11 Hill Stations Near Nashik To Visit For A Tranquil Vacation

11 Hill Stations Near Nashik

Residing on the banks of the Godavari River is the city of Nashik. You may know the city because of the most celebrated Kumbh Mela that attracts a lot of pilgrims here. For others, it’s the beautiful vineyards in the Nashik Valley, giving it the name ‘Wine Capital of India’.

No matter the reason for your visiting Nashik, the city and its surroundings are much more than its temples, ancient villages, and vineyards. If you’re looking for a quiet and soothing place for your vacation, there are several hill stations around Nashik that are sure to offer you a delightful experience. Here are our top picks of 11 hill stations near Nashik that you must visit! 

11 Hill Stations Near Nashik

  1. Mahabaleshwar
  2. Lonavala
  3. Malshej Ghat
  4. Khandala
  5. Bhandardara
  6. Jawhar
  7. Saputara
  8. Matheran
  9. Igatpuri
  10. Toranmal
  11. Amboli


Mahabaleshwar resides on the Western Ghats in the Sahyadri Ranges and is arguably the most popular tourist destination in Maharashtra. One thing is certain, once you reach here, dense green forests, high mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes will surround you. So, if you want to escape your metropolitan life, this is the best place to have a relaxing vacation.

Explore The High Vantage Points And Scenic Waterfalls

Mahabaleshwar is at a high altitude of almost 1,372 meters, so you’ll get to explore beautiful vantage points here. A cup of chai in your hand and a beautiful sunset right in front of your eyes is something that you’ll never be able to forget. There’s no doubt that you’ll get to see stunning sunsets at Mahabaleshwar. You can witness amazing sunsets at several places like Wilson Point, Elephant’s Head Point, Bombay Point, etc.

Whether you’re going with your family or friends, the waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar surely can’t be missed. You can pass through dense forests and encounter waterfalls that will surely blow your mind. If you’re keen on trekking or hiking, you must definitely explore the different waterfalls at Mahabaleshwar. Lingmala, Dhobi, and Chinaman’s Falls are some of the popular waterfalls with rocky backgrounds surrounded by greenery on all sides.

Gorge On Some Tasty Strawberries

All you foodies, here’s something that will surely awaken your taste buds! Mahabaleshwar has tons of gardens for you to explore where you can relish some amazing fruits. When visiting Mahabaleshwar, you simply can’t miss a trip to the Mapro Gardens where you’ll get to eat fresh and juicy strawberries. You’ll also find other famous treats like jams, ice creams, strawberry-based syrups and juices, etc.

Apart from that, there are delicious global cuisines like Gujarati Thali, Mutton Keema Burger, Tandoori Chicken, etc. at various local restaurants.

Distance from Nashik: 335 km

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The view from Mahabaleshwar


If you like adventure and want to boost your adrenaline in a soothing place, Lonavala is the spot for you. This hill station has a plethora of picturesque views and activities that will definitely leave you astounded. Filled with green valleys, majestic caves and razor-thin waterfalls, Lonavala is an absolute treat to the eyes. No wonder it’s known as the ‘City Of Caves’ and ‘Jewel Of Sahyadri’.

Go Sightseeing!

Lonavala is much more than a hill station. The place is famous for its rock-cut caves and inscriptions at several ancient caves like Bhaja and Karla. So you history buffs can explore the caves here while passing through forests and beautiful landscapes. Are you still giving the place a second thought? You wouldn’t want to miss out on the stunning waterfalls of Bhivpuri, Bhagirath, Jummapatti, etc. that are sure to take your breath away.

Your trip here would be incomplete without paying a visit to the Tiger’s Leap that has a cliff dropping to almost 650 meters. There’s also Lion’s Point where you’ll get to see beautiful sunsets and picturesque views. So don’t forget to carry your camera to capture the scenery here. If you’re planning to visit Lonavala in the monsoon, don’t miss out on the beautiful rocky terrain and clear waters at Bhushi Dam.

Devour The Sweet Chikkis And Fudges 

Do you have a craving for sweets? Well, exploring Lonavala is going to be really exciting for you while you go shopping around the local shops that sell chikkis. Chikkis are a speciality of Lonavala made from nuts, jaggery and sugar. You’ll find different flavours of chikkis like peanut chikki, dry fruit chikki, coconut chikki, etc. Just take a stroll through the local markets and shops and your mouth will certainly water when you smell these fresh chikkis. Apart from that, you’ll find chocolate fudge, jams, jellies, etc. that will fulfill all your sweet cravings.

