Explore the Crater Lake in Lonar near Aurangabad

A day trip to the Lonar Crater Lake near Aurangabad

When it comes to witnessing the most unique sights in India, the Lonar Crater Lake should make it to the top of your bucket list. This mysterious geological phenomenon came to birth about 50,000 years ago when a meteor crashed into our planet and created this massive crater that eventually became a lake. But what’s really fascinating is that you will come across a bunch of legends and magnificent sights on your visit to this lake. Here’s all that you need to know to make the most of your visit to the Lonar Lake:

How was the Lonar Lake created?

Over 50,000 years ago a meteor that weighed about 2 million ton crashed into this little town in Maharashtra, at the hyper speed of close to 90,000 kmph. The impact created a crater which is 1.8 km wide and 150 m deep.

Where is the Lonar Lake located?

The Lake is situated in the little town, Lonar, which falls under the Buldhana district of Maharashtra’s Vidarbha region.

How do you get there?

The best way to reach the Lonar Lake is from Aurangabad. You can easily drive down to the town from Aurangabad as it only takes about 4 hours. Getting a bus to the place is also just as easy from Aurangabad’s CIDCO bus stand. Buses can take upto 9 hours so plan your travels accordingly. In this scenario, we would advise taking an overnight bus. Cabs are also available but would be relatively expensive. In any case, getting to Lonar by road is the best option available.

What makes it special?

It’s unique in every sense of the word. We’re not kidding. This crater is literally the only one in the entire planet which is formed in basaltic rocks. Known to be the largest on earth, the Lonar Lake is both saline and alkaline in nature and has been a thing of wonder to NASA Scientists for this and many other reasons. Questions like why does a compass not work in certain parts of the lake or why supremely rare microorganisms are supported by the lake?

lonar lake

If that’s not enough for you, the path that takes you to the lake is quite exciting too. In fact, you will have to trek a forest trail where you get to witness a variety of birds like Blue Jays and Baya Beavers. You will also come across a bunch of really old abandoned temples and houses. The area surrounding the lake is considered a National Park that is home to many migratory birds and creatures such as Chinkaras, Gazelles and the Monitor Lizard.

There are also many temples around the lake which have interesting stories of their own. Legends. One of the more interesting one is the Daitya Sudan temple that’s dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Locals believe that the demon Lonasura once resided in the crater, which was his lair. The demon was eventually defeated by Lord Vishnu, due to which a temple was built in his honour. Is this why some people believe the place seems gloomy?

No way to tell. But there’s no denying that the Lonar Crater Lake is a fascinating spectacle which definitely has a lot of stories to tell and many minds to stimulate. The place is definitely a bonus for wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers. One thing is for sure, regardless of the kind of traveller you are, this one-of-a-kind place is something you should definitely experience.

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