Guided Tour To The Best Shopping Markets In Kolkata

The strategic location of Kolkata is such that it has become a haven for several shop owners, traders, and brands, both local and international. Back in the day, the Britishers were the first to set up shopping arcades in this beautiful city. Today, the cosmopolitan status of Kolkata has made it a place of historical and cultural significance with tons of iconic shopping bazaars one can explore. 

Right from age-old street markets to fancy boutiques, this ‘City of Joy’ is a great place for exploring the rich culture of the people living here, and of course, shopping! There’s nothing that you can’t find in this wonderful, vibrant, and diverse city. Here’s our guided tour of the best shopping markets in Kolkata.

6 Best Shopping Markets In Kolkata

  1. New Market
  2. Gariahat Market
  3. The College Street
  4. Hatibagan Market
  5. Bara Bazar
  6. Chowringhee Road

1. New Market

Shopping in Kolkata is often considered synonymous with visiting the New Market in the city. After all, it’s one of the oldest destinations that has existed since colonial times! This Victorian shopping arcade, to date, has widespread patronage. 

New Market has a maze of shops that sell a variety of items. There’s a popular saying of the natives residing in Kolkata - “you can buy anything right from a needle to an elephant at this market”! Don’t believe us? Why don’t you pay this market a visit and find out for yourself?

Let us give you an insight into what shopping at New Market is going to be like. This place has more than 2,000 shops and numerous entrances that will blow your mind! Amidst the clamor of vendors selling various items, don't be surprised if you’re drawn to any of the artifacts sold here. Some of the famous items sold here are handbags, jewelry, and footwear. Don't worry if you ever find yourself lost in the hodgepodge of shops here because the coolies here will definitely come to your aid.

What To Buy: If you’re a fan of sarees, you’ll find several varieties like Jamdani, Tasar Silk, and Tant at this market. The place is also famous for clothes, footwear, precious stones, and cosmetics. As you explore this market, you’ll notice that there’s an entire area dedicated to sellers selling rare and exotic flowers. Besides that, convenience items like stock food, baby care essentials, and gadgets are also available here.

Days To Visit: Monday to Saturday.


  • Monday to Friday - 10 am to 8 pm.
  • Saturday - 10 am to 2:30 pm.

Location: Lindsay Street.

Places To Eat: Nahoum and Sons Private Limited Confectioners, Kasturi Restaurant, Zaranj, and The Bhoj Company.

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2. Gariahat Market

Another thriving shopping destination in Kolkata is the Gariahat Market. It’s located in South Kolkata and connects Ballygunge Phari with Prince Anwar Shah road and stretches right up to Raja SC Mullick road. As you take a walk in this market, you’ll notice a massive lane of shops, restaurants, and stores, all lined up on either side of the road. 

One thing is certain, it’s hard not to get tempted to buy the many items put on display at the shops here. Whether it’s the attractive jewelry items, furniture pieces, or clothes sold at cheap rates, everything here screams “buy me now”! Just like New Market, Gariahat Market too has items sold at reasonable prices. Of course, your bargaining skills may come in handy to get a good deal on the things you wish to buy. 

Gariahat Market is always congested because of the massive crowd that comes for shopping. So, it’s best if you take public transport to reach this market. It’s best if you take a few breaks in-between your shopping adventures. You’re bound to get hungry after your shopping spree here. No worries, this market has finger-licking food items like kati rolls, puchkas, cutlets, pastries, and samosas to fulfill your hunger pangs.

What To Buy: You can shop for various home decor items, wind chimes, artifacts, pillow covers, and bedsheets at Gariahat Market. Apart from that, you’ll also find several woolen clothes and sarees at affordable rates over here. Along with the many big shops at this market, you’ll also find several makeshift tents where people sell things like electronics, jewelry, and furniture at reasonable prices.

Days To Visit: Monday to Saturday.

Timings: 11 am to 8 pm.

Location: Rash Behari Ave, Ekdalia, Ballygunge.

Places To Eat: The Yellow Turtle, Mini Hut, Red Bamboo Shoot, and Karma Kettle.

