Experiencing Vipassana Meditation in Pune

 Vipassana Workshop in Pune

One of the most uplifting ways in which you can treat yourself is by giving yourself the ability to “see things as they really are”. Or simply put, try the Vipassana Meditation in Pune. This ancient form of meditation, to say the least, is a life changing experience. It’s like a process of detoxing your mind and completely cleansing it. So for those who are living in Pune or planning to visit the city, here’s all that you need to know about taking a course to practise this immersive form of meditation.

How does it work?

The first thing to keep in mind is that this can be a really intense practice for people who are not acquainted with such a lifestyle. You have to surrender all your materialistic belongings. So throughout the duration of your course, you’re supposed to refrain from indulging in alcohol, cigarettes or any other form of intoxications. Moreover, you are also supposed to refrain from any kind of sexual activity or using cell phones and other materialistic objects.

The next step involves practicing meditation and being mindful. The idea is to work towards self-transformation by observing your inner self and being more aware of your thoughts, sensations, feelings and emotions. When done sincerely and continually, this is the practice which amplifies your awareness levels, brings more self-control and even evades delusion. All of this eventually results in a calmer and a more peaceful mind.

Vipassana Meditation is usually a 10-day course. The first 4 days are all about your regular meditation, to get in the groove, so to say. It’s after the 4th day when you are given certain instructions. And this is where things start getting intense. To the point that you are not supposed to move at all when meditation. You are not even supposed to itch your nose or move a little to free up that dead leg of yours from hours of sitting. But you do eventually reap the benefits.

How can you experience Vipassana in Pune?

The Vipassana Meditation Centre in Pune is situated opposite Nehru Stadium, at Saras Baug Road. The Pune City Vipassana Centre is open everyday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm (Except Tuesdays). If you’re looking to experience Vipassana Meditation in Pune, you can simply give them a call at 020 2446 8903 or 020 2443 6250. You can also choose to walk down to their centre to know more about their courses and available slots.

They have a 10 day course which is open to everyone. a 7 day Vipassana course for teenagers of the age group 15-19 years. Apart from these, they also have a course for children of the age group 8-12, where the kids don’t have to be accompanied by their parents. There are numerous other courses that you can enroll in, depending on how frequently you practice Vipassana Meditation in your life and some other criterias.

In case you are wondering how much these courses charge, here’s the kicker. NOTHING! The idea behind sharing the technique was never for materialistic gains. It’s simply to share something which has helped many attain absolute liberation, since time immemorial. Oh, it gets even more fascinating. Your stay and food at the centres are also not charged. The centres function only on voluntary donations by anyone who believes in the practice, having experienced its benefits.

What makes it special?

The form of meditation in whole sure is, but let us clear one thing for you right here. There is nothing special or unique about the practice conducted in Pune. It’s conducted in pretty much the same way as it happens in every other place. Even when it comes to the premises, while they do play a part in such experiences, that’s not what Vipassana is about. Yes, you might find the centre peaceful and beautiful, but that’s the whole point. And every centre is.

However, that again is a materialistic facet and in this case, simply unimportant. But Vipassana as a whole surely can be considered special. You learn to refocus your mind, see things for what they truly are and learn much more than you could understand. Keep one thing in mind though. Vipassana takes a lot of hard-work and the 10 day course won’t give you enlightenment. It will just enable your mind and open your perspective. You will still need to keep practising.

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