Hyderabad to become the first Indian airport to have contactless terminals for passengers

Hyderabad airport to have contactless entry into terminals for passengers

In the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic.The Rajiv Gandhi International airport in Hyderabad becomes the first Indian airport to process an entirely contact less entry into the airport terminal.

Passengers would be required to show their identity proof and flight ticket into an HD camera that would be installed at every gate at the terminal. Following successful entry, a CISF official would check the passenger details in to a computer at a considerable distance, so that no social distancing rules are flouted.

Post successful verification of documents, the passengers would be allowed to complete their check in and security protocols.  Thermal Cameras will also be placed at each departure gate to subtly monitor the temperature of the passengers and anybody who is suspected to be infected would be barred from entering the airport.

There’s talk of automating the check in process also by putting together an automated baggage drop and print boarding pass machination, that can be seen many international airports across the world. Automated check-in would further aid in contact less air travel.

If Hyderabad airport is able successfully put these processes in place, expect similar measures to be implemented across airports in the country.

    Hyderabad Airport to have contactless terminals First Indian airport to have contactless entry

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