Experience The Food In Tripura

What comes to your mind when you think of Tripura? Handicrafts? Tribal culture? Dreamy sceneries? Well, all of these would be correct, but there's a lot more that this state is good at. There are many reasons why you should visit this state, but that’s for another article! Here we are going to talk about one very important reason why Tripura has to be on your bucket list. Food! That’s right, this state offers many lip-smacking dishes that are going to make your taste buds lose their minds. Is that even possible? Why don’t you find it out yourself by experiencing the food in Tripura!

8 Best Dishes Of Tripura

  1. Mui Borok
  2. Kosoi Bwtwi
  3. Wahan Mosdeng
  4. Gudok
  5. Mosdeng Serma
  6. Bhangui
  7. Muya Bai
  8. Chuak (Rice Beer)

1. Mui Borok

The great thing about regional specialties is that it takes the best that the state has to offer and turns it into a recipe. Mui Borok is no exception. It revolves around one of its superstar staples, berma. Now berma is fermented fish that has its distinct flavors. It is slightly salted and spicy. Even health-conscious peeps can enjoy this dish as it doesn’t require any oil while being cooked.

The other supporting cast members that join the hit dish of Mui Borok are green chilies, potatoes, and onions, and some also like to throw in a few bamboo shoots. So you can imagine that the flavor maker here is the berma and everything else is there to mold it. Oh, and the results turn out to be amazing and the fact that it is all cooked without oil is like the cherry on the cake.

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2. Kosoi Bwtwi 

Here’s another great dish that uses berma. It is mostly eaten with rice, but you can also pair it up with naan or roti. This will be favored particularly by those who love tofu. Along with tofu pieces, green chilies, onions, steamed beans, garlic cloves, turmeric, and the final piece of this recipe, Khundrupui leaves, are all ingredients of this dish. These leaves are something you only find in Tripuri cuisine and it enjoys a reputation for being a flavor enhancer. 

You might also find Kosoi Bwtwi being made with paneer instead of tofu. Again, as you can notice here, the strong-flavored berma gets paired with ingredients of tamer flavors and it works out beautifully. Do not feel any guilt while gobbling down heaps of Kosoi Bwtwi as this is an oil-free dish and it's very healthy as well.

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3. Wahan Mosdeng

Now this one is for the pork lovers out there! Did you know that pork is one of the highly consumed meats in Tripura? The people of this state are big meat eaters, which is why most of their popular recipes are non-vegetarian. Wahan translates to pork and Mosdeng means chutney of green chilies. 

This dish features pork, onions, a few local spices, coriander, green chilies, and no oil. Some people add fresh ginger and cilantro into the mix to enhance the taste even more. If you don’t eat pork, you must cross your fingers, request the restaurant to see if they can replace the meat with chicken, and pray that they do.

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4. Gudok

When most of us think about delicious dishes, something with boiled vegetables isn’t exactly what comes to our mind. But Gudok is here to change our minds. It is made using fermented fish, which you know by now is called berma in Tripura, then there are green chilies, potatoes, sneak beans (asparagus bean), jackfruit seeds, and bamboo shoots. 

Gudok has a special place in the hearts of the tribal communities of this state and it is prepared mostly during their festivals and ceremonies. But the dish is so amazing that people from the non-tribal communities also love it. Because it is boiled, it locks in a lot of the vitamins of the vegetables and the lack of oil makes it even healthier.

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5. Mosdeng Serma

In simple words, this is tomato chutney on steroids! It’s made of tomatoes, red chilies, garlic and, you might have seen it coming, fermented fish. The final ingredient adds a Tripurian twist to the usual tomato chutney that many of us have eaten and grown up with. Mosdeng Serma has a tangy flavor, it's spicy and the signature taste of the fish makes it a great side dish that goes well with rice as well. We could see ourselves eating it with naan, dosa, roti, bread, or whatever we could get our hands on! It’s a local favorite and you are going to fall in love with it too.

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6. Bhangui

As you may have noticed, none of the dishes on this list use oil. It is because oil isn’t a common ingredient in the cuisine of Tripura. Most of us prefer deep-fried and shallow-fried delicacies and then later think about how much cholesterol we might have added to our bodies. The Tripurians found a better way - to skip oil altogether and as you can see, they did a damn fine job. Even Bhangui skips on oil and it is boiled!

It has rice, ghee, onion, and ginger, and all of this is wrapped together in a banana leaf that locks in the vitamins and the flavor. The method of wrapping food in banana leaves has been used in multiple cultures because this thin, little leaf adds that nice aroma and light flavor of its own and it does wonders for Bhangui.

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7. Muya Bai

Anyone from Tripura can recognize the aroma of piping hot Muya Bai from miles away. Pork takes the center stage here and soaks in the flavors of bamboo shoots, jackfruit seeds, green chilies, and papayas. Bamboo shoots are also a popular ingredient in the cuisine of Tripura and are known for their distinct sweet taste. The real twist here is the addition of papayas and it works beautifully.

It is also known as Muya Bai Wahan and the prepared dish has a very comforting taste. It is not spicy and there is no oil, so it is easy on your stomach. There are very few recipes in Tripura which are spicy. So if you’re someone with a low tolerance for spicy food, you’ll have no problems here.

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8. Chauk (Rice Beer)

Goa has feni, Nagpur is known for its wine, and Tripura? Well, it has its own drink called Chuak, also known as rice beer. It’s an age-old recipe that requires rice and several kinds of leaves and barks to get that right flavor that generations after generations have grown up drinking. The ingredients that go into making this are interesting.

Chauk is made of rice, barks, and leaves of Rangoon creeper, night-flowering jasmine, cat-tail tree, sugarcane, rose mahogany, jackfruit, pineapple, sweet orange, sugarcane, and cockspur. If this doesn’t sound exotic enough for you, then we don’t know what will. Chuak is so popular here that it is also drunk as a ritual at traditional ceremonies. Unlike most alcohols, it doesn't have an aggressive aroma, but like the best alcohols, it has its own peculiar taste.

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Summing Up

The cuisine of Tripura is so delicious and healthy at the same time that it feels like a magic trick, but it's not. It is an ingenious use of locally sourced ingredients. Now you know so much about Tripura’s top dishes, not just their names, but also what goes into them. You are now ready to walk into any restaurant in that state and place a perfect order!


Is Tripura A Bengali State?

Tripura is not a Bengali state, but Bengali is the most spoken language here. Kokborok, which is the Tripuri language, is the second most spoken.

What Is Berma In Tripura?

Berma is simply fermented fish which has been a part of Tripura’s cuisine for generations. It can be cooked without oil and is a delicacy that is used in several great dishes of this state.

Is Tripura Part Of Assam?

No, both Tripura and Assam are different states. Tripura shares its boundaries with other North-East Indian states of Assam, Mizoram, and Bangladesh.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Tripura?

You should plan your trip to Tripura in the winter season which goes on from November to February as the climate is chilly and comfortable. This is the best time to go sightseeing in the state and enjoy the warm local delicacies.

What Can I Buy From Tripura?

Tripura is popular for its handicrafts, bamboo products, and hand-woven cotton products. You can easily shop for a good variety of these from the local markets in the state.

Is Tripura A Safe Place To Visit?

Yes, you have nothing to worry about, Tripura is a very safe state to visit. But you should always be careful about your surroundings and avoid empty areas whenever possible. Keep someone updated about your location if you’re traveling alone.

Does Tripura Have An Airport?

Yes, Maharaja Bir Bikram Domestic Airport, which was once known as Agartala Airport, is located near the city of Agartala, the capital of Tripura.