How To Plan A Trip To Rishikesh Under INR 10,000 For 5 Days

An idea popped into your mind to go to Rishikesh on your 5-day vacation in order to see the allegedly "unforgettable sight of Ganga." Well, this might have been one of your best ideas so far. Rishikesh, the capital of yoga, has the most majestic sunrises, and sunsets, lapped by emerald-green mountains.

Along with that, it brings you the majority of adventure activities, calming artis, and lip-smacking food. With everything in abundance in this city, we’re here to help you plan the best trip to Rishikesh for just under INR 10,000.

How To Reach Rishikesh

Rishikesh is one of the most popular hill stations, attracting adventurers, worshipers, yoga aficionados, and nature lovers. This city is easily accessible by flight, train, and automobile. Allow us to show you how to travel to this hill station in the cheapest and most restful manner possible.

By Bus: On a tight budget, the best way to go to Rishikesh is by bus from Delhi, which takes around 6 hours. There are several buses that go to Rishikesh from Kashmere Gate, ISBT, every half hour. Regular, Volvo, Sleeper, AC, and non-AC buses are available here. The cost ranges from INR 359 to INR 800, depending on your bus type.

A pro tip is to stick with government buses like UPSRTC and Uttarakhand Parivahan Nigam buses. The private buses make unnecessary halts to pick up passengers midway, extending the time period.

By Train: Rishikesh has its own railway station, yet it's not connected to other major Indian towns other than Haridwar. So if you’re planning to travel by train, you can first reach Haridwar from Delhi, and then from Delhi, get a train to Rishikesh.

The journey from Delhi to Haridwar will take about 5 hours, and will cost you INR 125, going up to INR 1,275 depending on the train you choose. Once you reach Haridwar, take another train to Rishikesh. It’ll take another 1 hour and 35 minutes, the cost for the same ranges from INR 145 to INR 710.

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How To Plan A Trip To Rishikesh Under INR 10,000 For 5 Days

Where To Stay In Rishikesh Under 1k

With over 90 lakh visitors a year, Rishikesh has developed and maintained quality accommodation services on a budget. Yet, keeping miscellaneous expenses in mind, we recommend you stay in hostels and homestays. You can book your accommodation at Zostel, which has three centers in Rishikesh.

The ones that are cheap are close to Laxman Jhula and Tapovan, with the starting cost being INR 599. They have a terrace, a game room, free wifi, and many more top-notch amenities. Apart from this, you can also check out Joey’s Hostel, which is just 600 m away from Laxman Jhula, and the cost for the same ranges from INR 360. They provide a unique stay with live music performances, movie nights, and amenities like free wifi, a games room, and more.

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How To Plan A Trip To Rishikesh Under INR 10,000 For 5 Days

Things To Do In Rishikesh In A Budget

In Rishikesh, there are countless opportunities to discover, and we'll list a few to choose from.

  1. Rafting

The most famous activity in this city is rafting through the holy Ganges. This activity can range from INR 500 to INR 1,000, depending on your chosen service operator. You can check with your hostel or homestay about the same, as they have tie-ups with the rafting operators.

  1. Bungee Jumping

Next comes bungee jumping, which will almost make your heart pop out. The height is 83 meters, from which you’ll make the leap, and the price for the same is INR 3000.

  1. Neer Garh Waterfalls

The Neer Garh Waterfall is roughly 4 km from the Laxman Jhula Bridge in Rishikesh's main Tapovan Area. As the river flows down the steep slopes, it forms various stages. The trail and the waterfall are worth the 1-hour hike, and it costs INR 50 for the entry fee.

  1. Flying Fox

Another top thing to try in Rishikesh is the Flying Fox, where you fly for a straight 1 km and back with a harness tied around you. This activity is generally done with three people and costs around INR 1,500 per person.

  1. Paragliding

With lush mountains around and an azure river, you can try paragliding in Rishikesh too. The price for the same is around INR 3,500.

  1. Laxman Jhula

Take an evening stroll on the Laxman Jhula and experience its beauty in a different light. It is the most happening place when the sun sets and the night takes over. The bridge is lit completely, and the reflection on the river Ganga is clear.

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How To Plan A Trip To Rishikesh Under INR 10,000 For 5 Days

Budget-Friendly Places To Eat At In Rishikesh

When it comes to food in Rishikesh, you’re bound to find local restaurants serving piping hot Puri Bhaji and Chole Bhature at costs as low as INR 50. You can find them lined up close to the Ram Jhula. To be candid, food will be the last thing affecting your budget. We recommend you go for a langar at Gurdwara Rishikesh Sahib once (fair warning: you’ll fall for the vibe and the food, tread carefully).

For all the Jains, we’ve got you covered too! Head to Govind Ji's, which is a part of Madhuban Ashram and is near Ram Jhula. This place serves the most delicious kheer, and the meals are sure to blow your mind (even non-Jain folks should check it out).

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Summing Up

We bet with this detailed guide you’re confident enough to even travel solo and make the best of memories on a budget. With its diversity, Rishikesh attracts every age group to bathe in its beauty and offerings. A trip to Rishikesh is something that even your grandparents would want to do once in their lives. So why sit around any longer? Book your tickets and set out on a new adventure you’ll never forget.


Are 3 Days Enough For Rishikesh?

A three-day journey to Rishikesh allows you to see the finest tourist attractions, explore ashrams, and practice yoga to unwind. Create lovely memories to remember for a lifetime by following the tips listed below.

Is It Worth Visiting Rishikesh?

Yes, Rishikesh is a famous pilgrim place for Hindus, drawing a huge number of worshippers to bathe in the sacred Ganges to purify their souls. Even adventure junkies can be traced back here for bungee jumping and river rafting. 

Will I Get Non-Veg In Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is a religious center and residence of vegetarian sanyasis. So it only has a large range of traditional vegetarian cuisine; hence, no non-vegetarian food is provided at cafés and hotels.

Is Rishikesh Safe At Night?

Yes, certainly! This religious and spiritual site is completely secure. Because it’s visited by thousands of foreign nationals each year, the security precautions are excellent. There’s a large police presence, and all public locations have CCTV cameras installed.

Why Is Rishikesh Famous For?

Rishikesh is rightfully referred to be the "yoga capital of the world." The location is bustling with guests who have come to practice yoga and meditation.

Which Month Is Best For Rishikesh?

The winter season in Rishikesh lasts from October to February, with temperatures ranging from 19°C to 27°C on average. Despite the little coolness, this season is great for rafting, and many visitors go to Rishikesh during this period.

What Is Special At Rishikesh?

Lakshman Temple, an ancient temple located near Lakshman Jhula is claimed to be where Lord Lakshman meditated in search of spiritual enlightenment. This temple is well-known in Rishikesh for its old carvings, sculptures, and paintings.

When Not To Go To Rishikesh?

In Rishikesh, the summer months of March to June (between 15°C and 40°C) are fairly hot and muggy making it not the most ideal time to visit.