Visiting The Wildlife SOS in Agra

The Wildlife SOS in Agra

You will definitely love visiting Wildlife SOS in Agra if you’re an animal lover. But trust us when we say this, the animals love this place a lot more. After all, the primary mission of Wildlife SOS is to rehabilitate and save wildlife that are suffering, being exploited for different reasons or those living in unfavourable conditions.

In the beginning, their primary focus was to free Indian Sloth Bears (dancing bears) from the abusive clutches of the nomadic tribe Kalandars. But today, they’ve achieved numerous milestones. What we love about this place is that not only is it a great experience for wildlife enthusiasts, you get to see these creatures living happily and also interact with them. Here’s what you should know if you’re planning to visit the place.

Who started it?

It’s been 25 years since the organisation came into existence. Back in 1995, it was wildlife biologist Kartick Satyanarayan and wildlife conservationist Geeta Seshamani, who started this initiative. Kartick was always fond of animals and nature right from his childhood. It was after he grew older and visited national parks that he realized how wrong the practice is. After learning about the various wrongful practices like capturing and enslaving animals, poaching and many others, Kartick realized that something needed to be done.

Where is it located?

Wildlife SOS is just about a 30 minutes drive away from Agra, on the National Highway 2, in Murunda. That’s the place where their Bear Sanctuary is situated. Getting there isn’t a big challenge either. You could drive there yourself, take a cab or there is also the option of taking a bus. Either way, it’s a short drive that’s supremely convenient. They do have more centres across the country if you wish to volunteer or simply get to experience wildlife.

Inside Wildlife SOS

If you visit the facility in Agra, you will definitely be awe-struck at the number of Bears and Elephants. While it’s primarily a Bear Rehabilitation Center, it also houses a few monkeys. Don’t be surprised if you come across some other animals too. After all, the place is meant to be a safe haven for animals.

They have special programs for different creatures such as Sloth Bears, Elephants, Leopards, Moon Bears, Primates and Reptiles too. Each of these creatures are safely rehabilitated in a natural habitat which is favourable for them. You can also volunteer with Wildlife SOS and contribute to their cause.

What makes them special?

Wildlife SOS gives you an opportunity to volunteer for them and contribute to the lives of these majestic creatures. You don’t even need to have any particular skills, they will train you in that regard. Best part is that you get to work closely with these amazing animals and take care of them and their habitat.

Moreover, Wildlife SOS also conducts several Tribal Rehabilitation Programs to educate and aid tribals about wildlife and help them learn skills to financially support themselves, without having to exploit or abuse animals. They even focus their efforts towards mitigating conflicts between human beings and animals, be it due to deforestation or any other reason.

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