Beach is sure ideal for beach bums, but bird-lovers and ornithologists will certainly fall in love with it. Want to know what we mean? Step one is not visiting the beach in the peak summer months, and visiting in winter instead.

Each year like clockwork, a wave of pink lands into Kutch during the winter. This wave is a flock of flamingos, migrating to Kutch to flee the cold. Flamingos remain the primary sight to see here, though there are several other migratory birds that drop in from the months of November to March. Look out for birds like the sanderlings, curlew-sandpipers, dunlins, ruddy turnstones, and up to five species of seagulls.

Getting To Modhva Beach

The Bhuj Airport is the nearest airport to Modhva, and the Bhuj Railway Station is the nearest station. Modhva Beach is around 1.5 hours away by road. It is well connected to Bhuj by road, and to Mandvi as well.

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Which Is The Cleanest Beach In India?

The status of cleanest beach in India goes to Padubidri Beach in Karnataka. An international jury from the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), Denmark declared it to be the cleanest beach in India, and also one of the cleanest beaches in the world. 

Which Is The Dirtiest Beach In India?

According to an operation conducted by the Ministry of Earth Sciences lab National Centre for Coastal Research (NCCR) in 2019, the beaches of Kerala and Maharashtra were logged to be the dirtiest in India. 

Which One Is The Longest Beach In India?

Chennai’s Marina Beach along the Bay of Bengal is India’s longest beach, and the second longest beach in the world. It stretches on for nearly 12 kilometers. 

Which Is The Cleanest Beach In Konkan?

Anjarle Beach in Maharashtra is one of the cleanest beaches in Konkan, alongside a number of other relatively clean beaches like Tarkarli Beach, Alibaug Beach, Kashid Beach, and Murud Beach. 

Is Tarkarli Beach Safe?

Tarkarli is quite a safe beach, both for visiting and swimming. The waves are not known to be powerful and the coast doesn't have many sudden dips. However, exercise caution nonetheless since there are no lifeguards to help you should things go wrong. 

Is Tarkarli Worth Visiting?

As one of the few lesser known beaches, Tarkarli is perfect for those who seek nothing more than some time in the sun. An added bonus is the water sports available. However, it isn’t worth a visit if you want a stay in a resort to complement your beach time. 

What Is The Best Time To Visit Tarkarli?

The months from October to March are the best time to visit Tarkarli, as the weather is perfect to truly enjoy the beach and the activities. 

Is Tarkarli Open For Tourists?

Yes, Tarkarli is currently open for tourists, but getting here involves going through Maharashtra’s Covid protocol. This includes compulsory Covid tests for people coming from Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan and Gujarat. 

How Far Is Tarkarli From Goa?

Tarkarli is 147 km away from Goa. 

Which Is The Best Beach Near Pune?

There are several nice beaches around Pune, like Kihim Beach (143 km), Alibaug Beach (145 km), Murud Beach (160 km) and Mandwa Beach (151 km).