Distance from Nashik: 225 km

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Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is the perfect place for nature lovers. This hidden treasure that resides on the Western Ghats is an unparalleled beauty. The scintillating waterfalls, lush green forests, and vast mountains will take away all your worries and leave you with bliss. The ideal time to visit here would be from the months from July to September when the skies are dark and the green hills and waterfalls make the atmosphere very calming for you.

Traverse The Ancient Forts

How would you like sightseeing and going back in history at the same time? If you can imagine what it would be like, you’re sure to be marvelled by the majestic forts at Malshej Ghat. The two most popular forts are Harishchandragad and Ajoba Hill Fort which will take you back in time. You can pay your respects to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu at the temples here while glancing at the mesmerizing landscapes around you.

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Enjoy Trekking At Malshej 

If you want a holiday full of adventures, you needn’t worry about that as there are tons of activities waiting for you at Malshej. There’s no doubt that walking through the Malshej Falls will leave you with a memorable experience. So monsoon is the best time to visit here as you not only get to go trekking but also get to become one with nature at Malshej Falls.

Another wonder at Malshej where you can go trekking is the Pimpalgaon Joga Dam. This 5 km dam is sure to rejuvenate your mind with enchanting rolling hills that surround it. You wouldn’t want to miss the joy of taking a walk near the backwaters of this dam. If you are already imagining it, you should definitely have it on your go-to list. To make your trek perfect, you can reward yourself with a cup of instant noodles while you get lost in the hills and valleys that surround you.

Distance from Nashik: 166 km

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The view from the famous Lonavala hill station


Just 3 km from Lonavala is the Khandala Hill Station that resides at the towering point of Bhor Ghat. You’re sure to encounter misty hills, green forests and enthralling waterfalls when in Khandala. So if you want to go away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, go ahead and plan a trip to Khandala.

Visit The Historic Forts 

Your trip to Khandala would be incomplete if you don’t visit the ancient forts here that have great historical significance. The view of the Sahyadri mountains from Shivgad Fort will leave you astounded.

There’s also the Longad Fort which was built during the times of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to capture prisoners. You’ll find yourself surrounded by greenery everywhere while exploring the history here. Apart from these, there are other forts like Rajmachi Fort, Visapur Fort, etc. where you’ll be transported back in history. 

Panoramic Sights At Khandala

If you go trekking to high vantage points like Rajmachi Point, Kune Waterfalls, Bhushi Lake, Duke’s Nose, etc, you’ll find yourself in a dreamland. These places are surrounded by green forests and will give you a refreshing holiday experience. For a family picnic, Bhushi Lake is the best place where you can have some quiet time in nature. There are other activities like trekking and rock climbing which you can enjoy at Rajmachi Point, Kune Waterfalls and Duke’s Nose.

Distance from Nashik: 220 km


Bhandardara surely is like a paradise for nature lovers because of its amazing waterfalls and high mountain ranges. It’s also called the ‘Queen Of Sahyadri Ranges’ as the highest peak of Maharashtra, Mount Kalsubai, resides right here. This hill station stands true to its name: it’s a treasure house of green forests, gorgeous trekking spots, and high mountain peaks.

Thrilling Activities Amidst Nature 

The most amazing thing about visiting Bhandardara is that you get to see the gorgeous Sahyadri Ranges while going on an adventure to different places. Mount Kalsubai, Ajooba and Ghanchakkar peaks are some of the famous spots for tourists who enjoy trekking and hiking. You can also explore the enthralling Umbrella Falls and Randha Falls for a relaxing holiday.

Explore Local Villages And Forts

One of the best things for travelers to know more about a place is interacting with the locals there. So, along with sightseeing and visiting different scenic spots here, you can also take a tour of the local villages and forts. You can visit the Ratanwadi village for a peaceful getaway from your city life. The Ratangad and Harishchandragad Forts will surely be a delightful experience for all history buffs.

Distance from Nashik: 72 km

The misty hills of Khandala


Jawhar resides in the Palghar district of Maharashtra and has captured the hearts of all tourists who have visited here. The landscapes of Jawhar are such that it is often called as mini-Mahabaleshwar. The dense green forests, high mountain ranges, and alluring waterfalls add to the charm of this small hill station.

Experiencing The Warli Culture

The aesthetic art and tribal culture at Jawhar are truly worth exploring. You’ll find traces of the place’s glorious history and culture in all the paintings and artifacts made by tribal people who reside here. One cannot help but marvel at the Warli paintings that portray the culture and lifestyle of the Warli tribes that reside here. If you’re keen on exploring the architectural wonders here, you should definitely visit the Jai Vilas Palace and Shirpamal which are notable historic sites.

