Homestays In Athirapally

Did you know that Athirappally is called the ‘Niagara of South India’? Think we’re exaggerating? Come, visit Athirapally. Located in the Chalakudy district, Athirapally is home to the Athirapally Falls – the largest falls in the whole state of Kerala. Not only does it have a rich layered history, but the natural beauty and sheer expanse of lush greenery in this little destination will soothe your eyes. 

Amidst the backdrop of such a satiating sense of natural beauty and fullness, living in a sophisticated and polished hotel seems unsettling. While living amidst nature at its finest, one must live like the people, interweaving connections with the locals and savoring the place like it was meant to. Homestays are a great idea to get the authentic flavor of the place, if you’re not a fan of the high tax rates and manufactured charm of chain hotels. So read on to know which homestay you should choose on your trip to Athirapally. 

6 Best Homestays In Athirapally

  1. White Palace Homestay
  2. Rose Villa Homestay
  3. Ecogreen Coco County Homestay
  4. Bethania Resorts Athirapally
  5. Rain Forest Resort
  6. Wariyam Heritage Homestay

White Palace Homestay

Located in Vettilappara, this homestay might not necessarily look like one from the outside. Decked in gorgeous white stone buildings, with a garden that would rival any royal lawn, White Palace Homestay offers every last drop of royalty promised by its name.   

The accommodation is nature-friendly and extremely tranquil. The custodians of White Palace want to offer a comfortable and premium stay amidst the Vettilappara greenery. Although the prices here are a little higher than it would cost you at a standard homestay. On the bright side, the White Palace Homestay offers spacious, clean rooms with no restrictions and in the very heart of nature. Such an experience cannot be quantified through the perspective of a few extra bucks – and it shouldn’t! The management here is keen to entertain all the tourist fantasies of their residents. 

Food Availability: White House Athirapally is decked with an in-house restaurant, banquet facilities as well as grocery facilities. 

Accessibility: The White Palace Homestay is located in close proximity (6 km) to the Athirapally Falls – which, let’s be serious, is the main reason you’re here. It’s also located around 20.5 km from the Kochin International Airport, which is the closest airport. 

Ideal For: White Palace is ideal for families, couples, and groups of friends. Although, there is no capacity for extra beds/cots in the room. 

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed on this property. 

Rate: Approximately INR 2,700 per night. 

Location: Vettilappara, Vettilappara, Thrissur - 680721, Near Vettilapara Panjayath Office.

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Rose Villa Homestay

If you want the unfiltered experience of living in a little place of your own in Athirapally, then Rose Villa Homestay is your best bet. Named after the gorgeous rose bushes that bloom in this homestay’s front yard, Rose Villa is more home than a homestay. 

It’s a two-story house that includes pretty much every amenity you would require including a kitchenette, washing machines, and even a play area for your tiny tots! The rooms are spacious, beautiful, and airy, and the property itself is quite comfortably furnished to accommodate all your needs. 

If you’re not a fan of the bustle and noise of the city, you can rest easy because Rose Villa is tucked in a quiet residential community amidst the easy serenity of a village. There is free parking available on the property and Joseph, the kind caretaker, will be at your service at all times of the day without being intrusive on your vacation. 

Food Availability: While there is no in-house restaurant at Rose Villa Homestay, there is an attached kitchenette facility where you can whip up some quick easy delicacies in. Otherwise, you can always order food or visit the nearby Tea Shop Hospital Junction or New Malabar Hotel. 

Accessibility: Rose Villa is located within a 30-km radius of the city center and is known to be quite accessible. It is roughly 10 km away from Kochin International Airport and 14 km from Aluva Railway Station. 

Ideal For: Families and friends. Please note that unmarried couples are not allowed here so do carry the necessary documents to prove that you and your partner have tied the knot! Bachelors are allowed. 

Pet Friendliness: Unfortunately, it’s not pet-friendly so four-legged Tommy will have to stay back at home. 

Rate: Rates start at INR 2,000 but are subject to change owing to the tourist season. 

Location: Panchayat, Rose Villa, No:16, Chalakudy - Anamala Rd, near Athirapilly, Vettilappara, Kerala 680721

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homestays in athirapally

Ecogreen Coco County Homestay

In the little vicinity of Valummel is the picture-perfect homestay that seems to be ripped straight out of a postcard. The property is large and rambling and has all the royal airs of an ancestral Kerala home. The Ecogreen Coco County Homestay is perfect for getting the authentic flavor of Athirapally because not only is it quite close to all the major tourist spots in the town, but it also places a lot of emphasis on the comfort and luxury of its residents. 

