Exploring the Taj Mahal – Visiting India’s Most Loved Monument

Visiting the Taj Mahal

There’s a lot that has been said about The Taj Mahal. But that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t warrant our attention. After all, it’s not only the pride of the country but it’s also India’s most iconic site. What’s interesting is how the front gate doesn’t give you a very clear picture of what you’re in for. That’s until you reach the actual entryway at the archgate and start witnessing the lush green garden courts. But there are a few things you should know before you actually enter the premises. So let’s back up a little.

What are the ticket prices?

The price of a ticket here would depend on your nationality. Here’s the updated price for the year 2020.

Indian: 45 INR + 200 INR for the main mausoleum
SAARC & BIMSTEC: 535 INR + 200 INR for the main mausoleum
Foreigners: 1050 INR + 200 INR for the main mausoleum

How do you get inside the Taj mausoleum?

To get inside the mausoleum, there are three gates, which are the East Gate, West Gate and South Gate. They are all situated in different areas and you can choose the one which is closer to where you’re staying or coming from. Do note that the South Gate only opens up starting 8 am. One important thing that you should keep in mind is that there’s a distance of 1 km separating the main entrance and the ticket booth. So you’ll have to either walk the distance or you even have the option of getting a rickshaw.

Visiting Taj Mahal for Sunrise

Now even though the marvellous site gets countless visitors on a daily basis, most people miss out on experiencing one of the most beautiful sights and feelings there can be. And that is experiencing the sunrise from Taj Mahal. Doesn’t matter if you’ve already visited the place, you should totally do it again, if only for this unique experience.

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Why is the Sunrise at Taj Mahal special?

You get to witness the sunrise from behind the palace to shine on the entire mausoleum. The sight of the sun rays reflecting against the ivory-white marbles is absolutely magical. Moreover, at this time of the day, the crowd at the site is relatively lesser, so you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings with a bright gleaming sun slowly lighting up the entire sky.

Moreover, visiting the Taj Mahal during sunrise means that the queue won’t be too long either. So in about 15 minutes give or take, you should be in. It’s also the best time to get great pictures with no tourists (or fewer) in your frame. Even if you’re not a morning person, we strongly recommend this experience. Witnessing the Taj Mahal turn gold is worth it.

Experiencing Sunset from Mehtab Bagh

Mehtab Bagh is another beautiful place that warrants a visit. You will definitely love the lovely view of the Yamuna River and the Taj Mahal from the garden. Mehtab Bagh has the reputation of being a famous sunset spot and rightly so. But moreover, it’s really underrated yet the best spot to experience a sunset with the Taj Mahal in the backdrop.

You can spot the sun setting on the beautiful Taj Mahal. The garden gives you a great view of the Taj Mahal from the backside, but makes sure you don’t have to face the same amount of crowd. You can literally feel the difference in the crowd once you visit the mausoleum during the day and come here for sunset or to simply lay back and relax peacefully.

Unstumbled Tip

Even though there will be relatively lesser people early in the morning, it will still be crowded. It’s the Taj Mahal after all. Even reaching the ticket booth at 6 AM might not be enough because you’ll definitely see a queue of people already waiting to get in. So we would suggest you reach there at 05:30 am, at the least. Sooner will definitely be better.

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If you’re visiting in December and January, sunrise might not be the best time to visit the Taj Mahal. Purely because during those months, Agra gets extremely foggy. So you won’t be able to enjoy the spectacular sight of the Taj Mahal during sunrise. In that case, we would suggest that you visit around 10 am. Or maybe just plan your trip taking these factors into account.

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