Experiencing The Food In Bihar

The land of the sacred soil, Bihar is known for its rich culture, ancient traditions and many historical places. As much as the state is known for its significance in history, even its traditional recipes are famous all over India. And guess what, these ancient recipes are almost 2,000 years old! It’s hard to believe but this land of heritage sites has some of the most amazing food to offer you.

If you’ve been thinking that Bihar is famous only for its ‘Lollypop Lagelu’ and its Bihari language, you’re probably mistaken. That’s because the food here is as vibrant as its culture. Let us take you on a journey of experiencing the food in Bihar. Trust us, this is going to be a flavorful journey that will certainly make you want to consider traveling to Bihar for your next holiday.

Exploring 8 Of Bihar’s Favorite Dishes

Litti Chokha

If you have a Bihari friend, do ask them to treat you to ‘Litti Chokha’. After all, this is Bihar’s exceptional dish which is also known to be the regional dish of the state. ‘Litti’ is nothing but a ball of wheat with smoky flavors which is filled with ‘Sattu’ that is made of grains of barley or gram which are roasted on a coal fire.

The mouth-watering ‘Chokha’ is prepared with mashed potatoes and other boiled vegetables like tomatoes and brinjals. Since Bihari food is known for its spices, finely chopped onions, garlic paste, and other spices are added to add flavor to the Chokha. This dish is served with the Litti dripping ghee and the Chokha is accompanied by grilled eggplant – a perfect combination of taste and nutrition!

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Chana Ghugni

If you’re fortunate enough to visit Bihar, you must definitely try their ‘Chana Ghugni’. This is a snack that can be relished at any time of the day. The best thing about this dish is that it is easy to make, so you’ll find that it’s made in almost every household in Bihar. And if you’re a fan of spicy and tangy flavors, then there’s no reason why you mustn't try this snack!

Chana Ghugni is made with either flattened, dried gram or boiled chickpeas. The chickpeas or grams are fried with spices like garam masala and other spices. One of the most favored ingredients in Bihar is the ‘Chuda ka Bhuja’ which is nothing but flattened rice. This is also added to the mixture along with chopped onions. As you can see, the dish is rich in iron and is great for those having diabetes or heart problems. So, it won’t be an overstatement to say that Biharis are certainly mindful of adding nutritional value to their food.

Kadhi Badi

‘Kadhi Badi’ is a dish that you’ll find in almost every corner of India. Even though the dish is not alien among most Indians, Biharis add their own unique flavor to it. Since it's one of the staple foods of Biharis, you’ll find this dish in almost every local restaurant and stall. If you ever happen to visit Bihar during the time of Chhath Puja (a Hindu festival), you’ll get to relish Kadhi Badi as it’s prepared during this auspicious time.

The Kadhi is made with a besan (gram flour) or chickpea flour which is either made in a liquid mixture or sometimes roasted on coal to bring in the smoky flavor. Of course, since the name is Kadhi, Kadhi Patta (curry leaves) is added to this dish. To bring in a note of sourness, yogurt or tamarind paste is added to the gravy. You can relish this delicacy with rice. Otherwise, hot puris and Kadhi Badi is also a yummy combination you can feast upon.

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Bihari Kabab

Apart from its luscious vegetarian dishes, Bihar also has some of the best non-vegetarian delights. So, meat lovers too can go on a food expedition here. One of the beloved meat dishes in Bihar is the ‘Bihari Kabab’. Just the aroma of these hot kababs is enough to draw you towards them.

The Kabab is usually made with mutton meat, but you’ll find restaurants and stalls making Bihari Kababs with other types of meat as well. This famous dish is made with grilled mutton along with finely chopped onions, spices, green chillies and rice flour. You can have the Bihari Kababs with hot rotis or paranthas coated in ghee. But if you wish to savor the meat without any bread or rice, you can do that too!

Dal Pitha 

One of the earthiest and most traditional dishes of Bihar that you must definitely try is ‘Dal Pitha’. Just imagine a place full of momos and dumplings. Dal Pitha is just one among them, the only obvious difference being the Bihari touch that’s added to it that makes it one of the most iconic dishes in Bihar.

The dumplings are made with rice flour. But the richness of the dish comes from the chana dal stuffing, ginger, chillies, lentil paste and other spices inside the dumplings. It is either fried or steamed and then garnished with roasted cumin. So, if you’re a person who loves to have a heavy and healthy breakfast, you know what to try in Bihar. Dal Puri is like a sister dish to Dal Pitha, but instead of dumplings, the chana mixture is placed on a chapati and served as a roll.

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Going to a North Indian state like Bihar and not trying Balushahi is like visiting Mumbai and not trying Vada Pav. Now, Balushahi is a dish you must have seen in many parts of India, especially at weddings. But just a bite of the Balushahi in Bihar will leave you in pure bliss!

The magic ingredients that make this dish so finger-licking good are all-purpose flour, yogurt, sugar, and the Indian favorite, desi ghee. If you’re wondering why Bihari Balushahi stands out compared to other states, it is because the dish served here is spiced up with cardamom and cinnamon. Now you know what to order for dessert when you visit a restaurant in Bihar!


