Exploring Dadar’s Flower Market

Explore Dadar’s Flower Market

Mumbai can often be a sensory overload but Dadar’s Flower Market is a place which takes a different approach to the same thought. Dadar often splits opinions because of how it’s a beautiful and cultural neighborhood, yet one of the most crowded areas in Mumbai. The railway station can be overwhelming and suffocating for anyone who isn’t used to Mumbai’s crowd or someone who might be claustrophobic. It’s also a matter of perception because the street right outside the station is pretty rustic and not the most developed. But then why do we ask you to experience Dadar’s Flower Market? Here’s all you need to know about that.

How to get to Dadar Flower Market?

Dadar is well connected as it’s a major railway station in Mumbai. It is connected to the city’s Western Line and Central line. But above that, Dadar is also a common stop in the city for outstation trains. So once you reach Dadar’s local railway station, you have to head to Dadar West side’s exit, which will be the last platform of the western line. Once you exit, you will reach the famously chaotic Phool Galli.

When should you visit Dadar Flower Market?

Barring a few national holidays, heavy rains and occasions where the city is on a lockdown (you know what we’re talking about), the market is always open and running in full swing. Even more so during festivals. The market operates between 4 am and 8 pm. So if you ask us, the best time to visit the flower market would be right when it opens. This is when you get to enjoy the sight of the market being set up and how even at 4 am, business never stops.

Why should you visit Dadar Flower Market?

Mumbai’s paradoxical nature can often be fascinating. Now, we are not saying that the street outside the station is well maintained or exquisite. But that’s where the beauty lies. Streets in poor conditions which are littered and polluted by mankind, being used to sell the most beautiful of flowers. It’s no secret that certain parts of the street are filthy and they stink. Yet, it’s a humongous flower market which sells a variety of pretty flowers for a cheap price.

But that’s not the only reason to visit the place. If you need flowers, buying it from here would be worth your while. Now, one thing you should keep in mind is that some flowers are seasonal and won’t always be available. But most of them are always available and the price would depend on whether they are local or imported. Like the local Jasmine, White Lilies, Roses and Marigolds will almost always be cheaper than the imported Tulips or Peonies.

From religious ceremonies and festivals to marriages, this market is at the heart of it all. And the heart of this market is what makes it interesting. Now we won’t lie to you, the unrelenting crowd won’t be welcoming at all and bargaining is the general norm here. Not all sellers will be hospitable, but that’s a part of it. In essence, this experience might not be for everyone and it’s not the easiest experience to admire or appreciate but that’s why it’s interesting.

All in all, if you keep the cons aside, the Dadar Flower Market is worth visiting for a bunch of reasons, along with people watching in general. If you’re wondering what you could do after the 4 am trip to the market, read our blog Experiencing Sunrise & Sunset in Mumbai.

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