Ecogreen Coco County Homestay has free on-site parking. They arrange air-conditioning as well as an opportunity to taste delectable local flavors by the chef on the property. The caretaker of the property, Mr. Suresh, is a localite who is well-versed in all the ins and outs of Athirapally. You can approach him for everything – from the best local restaurants to visit to airport transfers to other interesting information that only locals are privy to. It’s a homestay that has your best interests and comforts in mind so as to present you with an unforgettable and authentic Athirapally experience. 

Food Availability: There is a shared kitchen space available on the Ecogreen Coco County Homestay where you can cook some small delicacies. There is also a professional cook who can help you and your family with your hunger pangs. If you’re still craving some take-away, visit Turkie’s or Roy’s Kitchen. If you’re a vegetarian, have no worries, visit the Peace Restaurant in Valummel.

Accessibility: Even though we’ve raved about this homestay, the best part of Evergreen Coco County is its central location. The Cochin International Airport is located around 25 km away from the homestay while the Chalakkudy Railway Station is around 3.5 km away. It’s also located quite close to local attractions like Vazhachal Falls, Thumboormuzhi Dam, and Dream World. 

Ideal For: Primarily families. The homestay does not open its doors to unmarried couples or bachelors. 

Pet Friendliness: Ecogreen County Homestay is not pet-friendly. 

Rate: A Standard Double Room starts at INR 1,500 and a Deluxe Double Room starts at INR 1,750. 

Location: Valummel, Potta P. O, NH47-Potta Ashram Jn, 1 st left side road in Ashram rd, 7th House right side.

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Bethania Resorts Athirapally

If you think you’ve heard of the name of this homestay before, you’re right. It’s got a Biblical streak in its name and the idea is to reconnect with nature, one-on-one, like we as humans did before modernization. Bethania Resorts is a massive bungalow tucked amidst crystal clear waters of Athirapally and nestled between lush green dew-drop-flecked tea plantations. 

Bethania has spa and gym facilities. So, if you want to kick back and enjoy a day in during your vacation, then visit the Swastha Ayurveda and Spa. To make sure that you savor your time out from the real world as much as possible, they’ve made sure that you can check-in early and check-out late. 

The rooms here are spacious, opulent, and done up entirely in woodwork. The furnishings are tasteful and sophisticated without compromising on the rooted flavor of the town. So, if you want the experience or go back to your childhood and live in a tree-house for a bit, then choose the Premium Wooden Cottage at Bethania Resorts, Athirapally. 

Food Availability: Bethania has an in-house restaurant on the property, from which you can order to your heart's content. There’s also a 24-hour cafe as well as a dining area to kick back and enjoy your meals. 

Accessibility: Bethania is tucked away from the city center without being completely disconnected from the source of all the music. It’s located just 850 m from Athirapally Falls and 6 km from Vazhachal Falls. It is 43.4 km from Cochin International Airport and nearly 36 km from Chalakkudy Railway Station. 

Ideal For: One of the perks of Bethania Resorts is that it is extremely couple-friendly. The homestay opens its doors to married and unmarried couples as well as bachelors. 

Pet Friendliness: This homestay does not allow pets on its premises. 

Rate: Rooms are available for as low as INR 1,950. 

Location:  Athirappilly, PO.Vettilappara , Chalakudy, Thrissur.

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homestays in athirapally

Rain Forest Resort 

Ever wanted to trade your life in the city and camp in a rainforest for a few weeks? Your dream is about to come true at the Rain Forest Resort. Although named a Resort, Rain Forest Resort is more of an upscale homestay aimed to fulfill the desires of those wanderers who want to get lost in the mesmerizing abundance of a verdant rain forest. 

Unlike an actual rain forest, the Rain Forest Resort offers air-conditioning and speedy Wi-Fi – because let’s be real, for all our talk, none of us want to be away from the internet for a few days. But if you’re here to truly disconnect and be one with nature, you could keep your eyes planted in the lush lawns from the dining area. Few reviews state that past visitors have spotted a variety of animals in the wild – Sambal deer being the most prominent one. There's also a spa and wellness center here. 

There are five different types of rooms here varying in the level of comfort and amenities they offer which you could choose from, based on your requirements; Premium Room, Luxury Room, Celestial Room, Tree House Room, and Rain Forest Annex. So, based on whether you want to enjoy your vacation from down below, on earth, or amidst trees with the birds, you can make your booking. Another incredible feature of Rain Forest Resort is that you can even arrange your wedding here! 