Ever tried the Indian-style Greek Baklava? Yes, we’re talking about one of the most ancient sweet dishes of India, the Khaja! You’ll be astounded to know that Khaja has been one of the main desserts in Bihar for almost 200 years. So, you can imagine how famous Khaja is in Bihar and why the people here never get tired of enjoying it.

The batter of the dish is made with wheat flour, oil, and mawa and then the layered pastry is fried in hot oil. For a finishing touch to bring all the flavors of this dish together, the Khaja is dipped in sugar syrup and then garnished with nuts or pistachio. One thing is certain, this traditional dessert will surely have an aperitive effect on you.

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Have a sweet tooth but on a diet? Don’t worry, Bihar has a variety of desserts – some of which are even healthy for the body. One such delight that will certainly awaken your taste buds is Tilkut. You’ll find this sweet at almost every sweet center in Bihar, especially during the time of Makar Sankranti.

The reason why Tilkut is considered to be a healthy sweet is that it’s made from wholesome ingredients. It’s made using crushed sesame seeds, jaggery or sugar and is then molded into round-shaped balls or in the shape of biscuits. There’s a saying that Biharis eagerly wait for winters when Tilkut is prepared during Makar Sankranti as it’s believed to bring good luck.

Honorable Mentions: Street Food In Bihar

Kapil Dev’s Heavens

This restaurant is a place that draws a lot of crowds to try the many Bihari dishes here. If you’re of the belief that the place gets all the attention just for its name, you’re mistaken. Yes, the restaurant belongs to the legendary cricketer Kapil Dev. But here, you’ll find a variety of Indian dishes right from roasted chicken and Dal Makhani to Tandoori Rotis and Pulao CharBhag to fulfill your hunger pangs. Speaking of experiencing street food in Bihar, you’ll even get the tasty Kulcha here. And guess what, it’s located on Frazer Road in the heart of Bihar, Patna.

Champaran Rasoi

Meat lovers, here’s an interesting place for you. At Champaran Rasoi in Bihar, you’ll find the most scrumptious meat dishes ever. The restaurant is located on Boring Road in the beautiful city of Patna in Bihar. Some of the famous dishes of the restaurant include Ahuna Mutton and Chicken, Chicken and Mutton Ishtu, etc. Don’t you frown if you’re a vegetarian, you’ll get to taste the most amazing Paneer Butter Masala here. And hey, if you happen to pay a visit here, don’t leave without trying the Tasmai Kheer which is a local delight in the state.

Bharat Jalpan

If you’re a die-hard street food lover, then you’ll definitely love the many street delicacies at Bharat Jalpan which is located in Muzaffarnagar in Bihar. The restaurant is famous for its Indian cuisine. One of the most famous street food dishes here is the Samosa Chaat which will leave you licking your fingers. And for those with a sweet tooth, the restaurant makes mouth-watering Rasmalai that one cannot resist.

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Summing Up

There’s no doubt that experiencing the food in Bihar will be an exciting and gratifying experience for you. The state has many restaurants, dhabas, and local stalls that offer traditional Bihari dishes along with other cuisines. If you’re thinking of traveling to Bihar in the near future, don’t forget to try the amazing dishes we’ve mentioned above!


What Is The Famous Food Of Bihar?

Bihar is known for many of its traditional dishes. However, one of the most famous foods of Bihar is the ‘Litti Chokha’. ‘Litti’ is wheat flour bread and ‘Chokha’ is a gravy made from roasted chickpeas, brinjals, tomatoes, and other spices.

What Is The Street Food Of Bihar?

The street food of Bihar includes dishes like Litti Chokha, Chana Ghugni, Samosa Chaat, Ghugni Choora, Mutton Kabab, etc.

Is Bihari Food Healthy?

Yes, there are several Bihari dishes that are healthy because they are made using ingredients having high nutritional value. For example, foods like Dal Pitha, Kadhi Badi, Tilkut, etc. are some of the Bihari delights that are known for both their splendid taste as well as their health value.

What Is Eaten For Breakfast In Bihar?

Biharis enjoy a variety of dishes for breakfast. One such dish is Dal Pitha which is a rice dumpling filled with chana dal and other spices. Other breakfast items in Bihar include Ghugni Choora, Paratha with Bhujia, etc.

What Is Eaten For Lunch In Bihar?

One of the most popular lunch items in Bihar is the Bihari Thali. It includes a variety of foods like rice, dal, Sattu parathas, Ghugni with Dhuska, Tomato Chokha, Aloo Matar Dahi, and Salad, along with a sweet dish like Sattu ke Ladoo.

What Is Dal Pitha?

Dal Pitha, or Pithi, is a Bihari dish that is eaten during breakfast or as an evening snack. It is like a dumpling made out of whole wheat or rice flour. They are usually steamed and shaped like Gujiyas.

What Is Bihar Famous For?

Other than the many religious monuments and amazing food, Bihar is known as the birthplace of two religions, namely Buddhism and Jainism. Moreover, this state was also home to the Nalanda University, which was burned to the ground by the army of Bakhtiyar Khilji.

What Is The Famous Sweet Of Bihar?

A deep fried sweet snack made out of whole wheat and jaggery is one of the most famous sweets of Bihar. You may hear it being called Thekua, Khajuria, or Tikri. It is a sweet that is a must to be ade during Chhat Puja.