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Guided Tour To The Best Shopping Markets In Kolkata

3. The College Street

Just outside the Presidency College is another popular shopping market of Kolkata, The College Street. This 1.5 km long stretch of road is right in the center of Ganesh Chandra Avenue Crossing and Mahatma Gandhi Road. If you’re a bibliophile, this place is definitely going to get you awestruck! After all, The College Street of Kolkata is known to be one of the largest second-hand book markets in the world.

As you take a stroll on The College Street, you’ll see many old Bengali publishing houses like Ananda Publications, Dey’s Publications, and others. This is the go-to place for book lovers as you’ll even find many rare books at throwaway prices over here. So, don’t hold back and quote your own price to the sellers, if you’re lucky, you might get a good bargain!

After you’ve purchased your favorite books, don’t forget to stop by the Indian Coffee House. You may bump into like-minded people and share meaningful conversations over a cup of coffee. It’s best if you wear comfortable shoes for your shopping adventure as you may have to walk a lot to hunt for the specific books you’d want to purchase.

What To Buy: You can buy books of almost any kind at The College Street. Books in Indian languages, pamphlets and print books from Russia and Europe, fictional and non-fictional books, memoirs, this place has everything you’d ask for.

Days To Visit: Monday to Saturday.


  • Monday to Friday - 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Saturday - 10 am to 2 pm.

Location: Park Street.

Places To Eat: Indian Coffee House, Hindusthan Dhaba, Mahal Restaurant, and Sneha’s Kitchen.

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4. Hatibagan Market

Once upon a time, this market was a flourishing place for buying pets of all kinds. Before the outbreak of a fire in 2012, one could find a great variety of bird species over here. Regardless of that, Hatibagan Market still remains among the most popular shopping destinations in Kolkata. There are a lot of myriad shops, stalls, and cinema halls that you’ll find as you take a stroll through this market.

One of the most touristy spots at Hatibagan Market is the Star Theatre. Here you’ll get to watch the latest released movies at reasonable prices! Apart from shopping, this is also a great place to get a glorious view of the sunrise and sunset of Kolkata. After you’re done shopping, you can go on a gastronomical adventure and relish the many Bengali dishes served at the local food stalls here.

The Hatibagan Market is always crowded, especially in the evenings. So, it’s best if you go there during the daytime to avoid the massive crowds during dusk. You also need to be aware of pickpockets. Make sure that you keep an eye on your carry bag and watch out for your valuables.

What To Buy: Hatibagan Market is famous for Bengali silk and cotton sarees that you can buy at affordable rates. The market also has a lot of sellers selling different types of handbags, artificial jewelry, and footwear.

Days To Visit: Monday to Sunday.

Timing: 10:30 am to 10 pm.

Location: Shri Aurobindo Sarani Road.

Places To Eat: Kolkata Restro, Fusion - The Multi-Cuisine Hub, Only 4 Chinese Gazab, and The Scoop.

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Guided Tour To The Best Shopping Markets In Kolkata

5. Bara Bazar

Variety and vibrancy are what you’ll get at Bara Bazar in Kolkata. In its vibe, it's pretty similar to the famous Chandni Chowk market in Delhi. Bara Bazar is located close to the M. G. Road metro and is always flocked with people, especially during festivals. It’s divided into several sections - Tulapatti, Fancypatti, Dhotipatti, and Chinipatti. 

Although a lot of items sold at Bara Bazar have wholesale prices, you need to be careful about their originality. When buying electronics, see to it that you check the product before purchase. If you happen to visit here during festivals like Diwali, you’ll find streets full of vendors selling puja items, sweets, artifacts, and other festive things. Known as one of the best shopping markets in Kolkata, Bara Bazar has something for everyone. So, rest assured that you won’t leave empty-handed after paying a visit here. 

When it comes to the food scene here, you’ll be amazed at the variety of dishes available at the many local shops lined up at this market. Some of the must-try items are chillas, ragada pattice, jalebi, chole kulche, and pav bhaji. Your trip to this market will be incomplete without checking out some popular attractions nearby. Some of the places worth visiting are Nakhoda Mosque, Howrah Bridge, and the historic warehouses at Strand Road.

