Experiencing Holi In Pushkar

Celebrating Holi In Pushkar

We understand if you’re wondering why you should travel just to experience Holi in Pushkar. For starters, this is easily the biggest and wildest spectacle of the festival in the entire country. Above that, people from all over the world come to Pushkar to be a part of the colorful celebration. There’s nothing quite as insane as celebrating Holi in Pushkar. Every corner of every street is given a colorful makeover.

Experiencing Holi In Pushkar

And yes, the festival doesn’t discriminate. Here in Pushkar it becomes absolutely inclusive. People of different caste, race, and religion all enjoy together. Local authorities often organize DJs and arrange for music. It’s like literally the whole of Pushkar is celebrating. Interested already? Alright so here’s what you need to know about celebrating Holi in Pushkar.

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When Does It Happen?

Holi is celebrated across India in the month of March. A festival that marks the beginning of spring, Holi also signifies the victory of good over evil. On the night before Holi, a traditional ritual is carried out. This is where you can witness the burning of the pyre. It’s an even more authentic and exotic sight witnessing this in a small town like Pushkar. The second day is when the main celebration of the Festival of Colors begins.

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Experiencing Holi In Pushkar

What Does The Celebration Include?

A lot! Be it up on the rooftops or down on the streets, everyone is playing with colors. In different parts of the town, you’ll notice people blasting loud music. This can be anything from hit Bollywood music or some electronic remixes. Then there’s also Bhang (cannabis-induced lassi) which a lot of people would be having. This is a staple of the celebration in Pushkar. In fact, Pushkar is known to have really delicious and great quality bhang!

Experiencing Holi In Pushkar

The festival is open for all and it’s like a small area of the town is crammed with thousands of people together. You will be witnessing people throwing colors even from the rooftop of buildings, restaurants, and hotels. There will be a buttload of men’s shirts and T-shirts hanging on top of a wire or a rope. A wild part of tradition also involves men ripping each other’s shirts/T-shirts off. Smearing each other with colors, music, dancing, diversity, and bhang, these are the main pillars of Holi in Pushkar.

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What Makes It Special?

Quite frankly, the craziness. See, we get that white clothes transforming into something of a psychedelic apparel is common during Holi. But the sheer number of people and the sheer magnitude of diversity is really insane. It kind of becomes like everyone is friends with everyone. What’s surprising is that amidst all of this, you also get to see a few stalls selling snacks, many selling different types of colors and of course, long queues at the bhang shop.

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Is Holi In Pushkar Safe?

Over the years, authorities have started focusing on safety a lot. You’ll find that there are local cops and authorities present at different junctures. While bhang is sold legally, it still intoxicates people. Often it makes them lose control. We won’t lie to you, misbehavior and harassment still occur. Women’s safety is not 100% guaranteed, unfortunately. But the cops are really strict and don’t tolerate such incidents. These incidents are a bit rare these days.

Chances of such a thing happening are low because of the efforts and lengths the authorities have gone to, especially to ensure women’s safety. So you need not worry about it, much. A lot of women from all across the world visit, have a good time, and leave without anything bad happening to them.

Let us tell you one thing though: Your cameras, cell phones, and electronic devices definitely won’t be safe. Sure, there are many different covers and what not. But we’re telling you now that electronics are not safe amidst the water and colour splashing. So we would strongly recommend that you leave these devices in your room.

Like we’ve stressed over and over again, Holi in Pushkar is extremely wild. If you’re not a huge fan of crowds and are not comfortable with strangers touching you, this might not be something you should experience. It totally depends on you. We all have our own preferences, right? One thing though, if you want to experience Holi like never before, Pushkar is where you should be!

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How Is Holi Celebrated In Pushkar?

Holi in Pushkar is celebrated with great fanfare. In the evening of the first day, the locals burn a pyre that symbolizes the burning of the demoness Holika. Celebrations are wild on the second day when everyone plays with colors and water, and with a lot of bhang as well!

Do They Celebrate Holi In Nepal?

Yes, people in Nepal enjoy Holi too! The celebrations are similar to the ones happening in India.

How Is Holi Celebrated In Rajasthan?

Holi in Rajasthan is one vibrant festival, but depending on where you are in the state, the celebrations vary.

Gair Holi - Celebrated around Ajmer, Gair Holi involves men from different villages coming together to dance to the tune of traditional music.

Mali Holi - This version of Holi is celebrated by the Mali community of Ajmer. Men smear women with colors, and the women retaliate by hitting them with sticks!

Kapda Faad Holi - It’s a particularly wild celebration that happens in Pushkar. Just as the name suggests, here the men tear each other’s shirts and smear with colors!

Brij Holi - This Holi is celebrated in the Bharatpur area. During this time, Lord Krishna is worshipped and the locals perform the Raslila dance dressed as Krishna and his Gopis.

Where Is The Best Holi Festival In India?

Some of the best Holi celebrations are in Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh), Barsana (Uttar Pradesh), Shantiniketan (West Bengal), Pushkar (Rajasthan), and Hampi (Karnataka).

What Is Holi Called In Orissa?

Holi in Odisha is known as Basantotsav or Dola Purnima. In this festival, the locals worship Lord Krishna and the duration of the festival goes up to 4 days.

Which God Is Worshipped At Pushkar?

Pushkar is among the few places where there is a temple of Lord Brahma and is worshipped.

Why Do Foreigners Visit Pushkar?

Pushkar has a vibe about it that has remained largely unchanged over the years. The bustling cattle and camel fairs are sure to fascinate everyone, as would the temples of this holy city. There’s a lot to buy in Pushkar as souvenirs, and they’re exquisite. In addition to this, the foreigners are also encouraged to participate in the many activities in the city.

What Should I Buy From Pushkar?

Rose-based products - Pushkar is known as the Rose Garden of Rajasthan, so it’s a given that you buy rose perfumes, essential oils, and rose water from here.

Handicrafts - The handicraft scene in Pushkar is awesome. You can get souvenirs made out of wood, enamel and stone from here.

Silver Jewelry - You can get beautiful silver jewelry from Pushkar; it’s something of a specialty of this town.

Is Pushkar Worth Visiting?

With its bustling life, religious sites, camel fairs and festivals, visiting Pushkar can be a unique experience that you shouldn’t miss. Just be mindful of the touts and ‘holy’ men looking to make a quick buck at your expense!

Can You Drink Alcohol In Pushkar?

Being a holy city, consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Pushkar. But you can buy bhang from registered stores!

Is Pushkar Safe?

Pushkar generally is a safe city, but you must stay clear of shady alleyways and streets. Also, beware of touts and scamsters.




  • Region
    North India
  • Type Of Experience
    Cultural Experience
  • Best Time To Visit
    28th and 29th March 2021 (Best be in Pushkar a day before, finding accommodation at the last minute is next to impossible so plan your trip in advance)
  • How Much Will It Cost Me?
    The public parties are free, the private parties may have an entry fee
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