How To Travel With Your Pets In Train In India?

Nobody likes to leave their pet behind when going on a vacation. Every pet owner knows they’re the toddlers of the family and must receive all the attention. And you know what’s even sadder? Time moves faster for them. So, while you’re gone for a 5-day vacation, for your dog, it would probably be 500 days. Does that not break your heart? 

Next time you plan on taking a trip, don’t just book your tickets. Include your pets as well. And if you’re worried about not knowing how to carry your pets in train, we’ve got you covered!

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Where Will Your Pets Travel In Train?

Traveling with your pet means you have to travel in the First Class AC Coach! Yes, the pet must be spoiled with cool temperatures. They’re NOT permitted in AC2 tier, AC3 tier, AC chair car, sleeper class, or second class compartments. You’ll either have to book a coupe (which has 2 seats) or a compartment (which has 4 seats). If it’s just your furry friend and you, we hope you get a coupe so you get to save quite a bit of money on the tickets!

Your other option is to keep your pet in a carrier in the luggage-cum-brake van that is under the supervision of the train manager (guard). But, the luggage fee would be applicable starting from 30 kg. Pets are also permitted to travel in AC first class and first class at a luggage charge of 60 kg per dog.

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How Do You Confirm The Booking Of Your Pets? 

You may have read that you can book a ticket online for your pets at the IRCTC website. You can’t. For your pet to have a confirmed booking to travel with you, you’ll have to visit the Chief Commercial Manager of the departure station a day before the journey. Carry a doctor’s certificate (technically, a vet) stating the breed, color, and gender. Basically, a birth certificate of your dog. When visiting the CCM, ensure that your tickets are properly secured.

You can only carry one pet per Passenger Name Record (PNR). Three hours before your train departures, the pet has to show up to the luggage office for booking (make sure you go with the pet, so they don’t get lost or distracted).

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Some Rules You Should Know

After all the formalities are over, there are some basic things that you should be aware of when carrying pets in train. Just so that later on, you’re not unprepared or shocked.


As responsible humans for your pet, you’ve got to carry their food. While you can buy a meal in the train, the Pantry Coach doesn’t stock any pet food. So, pack their favorite treats and their routine food. We don’t want sad faces on board.


It may be tempting, but sneaking your pet on a train is risky business. In case anyone catches you with one, you have no options but to pay the fine. Along with that, you’ll also have to pay the six times scale-L luggage rates and a minimum of INR 30 by Indian Railways.

Be Mindful Of Other Passengers

We know it’s difficult for some people to not melt when they look at a pet. But, as unbelievable as it may seem, if any passenger objects to the presence of your pet, it’ll be removed to the guard's van without any refund.

Baby Woofs And Meows

Because they’re so little (also probably because they’re irresistibly cute), puppies and kittens are allowed to travel in a basket in all classes of the train. But, they must hold a valid ticket and should have proof of identity. The safety of the little ones will be entirely up to you. So, hold on to the babies tight!

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Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Traveling With Your Pet

As humans, it’s overwhelming for us to travel in trains. Imagine how stimulating it’ll be for your pets. Especially when there are so many new smells and sounds to be around. The best way to tackle this problem is to train them and acquaint them. Small steps would be to take your pets near the ticketing office and let them get familiar with the scent and the sounds. Eventually take them on the platform and then you can take your pets on the train and they’d be ready for the journey.

Bring the toys! The best way to make sure that they don’t whine is to keep them occupied. Apart from the sights they’ll be relishing from the window, your pets can also play with their favorite toys and everyone can have a good time.

Along with carrying your pets, carry shawls. Since you’ll be in an AC compartment and if they need to get cozy, you have the means ready.

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Summing Up

Pets are absolutely precious. And every pet parent absolutely dreads to leave their pets behind because of separation anxiety. So, the next trip you plan via the train, be sure to make your pets a part of it. 

Traveling with pets in trains is really not much of a hassle. Once you’ve secured the tickets and booked their spots, everything else should be easy flowing. Just pack all of their essentials and especially food! And you’ll be all set for the rest of the train journey.


Are Pets Allowed On Indian Railways?

Yes. Subject to availability, pets can be placed in 'dog boxes' with the train guard in package vans attached to most trains. Or you can book an entire compartment or coupe for your pets.

Does Rajdhani Express Allow Pets?

Pets are ONLY permitted on the Rajdhani Express if the complete First AC cabin or a coupe is booked. The same goes for Shatabdi Express.

Are Pets Allowed In Sleeper Class?

No, pets aren’t allowed in the sleeper class of the trains in Indian Railways. Pets are not permitted in the AC2 tier, AC3 tier, AC Chair Car, Sleeper Class, or Second-Class Compartments.

Are Dogs Allowed On All Trains?

If you’re traveling with a dog, you have to travel in AC First Class or put them in a dog carrier and keep them in the brake van.

Can A Dog Go To Goa On A Train?

A dog can travel in an AC First Class or Non-AC First Class coupe (2 berths) or cabin (4 berths) on a train. So, yes. You can very much take your dog and enjoy Goa with him. 

How To Get A Coupe In 1st AC?

At the time of booking, you have the following options: If the number of passengers booked and the number of berths available in the cabin match, you may be assigned a coupe and a cabin. Two individuals for Coupe = strong chances of getting a Coupe.