Homestays In Shillong

Shillong, also known as the Scotland of the East, is blessed with rolling hills that touch the clouds, forming a surreal atmosphere of heaven touching earth. This charming hill station will make you completely forget about your worries in life by drawing you closer to its beauty. Its rich culture and diverse cuisine are other parts that make Shillong the desired place to vacay. And if you have been having your sights on this beautiful hill station, you’ll need good, comfy places to rest! Here are some homestays in Shillong that you should know of.

5 Best Homestays In Shillong

  1. Pine Hill Homestay
  2. Meica Home Stay
  3. Breeze Vale Homestay
  4. Na La Rympei Home Stay
  5. Anant Homestay

Luxurious Homestays In Shillong

Pine Hill Homestay

If you ever feel like vacationing in a homely setting, then Pine Hill Homestay will be an apt choice. The property overlooks the luscious fields and dense forests of Shillong. Plus, the surroundings are super aesthetically pleasing for anyone who’d want to get some time off from work.

When it comes to its rooms, they’re spacious and contain all the basic amenities necessary to make your stay comfortable. You will get mainly single and double bedrooms in the homestay, and if you are coming with a larger group, you can opt for their 6-bed room as well. The place also has a small dining room where guests meet up to dine on delicious and traditional dishes from the kitchen. Plus, the property has ample parking space for road trip enthusiasts to rest their vehicles.

Food Availability: If you ever feel hungry during your stay, you’re in good hands since Pine Hill Homestay prepares tasty homemade food.

Accessibility: The Shillong Airport is the nearest airport you will find if you’re coming by air, which is approximately 40 km from the homestay. The only downside is that not many flights fly to this area and that’s why it's not given first preference. Your next option is the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport or the Guwahati Airport, which is 123 km from the homestay. You can catch a bus from this airport and although the bus journey might be long, the breathtaking landscape compensates for it.

If you are planning to come by train, it will be a huge stretch because the nearest railway station is at Guwahati. The Guwahati Railway Station is approximately 107 km from Pine Hill Homestay. You will get direct buses to Shillong from Guwahati so you don’t have to bother much about traveling.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in this homestay.

Rate: Prices start at INR 2,300 per night.

Ideal For: Couples and families.

Location: Upper Shillong, Menghilanglah Village, Shillong, Meghalaya.

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Meica Home Stay

Meica Homestay is literally a home away from home! It’s set against a vibrant green background of trees and located in an area that’s away from the bustle of everyday life. From its balcony, you will receive beautiful skyline views that complement the mountainous landscape of Shillong. And looking at all this is indeed calming and rejuvenating.

This property boasts an eclectic collection of rooms. The living room is small but comfortable and cozy enough to enjoy a hot cup of coffee with a friend. When it comes to accommodation, Meica Homestay comes with a good range of rooms. They have semi-deluxe rooms, twin bedroom rooms, double bedded rooms, and deluxe rooms all fitted with good amenities and priced reasonably.

The property is also near famous tourist attractions such as Crinoline Falls and Laitlum Canyons, making sightseeing an easier affair. Meica Homestay has a lot to offer its guests and we’re sure that you will have a good time staying here.

Food Availability: Meica Homestay offers complimentary breakfast. Restaurants are available around the homestay so you don’t have to look too far for lunch and dinner options.

Accessibility: From the Guwahati Airport, Meica Homestay is 118 km. You can travel by bus to Shillong or you can catch a cab from the airport if you want to directly reach the homestay. If you’re coming by train, the Guwahati Railway Station is around 98 km from the homestay. Buses will take you directly to Shillong, whereas cabs will take you to the homestay. If you are on a budget, buses are the cheaper option.

Pet Friendliness: You will have to keep your pets behind because this homestay doesn’t cater to pets.

Rate: Prices start at INR 1,500 per night.

Ideal For: Couples and families.

Location: House No. 110, Road, Golf Links, Shillong, Meghalaya.

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Homestays In Shillong

Breeze Vale Homestay

Located at the foothill of the Shillong Peak, Breeze Vale Homestay is known for its stunning views of the city landscape. Lumdiengsoh is the neighborhood this little homestay is situated in and it's away from the city. So, you won’t be getting any of that vehicular traffic surrounding you, which makes it an ideal place to spend a peaceful weekend.

The homestay comes with a ton of amenities. The property has a kitchen that comes with cutlery that is good enough to cook something light. It has a double bedroom with an attached balcony so that you can enjoy those calming panoramic views and bright blue skies. The living room is decorated with artful bamboo sofa sets and colorful drapes adorn its broad windows. The property also comes with ample parking space and this adds a few brownie points to its name!

Food Availability: Complimentary breakfast is served. Otherwise, you can use the kitchen to cook something light for lunch and dinner, or just order food from Swiggy. 

