Exploring the Street Food scene in Delhi

Understanding Delhi’s Street Food

Three things are certain in life: Death, taxes and people drooling over Delhi’s street food. The capital city has arguably the best street food scene in the entire country (We’re definitely up for a friendly debate on this). Best part is that there is so much variety and options that you can literally survive on just street food everyday. That is ofcourse, if you’re not health conscious. Want to make the most of experiencing Delhi’s street food? Here’s a list of the crème de la crème of the city’s street food places.

Kumar Samose Wala

This is not your usual Samosa wala. Kumar is the mad scientist who experimented with the famous snack to make different variations of it. Here you can try a Pizza Samosa, Malai Paneer Samosa, Chocolate Samosa and everything in between. So if you’re looking to spice things up with your samosa, you should definitely visit this street food stall.

It’s situated in Moti Nagar, New Delhi. Samosas here cost between 20-30 INR on average and they have over 20 varieties of the snack. The Chocolate Samosa is one that costs the most but even that’s just 40 INR. They also serve a couple of other snack items but their Samosas are the clear showstoppers.

Kallu Nihari (Old Delhi)

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Picture Captions:https://www.instagram.com/cherryjeycee/

If you’re a Delhi’ite, you’re one of the many who had the fortune of being served by Kallu Mian. It’s been 4 years since the sad demise of Kallu Mian, but his legacy is still going strong, thanks to his children. Kallu Nihari is definitely one of the best places to eat great kebabs. But if you want to eat the best possible Nihari you can get, this is where you should be.

Kallu Nihari is situated in Daryaganj, behind Delite Cinema. It’s a little difficult to locate but if you’re a non-vegetarian, do what you must to get here. Slow cooked in gravy with a meat that’s so heavenly, their Nalli Nihari literally melts in your mouth. They garnish it with finely sliced juliennes of ginger and chilly and serve it with Khamiri Roti. The place might seem a bit grungy, but the food is worth it.

Jain Coffee House

It’s been 71 years since this establishment came into existence. Definitely one of the pioneers of Fruit Sandwich. Never tried a fruit sandwich? Oh well, let Jain Coffee House pop your cherry in that regard then. You can have the fruit sandwiches toasted too. They serve a pineapple sandwich, banana sandwich and mixed fruit sandwich amongst many others. You will always be spoilt for choices, that’s for sure.

While the fruit sandwiches they serve would depend on the season, you can have their Mango Sandwich throughout the year. And it’s amazing! These fruit sandwiches are served with butter and slices of cottage cheese which complement the flavours really well. Don’t be fooled by their setup though. Their sandwiches are undeniably delicious and they also serve great coffee.

The place is situated in New Delhi’s Chawri Bazaar. It might be hard to find the place, but ask any local and they will surely be able to help you out with the directions.

Kuremal kulfi

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Jamun kulfi at Kuremal Kulfi Wala Photo Credits: https://www.instagram.com/khaanekaadda

Would you try fruit with kulfi? Or kulfi with fruit? Or kulfi inside a fruit? Don’t answer that. We’re telling you that you definitely should. Kuremal Mohal Lal Kulfi Wale is where you get authentic fruit flavoured kulfi. How? Well, their kulfi’s are literally prepared inside various fruits. This tiny and cosy establishment is nestled in Chawri Bazaar, New Delhi.

streetfood Delhi
Jamun Kulfi at Kuremal Kulfi Waale. Photo Credits:https://www.instagram.com/khaanekaadda

You can select from a wide range of fruit bases including Orange, Pomegranate, Pineapple and WaterMelon, amongst others. While they are primarily famous for their concept of stuffed Kulfi, they do also have regular stick kulfis and faloodas too. If you’re in Delhi, this place is highly recommended for even those who don’t have a sweet tooth.

P.S – They also have some interesting flavours like Imli and Pudina Masala.

Rajinder Da Dhaba

streetfood Delhi

street food in delhi
photo credit :https://www.instagram.com/khaanekaadda/

We end this list with a place that we believe serves the best galouti kebabs ever. If you tell us otherwise, we will disagree without even listening because we’re too sentimental about this place to the point of irrationality. Seriously though, Rajinder Da Dhaba has converted mutton haters with their heavenly Galouti Kebab. But that’s not it, the place serves some of the best tandoori dishes, including fish tikka and makhmali fish tikka.

To visit Rajinder Da Dhaba, you have to go to New Delhi’s Safdarjung area. At one point, the place used to be a proper full-fledged stall. But over the years, they have also made seating arrangements in one section. One thing is for sure, nothing has compromised the taste of their heavenly kebabs and tandoori dishes. Our Unstumbled tip would be to always order your kebabs with a rumali roti and the green pudina chutney.

Delhi is huge and undoubtedly one of the best places (We feel it’s the best) to indulge in street food of all kinds. And there are many options spread all across the city. But these are definitely some of the best and ones that we will strongly recommend to anyone visiting the city or living there.

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