Take A Tour Of Enchanting Natural Settings 

Your trip to Jawhar would be incomplete without exploring the enchanting waterfalls and sunset points. All you travelers who enjoy hiking, Dabdaba Falls is the right place for you with green forests and glorious waterfalls. The Sunset Point at Jawhar will just complete your trip and leave you with memories that you’ll never forget. Another natural setting that’s sure to captivate your heart is Hanuman Point. The locals here will entice you with the myths and stories of Lord Hanuman who is believed to have rested at this place.

Distance from Nashik: 79 km


Saputara is a quaint little hill station that resides in the Dang district of Gujarat. The charming waterfalls, lush green forests, vibrant landscapes and mountain ranges here have made it a popular tourist destination. All nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and travelers are welcome here.

Visit The Tribal Villages And Explore The Rich Wildlife Species 

Two of the most renowned places in Saputara are the Artist Village and Purna Sanctuary. You’ll get to see the typical Dang culture when you explore the exhibits of tribal art of Bhil, Warli, and Kumbi at the Artist Village. The famous artifacts here are specially made from bamboo by the locals here. All wildlife enthusiasts can also explore the rich wildlife of leopards, mongoose, four-horned antelopes, etc. at the Purna Sanctuary. The best thing about visiting the place is that you get to witness the folk music of the tribes that reside here.

Take A Dip In Nature’s Lap At Gira Falls

There’s nothing better than becoming one with nature and that can be best experienced by a dip at Gira Falls in Saputara. The height of these waterfalls is almost 150 feet that’ll surely make your trip worth it. You can take a dip in the waters here and embrace the wonderful nature. Otherwise, just sip your cup of chai while you glance at the picturesque views that surround you!

Distance from Nashik: 288 km

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If you’re looking for a fun and exciting holiday, you should definitely visit Matheran which is a small hill station residing in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. This little hill station is almost at an elevation of 800 meters above sea level. That’s why you’ll get to experience the most spectacular views from here while enjoying several activities at popular tourist spots.

Take A Ride In The Matheran Toy Train 

If you want a panoramic view of the beautiful landscapes that surround Matheran, you should hop on a ride on the toy train from Neral to Matheran. This ride covers almost 21 km where you get to witness the lush green forests and rolling hills around you.

Engage In Adventurous Activities At Popular Spots 

One of the most thrilling activities that you can take up is going waterfall ramping at Dodhani Waterfalls. With the help of descenders, seat harnesses, helmets and gloves, you can go on a thrilling adventure without worrying about your safety! 

All you history buffs, here’s an activity you surely can’t say no to. The trekking experience at Louisa Point is simply breathtaking as you also get a view of the majestic Vishalgad and Prabalgad forts from here. Apart from these, there are other vantage points like Panorama Point, Chowk Point, Alexander Point where you can enjoy hiking and trekking while exploring the beautiful landscapes around you.

Distance from Nashik: 170 km

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The enchanting hills and waterfalls of Matheran


Located in the Western Ghats, Igatpuri is the perfect place for a weekend getaway with your friends or family. If you visit Igatpuri in the monsoon, you’ll enjoy the sight of green forests and the high mountain ranges of Sahyadri. Considering Igatpuri is a hill station near Nashik, you can enjoy most of its attractions and return to Nashik before the sun’s out!

Ancient Forts And Temples

Igatpuri is much more than scenic beauty and amazing landscapes. The place is known for its historic forts and temples. The Tringalwadi Fort here is almost at an elevation of 3,000 feet from where you can get a spectacular view of the huge mountain ranges. If you want to enjoy trekking, you can go for a trek at the Amruteshwar Temple. One can’t help but marvel at the architectural wonders of carved statues and beautiful pillars of the temple.

Go On A Challenging Adventure At Famous Tourist Spots

Your trip at Igatpuri would be incomplete without paying a visit to Sandhan Valley, also known as the Grand Canyon of Maharashtra. Travelers who are looking for an adventurous trek, this is the place for you. There’s also the Mandangad Mountain which is famous for adventure enthusiasts. The height of this mountain is almost 4,700 feet and so you’re sure to witness unforgettable views, especially during the rainy season.

