How To Plan A Delhi Itinerary For 3 Days?

Now that you've arrived in Delhi, India's capital, we're sure you're wondering how to start exploring. With the ongoing hustle and bustle, clogged traffic, and overwhelming people swarming around you, it's easy to feel out of place. We’re glad you’ve chosen us to help you figure it out. You don’t need to fret if you’re here for only a few days. We’ve made a Delhi itinerary for 3 days to cover the best it has to offer you.

Places To Visit In Delhi On Day 1

Let’s start with Old Delhi. If you’re planning to tell your friends you’ve visited Delhi, you’ll be asked about these places, so make sure you pay attention.

1. Red Fort

We advise you to start your exploration at Red Fort. This grand citadel is made up of red sandstone and is also known as Lal Quila. It was originally the residence of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and was built in the 16th century.

We advise you to come here at 9 am when the crowd is less so you can get by easily. Once you visit, you’ll step into the most amazing palace in Delhi. Be prepared to be amazed how lavishly the emperors used to live back in time. Here you’ll come across multiple entertainment halls, balconies, royal baths, and much more.

Entry Fee: INR 35 for adults and INR 500 for foreigners

Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

2. Jama Masjid

Right after that, at a distance of about 1 km is Jama Majid. You can walk here and it’ll just take about 15 minutes. Neat right? This giant is one of the largest mosques in India and can house 25,000 people at a time.

If you’re wondering how it came to be, 5,000 artisans were hired to build it by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. You can climb up one of its minarets to get a stunning view of Old Delhi.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee. Yet, if you’d want pictures, you’ll have to pay INR 300 for the same.

Timing: 7:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm

3. Chandni Chowk

Image Credits: Holidify

With all that walking we’re sure you’re hungry so you can head to Chandni Chowk, which is 13 minutes of a walk from Jama Masjid. Once you reach you’ll see that Chandni Chowk easily takes the award for being the most bustling market ever in Delhi. Why? Well, it's a mini paradise for every bride and groom looking for their big-day attire at cheap prices.

Not just that, you can find the most mouth-watering cuisines, jewelry, antiquities, watches, perfumes, and souvenirs at rock-bottom prices. A few tips to keep in mind are to keep all your belongings safe and to visit between Monday to Saturday as it's closed on Sundays.

Entry Fee: None

Timing: 9:30 am to 8:00 pm

4. Gurudwara Sri Bangla Sahib

To end your day, you can visit an enchanting place that will leave you feeling refreshed inside out. Gurudwara Sri Bangla Sahib was built in the 17th century in honor of Guru Har Krishan. Here, you can take part in the soulful kirtan and have a lip-smacking yet simple dinner at the langar. You will need to take a cab here since it's at a distance of 5 km from Chandni Chowk.

It's located in one of the busy localities in Delhi, Connaught Place. As you step inside you’ll be pulled by the awe-inspiring design and the large Sarovar filled with fish. At night, this shrine is completely lit making it a spot you’d not want to leave.

Entry Fee: None

Timing: Open 24 hours

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Places To Visit In Delhi On Day 2

With a fresh day and more curiosity to quench, let us take you to explore New Delhi. These are the places you’d want to explore for yourself and remember Delhi by.

1. Agrasen Ki Baoli

Image Credits: Holidify

First, we’d like to take you to one of the spookiest places in Delhi, Agrasen ki Baoli. It’s a pretty yet mysterious place where many Bollywood movies have been shot, PK being one of them. Here, you’ll see deep stairs, about 108 of them, leading towards a well that now is completely dried up.

Back in the day when the well was not so dry, depressed people were enchanted by the pitch black water in it, to commit suicide. Even with the water gone, the spooky still stays back and appears after hours.

The locals and the watchmen have felt an unseen entity calling out their names or following them at night. Since you’ll be going in the morning, you’ve got nothing to worry about apart from getting a good angle for your selfie.

Entry Fee: None

Timing: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

2. India Gate

Next, you need to get a cab and head to the India Gate. It’ll only take about 10 minutes as it's at a distance of about 3 km from Agrasen ki Baoli. You can pay your respects at this war memorial built in remembrance of the soldiers of India who died during World War I.

It’s built at a height of 138 feet and is in the heart of the city with an arched structure. Amar Jawan Jyoti, which is also an important element of India Gate, was built to honor the soldiers with a flame that burns day and night.

Entry Fee: None

Timing: Open 24 hours

3. Humayun’s Tomb

You can then head to the most famous spot in Delhi, Humayun’s Tomb. This is at a distance of 3.7 km from India Gate and will hardly take 10 minutes to reach via cab. It's a tomb that’ll leave an imprint in your memory. The intricate designs, both in the interiors and exteriors will make you go bonkers.

It was built in memory of Humayun's death, by his senior widow Bega Begam. The most remarkable features are the garden squares with paths, water channels, and the centrally positioned mausoleum crowned by a double dome. It’s a place where even your DSLR will enjoy!

