Cycling Tour Of Old Delhi

Old Delhi always manages to roll back the years for anyone looking to experience the city. So why don’t you roll with the city and put a new spin to experiencing its glorious Mughal history? Sure, you can do a rickshaw tour, but there can be an amazing cycling tour of Old Delhi that you can be a part of.

You might not be big on sightseeing, but cycling around the bylanes, narrow streets, and the historical sites of Old Delhi is a lot more than sightseeing. It’s unlike any conventional tour and is more fascinating than you would think. So if you’re ready to get pedaling (don’t get any twisted ideas here) for an amazing experience, here are a few things you should know.

When Does It Start?

As we said, it’s not a conventional tour, so you get a chance to channel your inner morning person. The cycling tour of Old Delhi starts at 6:00 am and lets you experience what the loud and energetic giant is like when it’s peacefully sleeping. Depending on the time of the year, the early morning start also lets you witness the pleasant sight of the sun dawning upon the majestic sights of Old Delhi. The tour lasts 4 hours but take it from us, you won’t have to worry about being supremely fit because the tour takes place at a modest pace suited to everyone.

How Much Does It Cost?

The tour costs about INR 1650 per person and it’s totally worth the price. The best part is that the cost includes all the safety equipment, the guide, and even a hearty breakfast. Now, these tours are all group tours, which means you’ll always have company to mingle with. Probably even bond over a few travel tales.

But if you’re someone who prefers experiencing new places with your own gang, you can always book the tour for a group. These operators also accommodate couples so you always have the option of experiencing it with your partner if you’re not one to go solo!

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Who Is It Suited For?

This tour can be experienced by just about anyone, as long as they can ride a bicycle and have a basic level of fitness. Usually, families having kids below the age of 10 are advised a private tour of their own. But hey, age is just a number, right? So if your kid is ahead of the curve in terms of bicycling then you can always speak to the operators and they’ll be more than happy to accommodate. That’s as long as your child below 10 years of age can keep up with the adults. And like we said above, age group aside, the tour is suited for solo travelers, couples, and larger groups alike.

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What Makes The Cycling Tour Of Old Delhi Special?

A lot of things about the Old Delhi Bicycle Tour are special. But what stands out for us is the fact that the tour is run by experts who know the city inside out. Exploring and experiencing Old Delhi through their eyes gives you so many interesting insights and stories that you wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

Also, you get a good taste of diverse experiences like discovering spice markets and monuments like Jama Masjid or spinning around Chawri Bazaar. The bicycle tour is a good way of feeling liberated and as though you truly are a part of the city. You get to visit Gurdwaras and witness their community kitchens while getting a glimpse of how a local bakery kickstarts its day.

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Once again, we really have to emphasize that this is not a sightseeing tour. It’s a way for you to connect with the culture, history, and stories that Old Delhi has to share. And having a bicycle to help you discover both famous and lesser-known sights just makes the whole experience a lot more fun.

If you’re in the capital or are planning to visit, then check out Delhi Bycycle and Spin Monkey. They are two of the tour operators in the city who provide amazing cycling tours of Old Delhi.


What Can I Do In Delhi For 2 Days?

Delhi has no dearth of things to do. You can spend two days by visiting the many historical and architectural marvels like the Red Fort, Qutub Minar, India Gate, and the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

The many places of worship like Jama Masjid, Akshardham, and the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib are worth visiting too!

The shopaholics can visit Dilli Haat and Chandni Chowk for souvenirs. Also, Chandni Chowk is one great spot for street food in Delhi too!

How Many Days Are Enough For Delhi?

If you’re wondering how many days would be enough to explore Delhi, keep aside two-three days for it. A good idea is to dedicate each day to a specific area of the city.

Which Is The Coldest Month In Delhi?

January is the month when Delhi is at its coldest, with temperatures ranging between 8°C to 19°C.

How Far Is Delhi From Agra?

Delhi is 233 km away from Agra, and it would take you about 4 hours to reach by road. There are flights connecting both cities too.

Is It Safe To Walk Around Delhi?

Walking around in Delhi during the daytime is safe, but it’s best to steer clear from shady alleyways. We’d recommend that you avoid walking around in Delhi after dark.

Has Delhi Got Snow?

No, Delhi doesn’t normally experience snowfall. But the weather can get pretty chilly during the winter months, so make sure you pack enough warm clothes if you’re visiting the city during that time.

Is Delhi Safe At Night?

Surely you’re wondering if Delhi is dangerous for tourists. The city does have an unfortunate reputation of being relatively unsafe, especially for women. But as female travelers, you can avoid danger by steering clear of desolate spots and if you want a cab, hire one from a reputable company.

What Is Famous In Delhi For Eating?

When you’re in Delhi, you simply can’t miss the parathas, golgappas, chole bhature, kebabs, and butter chicken. The ones with a sweet tooth must try the kulfis, rabri faloodas, and jalebis.

What Is The Difference Between New Delhi And Old Delhi?

Old Delhi is the section of the city that was primarily developed by the Mughals during the medieval period, while New Delhi was designed during the colonial era by the British.


  • Region
    North India
  • Type Of Experience
    Adventure & Cultural - A fun bike ride through the streets of Old Delhi
  • Best Time To Visit
    All through the year (Monsoon months may see a few cancellations due to heavy rains)
  • How Much Will It Cost Me?
    INR 1650 (includes breakfast, safety equipment, and a guide)
  • Cycling Tour Of Old Delhi
  • Cycling Through Delhi
  • Biking Through Old Delhi
  • Morning Bike Tour Of Delhi