Guided Tour To The Best Shopping Markets In Goa

Whether it's a weekend getaway or a nice relaxing vacation, Goa is the ultimate holiday paradise in India. We know that Goa is renowned for its immaculate beaches, mouth-watering food, aesthetic restaurants, and throbbing party locations. But there’s more to Goa than it being India’s party capital. The city has a plethora of markets that shopaholics must go shop at! So if you want to discover or rediscover the shopping lover in you, here are the best shopping markets in Goa.

The 6 Best Shopping Markets In Goa

  1. Anjuna Flea Market
  2. Calangute Market
  3. Mapusa Friday Market
  4. Mackie’s Saturday Night Market
  5. Tibetan Market on Baga Road
  6. Panjim Municipal Market

1. Anjuna Flea Market

One of the most popular and wonderful locations to shop in Goa is the Anjuna Flea Market. This flea market is held every Wednesday near Anjuna Beach and is a haven for shopping enthusiasts. Numerous small shops offering a whole lot of varied items will be a treat for the shopaholic in you.

One thing to remember is that this market is going to be flooded with tourists every time you visit. So be prepared for a crowded shopping experience. At this flea market, make use of your bargaining skills to score some fantastic souvenirs at cheap prices.

What To Buy: Funky clothes, jewelry, home décor,  woodwork crafts, shoes, handicrafts, hammocks, bed linens, souvenirs, and wall hangings may be found everywhere.

Days To Visit: Every Wednesday

Timings: 09:00 am to 07:00 pm

2. Calangute Market

Known as the Queen of beaches in Goa, Calangute, will not submit on the retail front either. To put it mildly, the market is a shopping paradise and is situated in a prime location near Calangute beach. After a thrilling day of water sports at the beach, you can relax and jump from one shack to another looking at some quirky Goan items.

If you want to bring home a genuine "beachy" memento, choose from the amazing selection of seashell-made accessories and sarongs being offered here. While you take a break from the taxing shopping trip, you must indulge your taste buds with some delectable seafood and a bottle of refreshing beer.

What To Buy:  Summer clothes, funky or delicate jewelry, handicrafts, beachwear, leather products, seashells, carpets, trinkets, and more.

Days To Visit: Every Monday to Sunday

Timings: 09:00 am to 08:00 pm

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Guided Tour To The Best Shopping Markets In Goa

3. Mapusa Market

If you want to take home some delectable Goan curries and wines, Mapusa Market is the one you must visit. Anything Goan you can think of, you’ll find it here. The Mapusa Municipal Market is open every day of the week. Fridays, though, can get quite competitive among the vendors as a larger number of retailers bring out some edgy and unique goods at great prices.

Like with most other markets, you’ll also have to have your bargaining skills on the tip of your fingers at Mapusa Market. And if you love seafood and cooking, then you must pick up some freshly caught seafood from here. The market has got some amazing spots that foodies must explore. Don't forget to get some authentic Goan foods like cashew nuts and fenny and sweets like dobola, chana doce, or bebinca from here, which screams Goa in every war imaginable!

What To Buy: Spices, pickles, fruits, pottery, handicrafts, dried and fresh seafood, Goan special ‘Chouricos’ sausages, vegetables, fresh fish, cashew nuts, port wine, seedless tamarind (also called amot), coir mats, jewelry, bags, accessories, and curry pastes.

Days To Visit: Every Monday to Sunday

Timings: 08:00 am to 06:30 pm

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4. Mackie’s Saturday Night Market

Does the thought of shopping from dusk until dawn appeal to you? If yes, then you must go to Baga Night Market, commonly known as Mackie's Saturday Night Market. This incredibly lively night market has practically everything on your Goa shopping list. While you’re in Goa’s vibrant central activity zone, a visit to this engaging shopping market is a must.

You can also visit all the terrace cafés, and indulge in tarot card reading, live woodcarving, and other activities. The vibe of this market is very exciting and energetic. The shops are lit up with neon lights and everywhere that your eyes stray, all you can see is twinking lights. To top it all off, the thrumming live music can be heard in every corner of the market, bringing life to your late-night shopping excursions.

What To Buy: Find a wide range of antiques, handicrafts, junk jewelry, clothes, beachwear, handicrafts, and souvenirs at this market. Plus, the amazing food fare at the grub stalls in the vicinity is to die for.

Days To Visit: Every Saturday in the months of November through May every year.

