Exploring The Vasai Fort

Vasai is a town in Maharashtra and is a popular tourist destination in the state. Though it is a small part of Mumbai, it has so much to offer. Vasai is known for its culture, beaches, churches, and incredible mix of cultures. And let’s not forget about the iconic Vasai Fort. You may have seen it from the outside, but there’s a lot of history and incredible architecture here. The Vasai Fort calls out to travelers to explore its stunning interiors and surroundings.


Exploring The Vasai Fort

Vasai's history dates back to the 16th century. It was when the Portuguese had a hold over the city, then known as Bacaim. The city held a lot of significance for the Portuguese as it was their second-most important stronghold after Goa. The fort saw many battles, some involving Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Years later, however, Vasai Fort eventually came under the British East India Company. 

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Best Time To Visit Vasai Fort

There is no set season for visiting Vasai Fort because it can be visited all year, but the months of October to March are ideal in terms of weather. Winters are pleasant and make it the perfect time to visit the Vasai Fort. The best time to visit is early in the morning when sun rays peek through the floating clouds and soft hues of blue, orange, pink, and white colors fill the sky.

That’s not all. Morning time is the best, usually before 10:00 am, because you will be able to witness the beautiful aura of the fort complete with its arches, tunnels, and facades, and the scenic views. Summers are not so preferable due to the humidity and heat that Mumbai faces every year.

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Getting Around Vasai Fort

Exploring The Vasai Fort

Vasai Fort is surrounded by beaches and picturesque lanes, making it an ideal location for exploring and sightseeing while also providing free entertainment to commuters.

By Train

Trust me or not, local trains are your best friends when it comes to traveling in Mumbai. One can commute via rail by boarding a Virar local or a Vasai local from Churchgate, Bandra, or the specific location you’re staying at. For people who stay far from Vasai, traveling by train would be convenient. But if you’re not a Mumbaikar and have no experience traveling by train, then we recommend traveling during the quiet hours i.e. either during the early morning or afternoons. The mornings and evenings are typically the rush hours and quite the experience you may or may not enjoy!

The travel duration depends on where you stay. But it usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to reach Vasai or Naigaon Station. The Vasai Fort is 30 to 40 minutes away from both stations.

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By Road

If you dislike traveling by train, you can opt for the local buses or a private vehicle. Buses are a convenient option if you’re trying to save money. If you are a resident of the Vasai-Virar area, then there are numerous bus stands around here, with buses every 15 to 20 minutes. If you are not a Vasaikar, then you can commute via various other buses that take you to Vasai, including the fort. Vasai Depot is located near Vasai Railway Station, and it is inexpensive, which makes it travel-friendly and easier on the pockets.

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Things To Do At And Around Vasai Fort

Exploring The Vasai Fort

It might surprise you that, apart from wandering in the midst of the fort, there are many other things to see in the Vasai Fort.

1. Churches

Reminiscent of Old Goa, Vasai Fort is home to seven historic churches. Saint Joseph Church highlights some breathtaking views which is an ode to the Portuguese Holy Name Of Jesus Church, which is a part of the Jesuits community. Although the celebration of mass doesn’t happen in these churches on a regular basis, you will see people coming and exploring these churches for their beautiful architecture, incredible history, and tranquil atmosphere.

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2. Temples

You will be surprised to hear, that Vasai Fort not only houses churches but also temples underneath its roof! After covering the churches if you are still thirsting for some peace and quiet then you must visit the Hanuman Temple and Nageshwar Temple here. The main highlight of the Hanuman Temple is the idol of Lord Hanuman, which catches your eye almost immediately.

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3. Getting To Know About The Koli Culture

There is a whole other dimension of the Vasai Fort that you cannot miss! It is the popular Koli culture. There is a small village located here, and most locals are fishermen by occupation. Lots of fisherfolks especially the men will be seen here going out fishing with their fishing boats and large fishing nets. The women will be seen selling various types of fish like prawns, pomfret, and other sea-water fish in various Vasai-Virar neighborhoods or markets.

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4. Vasai Dockyard

Once you’re done exploring the fort, if you feel like refreshing yourself with a hit of the cool sea breeze, then the Vasai Dockyard is the place to be. You can enjoy a lovely view from here while sipping on refreshments like garma garam chai, and gazing at the sky, and the sea. If by any chance you visit the fort in the late afternoon, then visiting the dockyard is the perfect plan since you can watch the stunning sunset from here.

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5. Film Shooting and Wedding Photography

The Vasai Fort is a total superstar since several Bollywood songs have been shot inside here. Isn't that a great thing? Photographers shouldn't miss the chance to use this location for wedding photography or simply clicking some stunning pics.

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Summing Up

By reading this article, we hope we’ve got you excited and eager to visit the Vasai Fort and witness its beauty to the fullest. If visiting the fort doesn't excite you that much, there are many other things you can do instead, like exploring the beach, trying out scrumptious street food, and visiting the many churches and temples here. Vasai Fort is a complete package and will give you nothing less than a wholesome travel experience!


Is Vasai Fort Worth Visiting?

Yes, Vasai is an incredible place to explore full of culture, heritage, and incredible architecture.

Why Is Vasai Fort Famous?

The hype about Vasai Fort is that during the Portugal rule, Vasai was the main naval base for building ships.

Who Was The King Of Vasai Fort?

Vasai was ruled by the Silhara dynasty of Konkan and followed by the Seuna dynasty.

How Many Churches Are There In Vasai Fort?

There are a total of 7 churches located in the Vasai Fort.

Does Vasai Come Under Mumbai?

Yes, the Vasai-Virar area comes under Mumbai, in fact, it is now a part of Mumbai.

What Does Vasai Mean?

Vasai is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Waas’ meaning residence or dwelling.