Indian Government Issues 3 Major Relaxations For International Travelers

Indian Government Grants 3 Relaxations For International Travelers

International Travel looks to be opening up for India again, as new relaxations come into place, after restrictions on international travel were placed due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

The Indian Government announced major relaxations for international travelers and OCI card holders from the USA, UK, Germany and France to travel to India. These relaxations were issued by the civil aviation ministry on Friday.

India enjoys an air corridor with the US, UK, Germany and France and have been operating frequent repatriation flights in the last few months.

The second relaxation comes in the form of allowing Indians holding visas to these countries, including tourist visas  to travel, provided there is no restriction placed on entry of Indian nationals, regardless of the visa.

The government has directed the airlines to check the restrictions for each country, and if any exist in the first place.

Excerpt from the official statement on the travel for Indian nationals to the four countries:

“Any Indian national holding any type of valid visa of such countries may be permitted to travel to the country concerned provided there is no travel restriction for entry of Indian nationals in that country. It would be for the airlines concerned to ensure there is no travel restriction for Indian nationals to enter the country concerned with the particular visa category before issue of tickets/boarding pass to the Indian passenger,”

The last relaxation is for foreigners from the four countries. They are allowed to travel again for business, medical and employment reasons.

The Centre earlier in the week, extended restrictions on domestic air travel and extended the cap on airfare till 24th of November. Domestic flights are allowed to operate at 45% capacity until further changes are issued.
    International Travel Relaxations Issued by Indian Government Relaxations on Travel to US, UK, Germany & France

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