How To Plan A Kullu-Manali Tour Under INR 10K?

A trip to Kullu Manali is a rejuvenation for tired minds and spirits. Kullu has earned the moniker "Land of the Gods" for a good reason. It has a beautiful setting, exceeding out on the banks of the Beas River and filled with woodlands, valleys, streams, rivers, and orchards.

While Manali is located in the Beas Valley and is a land of extremes. The endless high peaks that encircle this splendor are on one side. Add adventure sports, crystal-clear falls, pleasant temperatures, and calm temples to the mix. Snow covers the village in white throughout the winter. We want you to experience it all, so we’ve planned a Kullu-Manali tour for you under INR 10K.

How To Reach Kullu-Manali

The journey begins with you traveling from Delhi to Kullu first and then reaching Manali later. As we’re working around a tight budget, we suggest you avoid going by flight and stick to either traveling by train or bus. We’ll tell you exactly how you can go about it.

You need to take a train from Delhi to Chandigarh, and from there, you can take a bus straight to Kullu. This is because Kullu doesn’t have its own railway station. The train fare from Delhi to Chandigarh ranges from around INR 110 to around INR 1,175. The bus fare from Chandigarh to Kullu will range from INR 562 to INR 1,000.

Your best bet for a bus should be HRTC, as they’re the cheapest and safest. Right after you’ve managed to extract yourself from the enchanting Kullu you can head to buzzy Manali by taking a bus. The average fare you can expect for the bus ride can range from INR 100 to INR 952.

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Where To Stay In Kullu-Manali Under INR 1k

Once you’re in Kullu, take in the fresh air and immense beauty of your surroundings. You can then move on to finding a place to crash. No, we’re not going to leave you hanging. We’ve found the best hostels and homestays for you to rest in and enjoy Kullu's serenity. The cost of your stay per night could very well start at around INR 439.

  • Zostel Dobhi
  • The Himalayan Art Cafe & Backpacker's Hostel
  • goSTOPS Naggar
  • The Pine Palace Homestay

If you’re not planning to spend your nights at Kullu, we’ve got you covered in Manali too. The cost of the stay starts at about INR 449. Here are some suggestions:

  • Roamate Hostel
  • Alt Life - Manali
  • New Vista Hostel
  • goSTOPS Manali
  • Jungle by sturmfrei Manali
  • Flüstern Hostel and Café

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How To Experience Kullu-Manali In A Budget

Things To Do In Kullu

  1. Go Trekking to Prashar Lake

Prashar, a blue-water lake in Kullu Valley, is surrounded by the Dhauladhar hills. Prashar Lake is a well-kept secret in Himachal Pradesh's Mandi district. The route takes you through a forest and various rivulets. Even novice hikers can enjoy the region surrounding the lake because the terrain is uniform. You can do this for free, as there are no entry fees.

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  1. Go Trekking to Chandrakhani Pass

The Chandrakhani Pass, at an altitude of 3,660 m, is the most beautiful and serene place in the Kullu Valley. It provides a spectacular view of the Deo Tibba Ridge, the Pir Panjal, and the Parbati Mountains. The Chandrakhani Pass is steeped in history, culture, and legend and is free of charge.

  1. Go Trekking to Kheer Ganga

Kheer Ganga is one of the holiest sites in Kullu for Hindus. Lord Kartikeya, Lord Shiva's son, is believed to have spent around 1,000 years in devotion in this same location. Situated in the Parvati Valley, this location is equipped with a magnificent environment and natural hot springs. Another thing you can do for free in Kullu.

  1. Go River Rafting in Beas

Rafting in Kullu is an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy whitewater rafting which is a 14-kilometer stretch of the magnificent Beas River. The trek starts in Piri and concludes in Jhiri. Swimmers and non-swimmers alike should feel free to board the boats and begin on this exciting voyage. The cost for this heart-pounding activity ranges from INR 500 to INR 2,000. Since the Beas River is also present at Manali, you can do rafting from there as well if you’re on a tight schedule.

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  1. Touch the Clouds with Paragliding

Spread your wings and soar over the alluring Himalayan hills. Admire the essence of Kullu as you glide across the azure sky. Paragliding is one of the most exciting activities to do in Kullu and costs around INR 1,500 to INR 3,000.

  1. Ride a Bicycle in Kullu

Cycling in Kullu is among the most soothing activities that travelers can engage in. Cycling through the snow-covered town allows you to explore and pass through various terrains while easily pausing for a good picture. There are multiple spots where you can rent a mountain bike for 9-10 hours to fully immerse yourself in nature. You can rent a bicycle here starting from INR 300 to 560.

  1. Soak in Manikaran Hot Spring

Witness nature's unique wonders: a pond full of boiling water at a hill station. Manikaran is located in Kullu's picturesque Parvati Valley. When at Manikaran, you can stop at the beautiful Gurudwara. The meal offered here is basic yet fantastic. The water from the hot springs is thought to have therapeutic and restorative effects. This is nature’s gift that is absolutely free to dip into.

  1. Visit the Great Himalayan National Park

A visit to the Great Himalayan National Park would be an unforgettable experience. The National Park is home to a wide range of animal species. It’s home to over 375 different species of animals, including the snow leopard, blue sheep, Himalayan brown bear, Himalayan tahr, and many more. If you’re an Indian, the fee for entry is around INR 50. The admission cost for foreigners is INR 200.

Things To Do In Manali

  1. Go Trekking to Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake is the most enthralling trail in Manali. It’s not only famed for its beautiful scenery, but it also has spiritual significance. Rishi Bhrigu is claimed to have meditated and written the Bhrigu Samhita here. This is a must-see location for admiring nature's pristine beauty and experiencing tranquility at its finest. This can be done for free.

