Jungle Stay In Jim Corbett’s Dhikala Forest Lodge

Experiencing A Jungle Stay In Jim Corbett’s Dhikala Forest Lodge

Going on 2-3 hours of safari is one thing. But to get a true taste of the wild you should be experiencing a jungle stay in Jim Corbett’s Dhikala Forest Lodge. A unique experience that you’ll cherish for the rest of your days. The Dhikala Forest Lodge in Jim Corbett National Park is something that not many know about and you literally get to live right in the heart of the wild. Here are a few things which you must know about this place and to enjoy this experience.

Jim Corbett National Park

Where’s The Jungle Stay?

Jim Corbett National Park is massive. Just like every other national park, Jim Corbett is also divided into separate zones. There are a total of 5 zones inside the national park and each one has its own gate. Dhikala is one such zone that is the biggest and the best for spotting tigers. The closest gate to the zone is called Dhangari. Dhikala Forest Lodge is about 35 km inside the national park from its main gate.

How To Get There?

The nearest town to the national park is Ramnagar. You can reach the town by road or get a train, depending on where you’re coming from. If you’re coming from far off and prefer a flight, then the nearest airport is the one in Dehradun. From there you can get a cab, a bus or make your way to Dehradun Railway Station and get a train to Ramnagar. All of it depends on your budget and convenience.

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How To Book A Stay At The Dhikala Forest Lodge?

First things first. Not everyone can go there. In the sense that not everyone who is visiting the national park can just go there. The only way you can book a stay here is through the official website of Jim Corbett National Park. You’ll have to book your stay here 46 days in advance and also have to get a permit for a night stay. You’ll get a breakdown of the prices which includes the rent, housekeeping cost, the driver’s fee, etc.

There are many packages that Jim Corbett National Park provides which include multiple jeep safaris and a stay at the lodge. So depending on your plan and your preference, you can choose what makes the most sense to you. Just know that each zone requires a separate permit. So by booking a stay at the Dhikala Forest Lodge and getting a permit for this zone, the safari you’ll be experiencing will also be in Dhikala itself. But it will be totally amazing!

Once you’ve booked your stay, you’ll have to book yourself a jeep and a naturalist too. Again, there will be a separate cost for that. Quite frankly, the entire process to get the essentials in place for a jungle stay in Dhikala can be a little annoying and maybe even confusing. But trust us, it will all be worth your while.

So once you have all those things in place, you get to the main gate, show your permit, and other details. You’ll be provided with a pickup service that takes you to the forest lodge. This means that you’ll first have to make your way to the little town, Ramnagar. From there, the Dhangari entry gate is about 18 km away. You also have the option of calling your guide and asking him to pick you up from Ramnagar.

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The Dhikala Forest Lodge

This is a simple humble guest house of sorts which is run by the forest rangers in the zone. You get the basic amenities like electricity and geysers but don’t expect air conditioners. There are different types of stays available, which include hutments, cabins, and the forest rest house. But there’s not a lot of difference between them all. Each of them is clean and well-maintained, so that’s not something to worry about.

An important thing to know is that as per the regulations of the place, electricity is cut off at 9 pm. Also, you don’t get packaged items or non-vegetarian food inside. There’s a canteen in the complex which provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although they have a fixed menu and are vegetarian food, they’re simple and delicious. These meals cost around 150 rupees and are not part of the money you pay for the stay.

Beyond this, there’s another canteen which serves a limited amount of snacks like instant noodles, eggs, tea and coffee. So that’s something you can resort to if you get hungry in between. You get normal drinking water and not packaged bottled water. Apart from these things, you can’t get anything else. If needed, you can carry some bottles of water for yourself. It’s mandatory for you to make sure you take your garbage along with you.

So just make sure you clean up after yourself and carry a bag for any garbage you might leave behind. If needed, you’ll be provided one at the entrance for about 50 rupees. Also, having alcohol inside is also not allowed. They are strict regarding these things and if you don’t adhere to their regulations, you will be fined. But that’s the beauty of the place. Everything they do is to ensure that the wildlife and their natural habitat is not affected in any way.

What Makes The Dhikala Forest Lodge Special?

Honestly, there are many reasons. The various measures taken to maintain the lodge are one of them. The second reason is how you’re at the heart of the action. This also means that your safari will start in Dhikala itself. This gives you a lot more time on your safari to spot the wildlife and enjoy the park in general, as opposed to starting at the main entrance and then driving for a few kilometers before reaching the hotspots.

Then there’s the fact that you’re living deep in the grasslands with just the wilderness all around you. When staying here, you literally get to experience the sounds of tigers roaring, elephants trumpeting, or just the birds chirping. These don’t happen all the time, but when they do, it’s so amazing! Even just the peaceful silence with just the sound of leaves rustling is comforting.

Getting a booking at the Dhikala Forest Lodge in Jim Corbett National Park can be difficult, but if you do, it will be one of the best wildlife experiences of your life.



Which Zone Is Best In Jim Corbett?

Some of the most popular zones in Jim Corbett National Park are Dhikala, Bijrani, and Dhela. All these zones are known for being great for tiger safaris, but Dhikala stands out among them thanks to the forest lodge.

How Do I Book Jeep Safari In Corbett?

You can book a jeep safari at Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve by visiting the official website and choosing from the different zones from where you want to start your safari. This website is the only place where you get permits for safaris and night stays.

Can We Visit Jim Corbett Now?

jim Corbett National Park is open from the months of November to June. In the monsoon months, the park is closed to tourists.

What Should I Wear In Jim Corbett?

Choosing what to wear also depends on when you’re going to Jim Corbett National Park. If you’re visiting in the summer months of April-June, light cotton clothes would be enough. Those visiting in the winter months of November to February must pack jackets, gloves, and mufflers. Make sure that you wear some good, sturdy footwear, irrespective of the season.

How Many Days Are Enough For Jim Corbett?

2-4 days would be sufficient for you to experience the best of Jim Corbett National Park. Also, you unfortunately won’t be allowed to stay more than 3 nights here.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Jim Corbett?

The winter months are the best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park as the weather is quite cool and pleasant.

Can We Take Your Own Car In Jim Corbett?

No. Private vehicles aren’t allowed in Jim Corbett National Park. If you want to explore the park, you can do so in registered vehicles and only drive in the designated routes.

Is Alcohol Allowed In Jim Corbett?

While you’re not stopped from carrying alcohol inside Jim Corbett National Park, consuming it is prohibited.

How Far Is Jim Corbett From Nainital?

Jim Corbett National Park is about 65 km away from Nainital. The trip would take you about 2 hours by road.

How Many Tigers Are There In Jim Corbett National Park?

As of October 2020, there are 252 tigers in Jim Corbett National Park.




  • Region
    North India
  • Type Of Experience
    Wildlife Experience
  • Best Time To Visit
    November to June (needs to be booked at least a month and a half in advance)
  • How Much Will It Cost Me?
    Starts from INR 2500 & INR 5000 for foreigners (just for the room) Berths & Dormitories are INR 200 & INR 400 respectively
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