Timings: 04:00 pm to 03:00 am

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Guided Tour To The Best Shopping Markets In Goa

5. Tibetan Market on Baga Road

One of the most well-known flea markets in Goa, the Tibetan Market, is close to Baga Beach. The bustling market area is lined with rows of shacks offering cheap leather goods, souvenirs, comfortable clothing, and shoes. The best part of the market is that the local businesses provide some distinctive handcrafted goods from Tibet.

Along with shopping to your heart's content, you may stop by the local cafés and food stands to sample a variety of Goan specialties. The market is at its finest in the evening when it is fully illuminated by colorful lighting and lanterns. Both residents and visitors agree that the market is one of the greatest locations to visit in Goa because of the vibrant atmosphere and lively music.

What To Buy: Apparel, jewelry, prayer flags, bells, showpieces, footwear, leather products, home decor

Days To Visit: Open from October to May, every Monday to Sunday 

Timings: 9:30 am to 10:30 pm

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6. Panjim Municipal Market

It's no surprise that the capital city of Goa offers you a fantastic shopping experience at some of its best commercial markets. Panjim Municipal Market is one of these exceptional markets. This location offers a well-balanced mix of modern malls and antique stores, satisfying a variety of customers and unique tastes. So whether you're looking for grommets or home decor, you’ll find it all here. Make sure you carry a list of all the goods you need from this market, as you can easily get lost in a sea of fabulous things to buy.

Panjim is a shopper's paradise with a variety of restaurants, resto-bars, and recreational facilities. The market is said to be the biggest market in the area, and is a fun escape and a jovial shopping experience.

What To Buy: At Panjim Municipal Market, you may purchase food items, fruits and vegetables, wine, cashew nuts, regional handicrafts, trinkets, Goan spices, clothing, furniture, home furnishings, jewelry, and much more.

Days To Visit: Every Monday to Sunday

Timings: 07:30 am till late evening

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Guided Tour To The Best Shopping Markets In Goa

Tips When Shopping At Best Markets In Goa

  1. Some vendors may quote an unreasonable price, so be prepared for some serious bargaining if you want to buy things at a fair price.
  2. Make sure to recheck your purchases before moving on. Some shopkeepers exchange the items you picked while bagging.
  3. Carry big shopping bags to keep all of your shopped items, a bottle of water, and have some loose change on you when shopping at markets in Goa.
  4. Look for great-value items at fixed-price shops as they sell genuine handicrafts and home decor. Some vendors may also be willing to courier the packages to your house if you can’t carry them back yourself.
  5. It's best to visit this market in the afternoon or evening as the sun goes down. The sellers are willing to bargain a better price and you get better deals then.

Summing Up

So if you love shopping and are looking for shopping spots in Goa, the list mentioned above will help. Goa's flea markets, night bazaars, street stalls, stores, and malls provide you with a wide range of shopping opportunities. Get your comfy shoes out and keep your wallets open and ready to spend some good time and money when shopping in Goa.


Which Is The Cleanest Beach In India?

A jury of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) had declared Padubidri Beach in Udupi, Karnataka, the cleanest beach in the world.

What Should I Wear In Goa?

When in goa, you can choose to wear any of the following clothing items:

  • Sundresses
  • Sarongs
  • Cotton kurtas/kurtis
  • Cotton shorts
  • Cotton shirts
  • Loose-fitting pants
  • Swimwear

Which Are The Famous Markets In Goa?

Mapusa market, Calangute market,  Anjuna flea market, Arpora night bazaar, Panjim market, and Mackie’s night bazaar are some of the famous markets in Goa.

Which Is The Cleanest Beach In Goa?

Goa is known for its screen beaches. Some of the cleanest beaches in Goa are: Palolem Beach, Varca Beach, Morjim, Mandrem Beach, and Anjuna Beach.

What Can One Shop In Goa?

Cashew nuts, Feni, port wine, clothes, accessories, home decor, spices, handicrafts, wooden furniture, and painted tiles are some of the many things that one can shop in Goa.

How Is Goa In December?

Goa is very lively, Christmassy, and festive during December. When it comes to the weather, it’s relatively chilly as the temperatures frequently touch 20°C.

What Is Goa Famous For?

Shimmering beaches, dynamic nightlife, flea markets, night bazaars, food shacks, and food are some of the things Goa is famous for.

How Can You Commute Within Goa?

Traveling within Goa is a bit tedious. Without a rental car, bike, or a scooter, getting from one place to another can be challenging. So make sure you rent out a vehicle when you visit Goa to have a comfortable commute experience.