  1. Go Skiing at Solang Nullah

For those who are not afraid of heights and want to experience the excitement of skiing, Solang Nullah is the place to be. Solang Valley is an excellent area to go skiing since it has a thick covering of snow. The tour firms provide security and secure equipment, so you don't have to worry about anything. The ski lift ticket costs around INR 550 for both directions.

  1. Go Camping in Solang Valley

Solang Valley is the center of activities in Manali. Try camping here to discover the valley's pleasures. This valley is located 13 km from the hill town and offers vistas of glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and summits. Whether in summer or winter, visiting the valley remains one of the top things to do in Manali. This can cost you around INR 1,500.

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  1. Plan a Trip to Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass, located 51 km from Manali and 3,979 m above sea level, is one of Himachal Pradesh's adventure centers. It gets snow all year, making it a popular tourist destination. While the mountain pass remains closed in the winter, it’s open from June to October. 

Travelers can engage in exhilarating sports such as snow scootering, skiing, and mountain biking. To reach Rohtang Pass, a permit for petrol and diesel vehicles must be obtained from the right authorities in Manali, which costs around INR 500.

  1. Go Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the top adventure activities in Manali for adrenaline seekers, owing to its spectacular scenery and rugged terrain. Manali's rock-climbing area is about 20 minutes from the city. Aleo, Dungri, and Solang Nallah are notable rock-climbing destinations. This thrilling activity will cost you around INR 350.

  1. Go Zorbing

Zorbing is another popular activity in Manali. It’s a fascinating adventure for both youngsters and adults. You'll be placed inside an orb and then shoved down a slope while zorbing. There are several spots in Manali where you can go zorbing, but the most well-known is Solang Valley.

  1. Soak in Vashist Hot Water Springs

With all the adventure activities, you’ll surely get tired and exhausted. Vashist Hot Water Springs in Manali comes to your rescue and rejuvenates you from the inside out. Natural minerals are said to have therapeutic effects in this hot spring. Take a dip and see whether the magic exists for yourself. You can do this without worrying about money.

  1. Experience Culture at Manali Gompa

The Manali Gompa is a significant Buddhist pilgrimage site and one of Himachal's main tourist attractions. It has served as a sanctuary to those fleeing Tibet since its creation in 1960. It's a beautiful Buddhist monastery with pagoda-style construction.

Aside from its beautiful setting, the monastery is known for its wall murals, chortens, and massive figure of Lord Buddha. Small stores within the complex sell distinctive Tibetan handicrafts and carpets. You can experience this calm place for free.

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Budget-Friendly Places To Eat At In Kullu Manali

When it comes to food, the easiest way to save up on cash is to visit the closest Gurudwara and have their langar. Trust us, you’ll be more than satisfied and full. As you must be aware, Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib is one of the popular ones in Kullu.

Apart from this, you can have meals at your hostel as well, and the cost for the same ranges anywhere from INR 250 to INR 300 for a meal. When it comes to curbing your cravings while on your adventures, you can try out local restaurants. Since Kullu-Manali is a pilgrimage site, the cost of food is quite reasonable. Some suggestions you can check out are:

Kullu- Sapna Sweet (INR 250 for two), Sapna food corner (INR 200 for two), Bella River Banks (INR 300 for two)

Manali- Mom Touch Cafe (INR 200 for two), Kyaroo House (INR 200 for two), Hadimba Dhaba (INR 200 for two)

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Summing Up

With our detailed Kullu-Manali tour guide, which is just under 10k, you’re well-equipped to take on this adventurous and beautiful journey on your own. With so much to do and capture in Kullu-Manali, we’re sure you’re excited beyond your wits. Hurry up and start packing the essentials and book your tickets to add another story of travel you tell your pals.


What Is Famous About Manali?

Manali, with its enchanting environment and locations, is one of the most stunning places in north India. It boasts unrivaled beauty and breathtaking views in every direction. It’s famous for its valleys and passes, Tibetan and Himalayan handicrafts, woolen apparel, Kinnauri shawls, spectacular highlands, and numerous temples.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Manali?

Manali is best visited in the winter months of November and February. During this season, the city is blanketed with snow, which adds to the splendor of the high landscape. During this season, the temperature swings between 5 and -90 degrees Celsius.

Is Shimla Better Or Manali?

If you want to spend some time in the Himalayas, Shimla and Manali are both excellent choices. Yet, if you only have 2-3 days, we recommend Shimla. If you want to stay for a longer period of time, we propose Manali.

Is 2 Days Enough For Manali?

No, Manali requires at least three days to visit all of the famous attractions.

Is There Snowfall In Manali?

From December through January, you can experience snowfall and the beautiful picturesque white vistas of the surrounding mountains in Manali.

Which Month Is Manali Crowded?

People generally visit Manali during the months of March and June. This season is the best to go hiking, trekking, rafting, paragliding, and participating in other mountain activities. The temperature ranges from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius between March and June.

Why Is Kullu So Famous?

Kullu, often known as the 'Valley of Gods,' is a collection of stunning valleys in Himachal Pradesh. Kullu is located at an elevation of 1230 meters, between the beautiful Himalayas and the river Beas.

Is Kullu Different From Manali?

Kullu and Manali are two unique locations. Kullu is a district in Himachal Pradesh, and Manali is the district's hill station.

Is Kullu Worth Visiting?

Kullu not just has locations that are breathtakingly gorgeous, but the mineral-rich water of the springs is also said to be medicinal. The Vashisht hot springs in Kullu District and the Kasol hot water springs are two of the greatest places to visit.

What Is The Speciality Food Of Kullu?

Bhature, Patrodu, Vada, Sattu, Jatu, and other dishes are specialty food of Kullu. Pickles are also offered with practically every meal in Kullu. Along with the meal, you can try locally produced wines such as Lugri and Chakti.