How To Get Entry Permit For Lakshadweep?

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could just pack your bags and leave whenever and wherever you wanted? It’d also be super fun to be able to do and not worry about the logistics. But, with great fun comes great responsibility – the responsibility of pre-planning. 

So, before you start packing your bags for your next trip, read up on everything you need to know about your destination. And if you want to get to Lakshadweep, your responsibility will increase by an additional step. Did you know that you cannot enter Lakshadweep without a permit? Now that you know, let us walk you through the process of how to get an entry permit for Lakshadweep.

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Getting The Entry Permit For Lakshadweep

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Booking a flight or a ferry isn’t enough if you want to get to visit Lakshadweep. The first thing you want to do is apply for a permit. Yep, anybody who isn’t a local requires a government-issued permit to enter the island. No need to go into panic mode, it’s fairly easy to get one if you have everything in place.

How To Apply For The Lakshadweep Entry Permit

Online application is the fastest and easiest way to get your ticket to Lakshadweep. Search online for the Lakshadweep ePermit portal and make your account to get started with the process. You’ll be required to fill out a form, upload your documents, select your travel dates, and choose all the islands you plan on visiting during your stay. End the process by paying the fee and now all you have to do is wait. 15 days before your trip, you’ll receive an email with your permit. Happy travels!

The offline application process is a bit tedious and time-consuming. You’ll be required to download a form from the Lakshadweep Administration website. Fill it out, attach the documents, and submit all of that to the Collector’s office in Kavaratti. Because this process takes a longer time, you’ll have to calculate everything accordingly.

An additional heads up! From 1st January, 2024 only online payments will be accepted.

Fee For The Permit

The permit for Lakshadweep doesn’t cost a ton! It’s a mere INR 50 with an additional heritage fee of INR 100 if you’re traveling with kids between 12-18 years and INR 200 for everyone over 18 years.

Islands You Can Visit In Lakshadweep With The Entry Permit

While ten of the islands are inhabited, you can only visit them if you’re an Indian citizen. But, for foreign visitors, only three of the islands are open and they are: Agatti, Bangaram, and Kadmat.

Documents For The Permit

  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Copy of a valid ID proof
  • Proof of travel – take copies of flight tickets or your boat reservation
  • Confirmation of the hotel booking

Phew! Once you’ve applied for the permit, you’re done with the most important part of planning this trip. Now you can officially worry about what outfits to carry there.

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How To Get To Lakshadweep

By Air

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If flying is your thing, you want to book tickets to Agatti Island. It’s the only island in Lakshadweep with an airport. All flights stop at Cochin International Airport in Kochi, Kerala before going to Lakshadweep. From Kochi, it’ll take you about 90 minutes to reach Agatti.

By Sea

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That’s right. This one doesn’t have a ‘by road’. If you don’t want to fly to Lakshadweep, you can take a ship from Kochi. There are seven of them available –  MV Kavaratti, MV Arabian Sea, MV Lakshadweep Sea, MV Lagoon, MV Corals, MV Amindivi, and MV Minicoy – you can get on the one that’s the most convenient for you. By sea, it’ll take you 14-18 hours to sail from Kochi to Lakshadweep.

Summing Up

Now that you know the basics of getting to Lakshadweep, you can now plan the rest of your trip without stress. Yes, it’s time you actually use your vacation to destress and have a good time. Bon voyage!


Do We Need Permission To Visit Lakshadweep?

Yes. Apart from the locals, both Indians and international tourists need a permit to enter Lakshadweep.

Which Month Is Best For Lakshadweep?

October to mid-May are the best months to visit Lakshadweep. Basically, summers and winters are both pleasant climates for a vacation. Being surrounded by sea from all sides, you might want to avoid monsoons.

How Many Days Are Enough For Lakshadweep?

Anywhere between five to seven days are enough to see all of Lakshadweep and enjoy all activities to the fullest.