Accessibility: Breeze Vale Homestay is approximately 121 km from the Guwahati Airport. From there, you can then travel by cab to the homestay. From the Guwahati Railway Station, the homestay is approximately 100 km and cabs are a good option to finish the journey.

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in this homestay.

Rate: Prices start at INR 2,300 per night.

Ideal For: Couples, since the ambiance is romantic.

Location: Breeze Vale, Lumdiengsoh, Shillong.

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Affordable Homestays In Shillong

Na La Rympei Home Stay

Many guests recommend Na La Rympei Homestay because of its welcoming atmosphere and hospitality. Its location also is another bonus because it’s near a variety of famous tourist attractions yet grants you the peace and quiet required to enjoy a fruitful vacation. The Capt. Williamson Sangma State Museum, a historical museum that showcases the tradition of Meghalaya tribes, is just a 5-minute drive from this homestay. And it is a must-visit!

The accommodation prices are also another reason why this homestay is among the positively reviewed and most preferred. And if you are looking for something that doesn’t do a number on your bank account, then this homestay would be good for you. Rooms with double beds and good amenities are what you will mainly get at Na La Rympei Homestay. They are painted with warm peachy shades, which makes the overall ambiance of the room cozy and cordial.

Plus, there’s a small kitchen just adjacent to the rooms that contain basic cutlery to cook up a small meal. Adding to that, the inviting nature of the hosts makes this homestay even more inviting and that’s why it's among the highly praised homestays in Shillong.

Food Availability: The homestay doesn’t serve food, but there are a couple of restaurants that are nearby. So, food won’t be much of a problem.

Accessibility: Guwahati Airport is approximately 117 km from the homestay. Catch a bus to Shillong or a cab if you want to reach the homestay directly. The Guwahati Railway Station is approximately 98 km from the homestay and you can catch a cab to get you here directly.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed, unfortunately.

Rate: Prices start at INR 1,500 per night.

Ideal For: Couples and families.

Location: Amjad Ali Road, Laban, Shillong, Meghalaya.

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homestays in shillong

Boutique Homestays In Shillong

Anant Homestay

Anant Homestay is located amid Police Bazar and is one of Shillong's highest-rated homestays. You will find a bright yellow and red-colored building that is easily noticeable among the other dimly painted buildings in the area, and this adds a certain visual element to the exteriors of the structure.

They have two types of rooms: deluxe rooms and standard rooms. Both types are installed with basic amenities and are spacious enough to accommodate a family of 3. Its in-house restaurant serves delicious vegetarian meals, so you don’t have to look too far for food. Plus, since this homestay is in the heart of this city, you’d be closer to more shopping options as well.

Food Availability: The homestay has a small in-house restaurant that prepares vegetarian meals.

Accessibility: From the Guwahati Railway Station, the homestay is around 95 km away. From there you can catch a cab and comfortably reach the homestay. The Guwahati Airport is around 113 km from the homestay. You can either catch a cab and reach the homestay directly or take a bus to Shillong and then to Police Bazar, from where you can catch a cab.

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed, unfortunately.

Rate: INR 2,000 per night.

Ideal For: Single travelers and families/

Location: 3rd floor, Anant Tower Near Dreamland Arcade, Police Bazar, Shillong, Meghalaya.

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homestays in shillong

Summing Up

Shillong is one of India’s most beloved gems that attracts many visitors to its laidback and serene lifestyle. Its natural beauty is embedded in its caves, gushing waterfalls, stunning landscapes, and lush surroundings. The distinct culture the land possesses and the welcoming spirit of the people living there are just some of many qualities of this lovely hill station. Now you know some of the best homestays in Shillong, so select which one suits you best and enjoy your trip. Have fun!


What Are Some Of The Best Homestays In Shillong?

Some of the best homestays in Shillong are Pine Hill Homestay, Meica Home Stay, Na La Rympei Home Stay, Breeze Vale Homestay, and Anant Homestay.

Is Shillong Safe?

Shillong has a low crime rate and that’s why the place is generally safe. However, small crimes such as petty pickpocketing or bag snatching are common. So just be smart about your surroundings and ask the owner of the homestay about certain areas to avoid and other safety tips.

What Is The Famous Food Of Shillong?

Jadoh is Shillong’s specialty and you should try this delicacy while you are here. This famous street food is made up of rice and meat, sprinkled with a variety of herbs and spices, and is an important dish in Khasi cuisine.

How Can I Go To Shillong By Train?

Shillong doesn’t have its own railway station, unfortunately. The nearest one is at Guwahati, which is approximately 106 km away from Shillong.

Is Shillong A Part Of India?

Yes, Shillong is very much part of India; it's located in the northeastern region of the country.

What Languages Are Spoken In Shillong?

English, Khasi, and Garo are the primary languages spoken by many in Shillong.

How Far Is Cherrapunji From Shillong?

Cherrapunji is 54 km from Shillong by road.

How Far Is Kaziranga From Shillong?

Kaziranga is 252 km from Shillong by road.