What To Buy: You’ll find cosmetics and jewelry items at very reasonable prices at this market. Bara Bazar is also famous for the many kinds of spices sold here. You’ll also find many electronic gadgets over here, that too at wholesale rates! 

Days To Visit: Monday to Saturday.

Timing: 10:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Location: Near Mahatma Gandhi Road, Metro Station.

Places To Eat: Lakhuram Bhujiawala, Tung Nam, Bhikharam Chandmal, and Cafe Monte Carlo.

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6. Chowringhee Road

If you want to explore the rich and vibrant tradition of this 'City of Joy', head straight to Chowringhee Road. This is just the place to be for buying traditional items like ethnic clothing and jewelry. You'll also get to witness the local craftsmanship of artisans at this market.

Right from traditional outfits, artifacts, to funky decor items, you’ll find everything over here. All you have to do is put your bargaining skills to the test and you’ll definitely get a good deal on various items. 

All foodies will definitely have a great time here. Some of the famous dishes at Chowringhee Road are momos, rasgulla, aloo chop, and fish chop. So, make sure you try those after you’re done shopping. As you take a walk here, you’ll get to see the many heritage buildings located along this road. Today, this area has become a popular commercial area and a major hub for shopaholics. 

What To Buy: At Chowringhee Road, one of the most famous things to buy is terracotta items. You’ll also find several artworks for your home decor at this market. For those of you who fancy clothes, there’s a trendy collection awaiting you right here at great prices.

Days To Visit: Monday to Sunday.

Timing: 10:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Location: Near Oberoi Grand Hotel.

Places To Eat: Lazeez, New Cathay Restaurant and Bar, New Embassy, and Maharaja Bar and Restaurant.

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Guided Tour To The Best Shopping Markets In Kolkata

Tips When Shopping At Best Markets In Kolkata

  • See to it that you have your squad ready with you to help you bargain on the things you wish to purchase. You can get a reasonable price on various items, provided you’re able to negotiate with the sellers for the price they quote.
  • It’s advisable to go shopping during the day as you can easily identify the quality of products and see if there’s any defect in them.
  • Market areas usually experience a massive crowd on weekends and public holidays. So, you might want to visit here during weekdays if you want to make the most of your shopping experience.

Summing Up

We hope our guided tour to the best shopping markets in Kolkata has tempted you to plan your next trip here. If you do pay a visit to this beautiful city, make sure you check out the above-mentioned places. And yes, when visiting Kolkata, don’t forget to come with a lot of time in your hand and plenty of bags to hold your shopping items.


Which Market Is Best In Kolkata?

Some of the best markets in Kolkata are New Market, Gariahat Market, The College Street, and Hatibagan Market.

What Is Famous In Calcutta For Shopping?

Calcutta is famous for traditional things like terracotta items, Dokra crafts, and Kalighat paintings. Besides that, you can also buy silk and cotton sarees, conch shell bangles, tea, spices, and sweets from this city.

What Is Gariahat Famous For?

Gariahat is famous for buying items like artificial jewelry pieces, Bengali sarees, cosmetics, bags, and oxidized silver jewelry.

What Is Famous In Kolkata For Girls?

Silk and cotton sarees are very famous in Kolkata for girls. You can purchase hand-printed sarees that are available in almost all shopping markets in Kolkata. Apart from that, you’ll also find a variety of jewelry at the many shops in this city.

Which Is The Oldest Market In Kolkata?

The New Market is one of the oldest markets in Kolkata.

What Should I Wear In Kolkata?

Women can dress up in a Bengali silk saree in Kolkata to feel the rich tradition of the city. Men can try wearing a dhoti, which is a traditional attire of Kolkata. However, people also wear comfortable clothing like jeans and a t-shirt or a kurti and a Patiala.

What Is Bara Bazar Famous For?

Bara Bazar is known as a famous wholesale market in Kolkata where you can purchase things like clothes, footwear, jewelry, and Indian snacks.

Which Is the Most Posh Area In Kolkata?

Bhowanipore, Park Street, New Alipore, and Ballygunge are some of the poshest areas in Kolkata.

Which Street Is Famous In Kolkata?

Park Street, College Street, and Camac Street are some of the famous streets in Kolkata.