Delhi Airport Adopts Sunflower Program for Passengers with Hidden Disabilities

People with hidden disabilities can easily and subtly ask for assistance now at Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL). The airport launched a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program on Wednesday. They have merchandise available such as sunflower lanyards, pins, and wristbands to give out to those who have disabilities that aren’t as apparent.

Photo Credits: NishankRathore/Unsplash 

This program was introduced keeping in mind the travelers who have their own personal challenges that cannot be easily voiced. By wearing the merchandise, the travelers will be discreetly indicating to the authorities that they might need some extra assistance. They can collect their choice of merchandise from the help desk.

This aligns with the global initiative of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program. The staff working at the airport are thoroughly trained with the means to especially help out those with hidden disabilities. Delhi Airport transformed itself into a Sunflower airport with the intention of making sure all passengers have a good journey.