Good Friday 2024 - Long Weekend Getaways From Bengaluru

Work got you feeling like a sleep-deprived raccoon? It’s officially been three months of endless emails, long meetings, and short deadlines. Craving some time away from the monotonous life and getting a break is much deserved. It also just so happens that Good Friday is around the corner to turn your two-day holiday into a long weekend! So, step away from Silicon Valley and stop charging your laptops. Charge yourself instead with these long weekend getaways from Bengaluru.

6 Long Weekend Getaways From Bengaluru For This Good Friday

  1. Chikmagalur, Karnataka
  2. Ooty, Tamil Nadu
  3. BR Hills, Karnataka
  4. Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh
  5. Wayanad, Kerala
  6. Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

1. Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Tucked away in the lap of nature, Chikmagalur is your much-needed dose of greens and nature for this long weekend. This little town was where India’s very first coffee bean was planted by Baba Budan, a Muslim saint. So, if coffee is your drug of choice, this destination will surely be heaven. In fact, the flowering season when the coffee beans bloom is from March to April! Take a tour through the plantations and then go on a spree, buying freshly packed coffee. Quite a rejuvenating experience.

Being away during the Good Friday long weekend, be sure to get a breath of the freshest air. Take the scenic route and trek your way to reach Mullayanagiri, the highest peak in Karnataka. There are also other popular trekking trails like the Kemmanagundi trek and the Baba Budangiri trek that’ll take you through beautiful waterfalls and lush greenery.

Distance From Bengaluru To Chikmagalur: 242 km

2. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Also known as the Queen of Hills, Ooty is the Good Friday long weekend getaway that’ll give you the rejuvenation you so desperately seek. It’s one of the largest hill stations in India that’s alive with tall mountains, green slopes, and misty air that keeps the weather pleasant even in March. For an unforgettable view of the picturesque Nilgiri mountains, hop on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway Line. This UNESCO World Heritage Site will take you through long bridges and dark tunnels, making it an absolute thrill.

Another must-do in Ooty is to visit the Government Rose Garden, which has over 3,000 different kinds of roses. You’ll even spot black and green roses, sights to truly marvel. Ooty is a much laidback destination where your itinerary won’t be too crammed with places that require running. One of the places you can truly unwind is by the Ooty Lake. This manmade lake makes for the perfect picnic spot to read a good book or float in a boat on the calm waters.

Distance From Bengaluru To Ooty: 265 km

3. BR Hills, Karnataka

Looking for a road trip? Drive to BR Hills or  Billigiriranga Hills, a pilgrimage site that also attracts nature lovers. As you make your way here from Silicon Valley, witness the scenery change from a congested concrete jungle to patches of greenery. Be sure to pack your camera as you’ll be coming across wild cats and migratory birds during your Good Friday long weekend getaway.

Housing over 245 species of birds, four-horned antelopes, tigers, elephants, and many more wildlife, add the BRT Wildlife Sanctuary to the list of places you visit. The jeep safari lets you peep into the daily life of these wild animals in their natural habitat. Keep your eyes sharp as they easily camouflage amongst the vegetation. To get more of the thrill fix, BR Hills also offers adventure activities like river rafting, fishing, and trekking. You’ll surely have a riot of a time there!

Distance From Bengaluru To BR Hills: 170 km

4. Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

Located in a corner of Andhra Pradesh is a town that harbors mysteries yet to be solved. Lepakshi is a destination that appeals to architecture lovers, spiritual enthusiasts, and those who love old lore and legends. Ever heard of the Lepakshi Veerabhadra Temple? If you have, you know where this is going. In case you haven’t, brace yourself for an fascinating ride.

This temple is said to have been built thrice, all between 1100 CE to 1800 CE. The highlight of the temple is its mysterious Hanging Pillar. Located within the grand hall, this specific pillar has been defying gravity. Many have even successfully passed through thin sheets of paper and clothing under the pillar and has been fascinating visitors. You’ll also stumble upon the ginormous idols of Nandi Bell and a Shiva Linga. What’s more, the temple has a giant footprint that’s said to have once belonged to Sita, the wife of Lord Rama. So many secrets, so much intrigue!

Distance From Bengaluru To Lepakshi: 122.8 km

5. Wayanad, Kerala

Located in Kerala, God’s Own Country, you can already anticipate the views that await your arrival. It’s the land of paddy fields that’s home to rare animal species and waterfalls. Many travelers visit Wayanad for camping, trekking, and exploring the caves.

Start your weekend trip by greeting some Indian bison and Bengal Tigers as you visit the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Nothing feels as exciting as meeting big, wild cats. To enjoy an enthralling trek, head to Edakkal Caves. It requires one and a half hours of a trek to reach and it’ll definitely get you the cardio you need. These prehistoric caves are renowned for unique rocks and the carvings on the inside.

Distance From Bengaluru To Wayanad: 276 km

6. Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Seeking peace? Head to Coonoor, the second-largest hill station in the Nilgiri mountains. Laden with tea plantations, unbeatable views, and green hills, you’re in for some spectacular pictures here. Visit Dolphin’s Nose right when the sun is about to set and the vibrant colors will be a testament to our claim.

The toy train that we mentioned in Ooty ends in Coonoor. It’s a twenty-minute ride that you must experience once in your life. If you’re the sporty kind, you can make your way to Hidden Valley. Exciting adventures like rock climbing and mountaineering await you there. Coonoor Market is a hotspot for getting the most exquisite tea, gourmet cheese, spices, and honey. You can choose to keep it low-key and relish the views during the getaway.

Distance From Bengaluru To Coonoor: 356 km

Summing Up

All these destinations are the ultimate destinations you could visit for the Good Friday long weekend from Bengaluru. They balance adventure, relaxation, and greenery impeccably. By the time you’re back at work, you’ll be all refreshed for the grind. But then again, you can earn your pay and spend it during the next long weekend!


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