Food Availability: Food is going to be another experience altogether, at Rain Forest Resort. On your first day, you’ll be served a delectable spread of Kerala-style sadya. There are both European and Continental dishes in their in-house venue. The dining area is decked with life-changing views of the falls. 

Accessibility: The Cochin International Airport is just 38 km from the Rain Forest Resort and less than 35 km from the City center. It’s also just 0.3 km from the Athirapally Falls and around 36.9 km from the Chalakkudy Railway Station if you’re coming by train. 

Ideal For: Families and friends, but unmarried couples are not allowed in the Rain Firest Resort. Single people can book a stay at the homestay if they want to plug out from your tedious city employment. 

Pet Friendliness: This homestay is not pet-friendly. 

Rate: Couple rooms are available from INR 25,000 so keep in mind that this is more of a premium homestay than regular ones. 

Location: P IV /93 A, Kannamkuzhy P O Athirapally Via, Chalakudy - Anamala Rd, Athirapally, Kerala 680721.

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Wariyam Heritage Homestay

If you want to savor Kerala the traditional way, then alight down to Wariyam Heritage Homestay for an unforgettable stay. It sets aside a large lawn, flat spacious rooms, and an old Tharavaadu feel that will make you feel like the protagonist of a classic Malayalam movie. 

Apart from the Deluxe AC and Family Suite, the Wariyam Heritage Homestay also offers the Ancient Suite, which is essentially a room traditionally styled for Kerala royals. There is AC and Wi-Fi at the property as well as rooms that are as comfortable as they are authentic. One of the best parts of Wariyam Heritage Homestay is that they assist you in travel and sightseeing arrangements. The management is commented to be incredibly understanding, serviceable, and very accommodating of all your needs.  

Food Availability: There is an in-house kitchen at Wariyam Heritage Homestay which serves simple yet excellent local food upon request. There is a kitchen facility in which you can make that ‘omelette du fromage’ you’ve always been bragging about your friends about. There’s also an Indian Coffee House located quite close where you can take a stroll if you’re feeling adventurous. 

Accessibility: The famous Vadakkunnathan Shiva Shacthram is located just 0.4 km from the homestay while the Thiruvambady Sri Krishna Temple is just 0.7 km away. It is located 45.8 km from the Kochin International Airport and 73.9 km from Calicut International Airport. If you stay close by, taking the train would be a better option considering that the Thrissur Railway Station is just 1.6 km away. 

Ideal For: Families and children. 

Pet Friendliness: Pets are not allowed on Wariyam. 

Rate: Rooms range between INR 1600 and INR.2600

Location: Press Club Road, Swaraj Round North, 680001 Trichūr, India

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Summing Up 

If Kerala is ‘God’s Own Country’, then Athirappally is an underrated gem in this heaven. And if you want to experience the sheer magnificence of the place, you need the customized care and tailor-made comfort of a homestay. If you’re planning a Kerala vacation and want to know where to stay, then refer to this list of upscale and downscale homestays in Athirapally. 


What Is The Difference Between Hotels And Homestays?

While hotels are essentially built for the sole purpose of providing rooms and relaxation for a cost with identical rooms and services, homestays are properties and homes, a part of which are converted into a ‘bed and breakfast’ for customers. Homestays are way more personal as they are part of somebody’s home and offer an authentic experience of the place. The homeowners/caretakers usually tend to your requirements while on the property. 

What Is The Specialty Of Athirapally?

Athirapally is known for the presence of the Athirapally Falls which is the biggest waterfall in India. 

What Are The Best Homestays In Athirapally?

If you want a very real taste of this wonderful South Indian town, it’s always a better idea to go for homestays rather than the mass-produced comfort of hotel rooms. Some great options you could choose are White Palace Homestay, Rose Villa Homestay, Ecogreen Coco County Homestay, Bethania Resorts Athirapally, Rain Forest Resort, and Wariyam Heritage Homestay.

Is Athirapally Waterfalls Open?

Yes! The falls are open between 8:00 am–6:00 pm.

What Is The Distance Between Ernakulam to Athirapally?

By road, Ernakulam is 58 km from Athirapally.

How Do I Get To Athirapally Waterfalls?

Athirapally Falls is pretty much accessible from destinations like Chalakudy Village, Thrissur, Cochin, and Munnar. You can choose to travel from either of the destinations by public transport or cab.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Athirapally?

The monsoons are the best season to visit Athirapally as the destination gets covered in a canopy of green. Plus, the falls look even more beautiful in the monsoons than compared to other seasons.

How many Waterfalls Are There In Kerala?

There are more than 30 breathtaking waterfalls dotted in Kerala.