Distance from Nashik: 47 km  

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The pleasant climate, rich flora and fauna, and green forests at Toranmal is what has made it one of the most popular hill stations in Maharashtra. You’ll get to witness the charming Satpura Ranges from here as Toranmal is at an altitude of almost 1,461 meters. The beauty of the place is such that you’ll be compelled to extend your holiday here.

Go Embrace The Tranquil Lakes At Toranmal 

One of the best things about visiting Toranmal is that you get to witness the tranquil lakes here. Imagine yourself surrounded by clear waters that are filled with lotuses. You can do just that at Lotus Lake. Another beautiful lake for nature lovers is Yashwantrao Lake. You can go there for a picnic with your family and friends while enjoying the view around you.

Fascinating Trekking Points

There’s nothing better than going for a trek in a place that is full of high mountain ranges and beautiful landscapes. You’ll find plenty of high elevation points at Toranmal to boost your adrenaline. Some of the most beautiful spots for stunning views of the mountains are at Sita Khai, Aawashabhari Point, and Khadki Point. The valleys, temples and ancient caves at these points will surely leave you spellbound.

Distance from Nashik: 297 km


One of the reasons why Amboli is the favorite spot for all tourists is the pleasant weather all year round. Yes, you read it right! Whether you’re planning a trip with your family and friends or taking a solo trip, Amboli is sure to give you a peaceful holiday experience. Also, you might be interested to know that Amboli is the last (southernmost) hill station in Maharashtra.

Gushing Waterfalls At Amboli

Just take a trek of 3 km from the Amboli bus stop and you’ll reach the majestic Amboli Waterfalls. The ideal time to visit here would be in the monsoon when the gushing waters and cool climate will rejuvenate your senses and make you feel at peace. Another waterfall you shouldn’t miss would be Nangarta Falls which has a narrow gorge that looks breathtakingly beautiful especially in the rainy season.

Charming Elevation Spots For Trekking

Just walk around 2.5 km from the Amboli bus stop and you’ll greet the historic Madhavgad Fort. Along with the pleasures of ancient ruins at the fort, you also get to see a panoramic view of the high mountain ranges and green forests that surround the fort. There are also other popular spots like the Shirgaonkar Point and Durg Dhakoba which are perfect to go on a trek. The sight of vast valleys and hills from these points will be your reward after a tiresome trek, so don’t forget to include them on your go-to list.

Distance from Nashik: 561 km

Summing Up

Regardless of how busy and exciting city life is, the pleasures of exploring hilly terrains and green forests is something that’s sure to make you ecstatic. So go ahead, get rid of your monotonous routine and embark on a journey full of natural wonders. These 11 hill stations near Nashik will offer you great views and take away all your stress. All you’ll be left with is nothing but a blissful experience to cherish.


What Are The Top Attractions To Visit In Nashik?

Nashik is known for its famous vineyards, especially Sula and Vallonne. Other than that, you can go take a tour of different historical sites like Laxman Temple, Pandavleni Caves, etc. There are several hill stations near Nashik like Igatpuri, Lonavala, Malshej Ghat, etc. that are popular tourist attractions.

Which Are The Best Hill Stations In Nashik For Honeymoon?

There are several hill stations around Nashik that are perfect for a honeymoon. Lonavala, Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, and Igatpuri are some of the places with beautiful landscapes that couples can enjoy.

What Can You Buy In Lonavala?

Lonavala is famous for its chikkis which you can find at all local shops and markets. There are different flavors like coconut, strawberry, dry fruits, etc. that will make your mouth water. Another famous sweet here is chocolate fudge which is enjoyed by everyone who visits here.

Which Is The Best Time To Visit Matheran?

Matheran can be visited any time of the year. If you visit the hill station in winter, you’ll get to see misty mountains whereas in summers you’ll enjoy amazing sunsets at famous trekking points. In the monsoon season, you’ll enjoy the green forests and beautiful views of the mountains that surround the place.

How Far Is Khandala From Lonavala?

The road distance between Khandala and Lonavala is around 5 km and it takes approximately 10-15 mins to get to Lonavala.

Which Season Is Best To Visit Igatpuri?

The best time to visit Igatpur is between the months of December and February. Though the hill station sees visitors all around the year, these 3 months see the most visitors as it is peak tourist season.

What Is Mahabaleshwar Famous For?

Mahabaleshwar is famous for its strawberry and raspberry farms. Visitors almost always return home with bags full of fruit jellies, jams, crushes, and more.

Which City Is Amboli Ghat In?

Amboli Ghat is a hill station in Maharashtra and is located on the route to Sawantwadi from Kolhapur.