Entry Fee: INR 35 for adults and INR 550 for foreigners

Timing: 6 am to 6 pm

4. Lodhi Garden

If you’d like to take a walk after the tour of Humayun’s tomb, you can head to Lodhi Garden. It's at a straight distance of 2.6 km and will take you about 35 minutes to walk. It has the tombs of two Delhi Sultanate emperors, Mohammed Shah, and Sikander Lodhi, alongside other edifices. It’s unlike any park you’ll ever come across where history meets nature.

It’s a perfect spot to end your day, take some lovely selfies, and rest a while taking in the lush green surroundings. This park is surrounded by multiple eateries like Karim’s Food Plaza and the Main Dining Hall, where you can grab some snacks as well.

Entry Fee: None

Timing: 6 am to 6 pm

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Places To Visit In Delhi On Day 3

You’ve got one day left, and the best way to make it worthwhile would be to explore the main markets that Delhi is well known for. We wouldn’t want you to go empty-handed from Delhi now, right?

1. Sarojini Market

The most famous and visited market in Delhi is the Sarojini market. We’re sure that even if you’ve lived under a rock so far, you’ve heard about this market. You’ll find every type of attire here be it ethnic, western, or hobo, at an all-time low price.

We ain’t just addressing girls, as even guys go gaga over the Sarojini market for the diversity of fashion it has to offer. Not just that, you can have some yummy chattar-pattar while eyeing goods around. You can try out street foods like boiled sweet potatoes, momos, fruit juice, and roasted corn.

Entry Fee: None

Timings: 10 am to 8:30 pm

2. Dilli Haat

Next on your plate is Dilli Haat, an open-air complex that brings together the cultures of all states. It’s a place where you can buy well-known handcrafted goods at cheap rates. This is at a walking distance of 1.7 km from Sarojini market. It allows local artisans and craftspeople to display, advertise, and sell their handcrafted creations.

It boasts a big food court with counters representing every state in the country. You'll find everything from Rajasthan's Gatte ki sabzi to Bengal's Fish. Not only that but you will also be exposed to several cultural activities that occur here regularly.

Entry Fee: INR 20 for adults and INR 10 for children

Timings: 10 am to 10 pm

3. Lajpat Nagar

This one is a bit far, (4.4 km from Dilli Haat) so make sure you get a cab. Shopping is one thing many never get satisfied with. So you can head to Lajpat Nagar. It’s a notable shopping zone where you can buy whatever you want - accessories, clothes, footwear, luggage, and more.

Here, you’ll also get saris and salwar kameezes for ladies to kurtas and kurtis for both men and women. Lucknowi needlework, which is primarily done in white threads, is available here as well. A pro tip would be to bargain hard for the best prices.

Entry Fee: None

Timings:  10:00 am to 9:00 pm

4. Lotus Temple

Image Credits: Holidify

With all that shopping, we’re sure you’ll need to catch a break, so take a cab and visit Lotus Temple which is just 13 minutes away (4.3 km) from Lajpat Nagar. As you reach, you’ll be caught off-guard by the architecture in front of you.

It’s a temple, shaped like a lotus flower, and is the final of seven major Bahai temples built worldwide. It was completed in 1986 and the beautiful green setting around the temple contributes to its allure.

Entry Fee: None

Timings: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (Summer) and 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (Winter)

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Summing Up

Yes, we know we're your best travel buddy as you get everything you need to be a top globetrotter. Enough about us; we hope you're ready with your camera and cap to see Delhi, India's heart, with our itinerary. Make a point of capturing the beautiful sunset at India Gate to show your "friends" back home who often cancel trips at the last minute.


Which Day Lajpat Nagar Market Is Closed?

Lajpat Nagar Market is closed on Monday.

Which Market Is Best Sarojini Nagar Or Lajpat Nagar?

Sarojni is reputed for its cheap rates, while Lajpat Nagar market is known for its location and sophisticated ambiance. It has high-end ethnic clothing boutiques that are certainly more expensive than Sarojini Nagar but offer better quality garments than Sarjoni.

In Which State Is Humayun's Tomb?

Humayun's Tomb is located in the heart of India, Delhi.

What Happened In Agrasen Ki Baoli?

There have been many suicides reported at Agrasen Ki Baoli. Some claim that the black water at the bottom of the stairs has mystical powers which call you inside it.

What Is Chandni Chowk Famous For?

Chandni Chowk being around for hundreds of years has everything you can imagine you'll ever want in its serpentine alleys. People from all over the world, come here for dupes of expensive stuff like watches, wedding attires, cameras, and much more.

What Was Old Delhi Known As?

Delhi was known as Indraprastha, the town where the Pandavas used to live. The city's history dates back to the epic Mahabharata.

What Is Delhi Famous Food?

Chaat is one of the most famous foods of Delhi.