Experiencing The Offbeat Sunrise & Sunset spots in Mumbai

Discovering the best Sunrise & Sunset spots in Mumbai

Experiencing Sunrise & Sunset in Mumbai means that high rise buildings, scenic beaches and every other element manage to get competitive. Surely an archipelago would have numerous wonderful spots to witness the sunrise and sunset. The city is famous for a lot of places. Yet, there are many spots which are so wonderful yet underrated that even the locals often overlook them. So here are a few of those lesser known spots in Mumbai that you should visit to experience the Sunrise & Sunset.

Dongri Fort

Easily one of the most underrated spots in the city. A lot of Mumbai residents don’t know about this 17th century Dongri Fort either. The fort offers a stunning view of the Arabian Sea, with fresh air and a peaceful ambience. In fact, the view also includes a distant Vasai Fort, along with the Borivali National Park and the city’s famous theme parks, EsselWorld and Water Kingdom. This lesser known gem is definitely worth unstumbling onto.

Culvem Sunset Point, Gorai

Yet another place that many Mumbai locals would not even know existed. Culvem Village in Gorai has a charming rural vibe to it. The Sunset Spot is hidden parallely behind the Manori-Gorai road. It’s just 10 minutes away from Gorai beach on the southern side. You will have to take a short nature trail to get there. But once you do, the view of the Arabian Sea in the backdrop with you on the edge of a cliff will be well worth your time and effort.

Dana Pani Beach

dana pani beach, most offbeat sunrise spots in mumbai

The northern part of Mumbai is certainly an underappreciated goldmine of charming beaches. Dana Pani beach is naked, raw and offers a great view especially early in the morning and during sundown. The beach is situated in Madh Island and reaching there isn’t too complicated. Our personal suggestion would be to drive/ride to the place. If you don’t own a vehicle and stay a little far away, an early morning local train would also be fun.

Sewri Fort

sewri, offbeat sunrise and sunset spots in mumbai

Another place which takes historic significance and pairs it up with a really attractive view. Situated on the Harbour line, the locality Sewri is home to a fort which was once considered to be a watchtower and was used as a defense system. Much like in Game Of Thrones. Depending on which part of the fort you’re in, you can get a view of the Sewri mangroves, the eastern side of the sea that seeps in or a nearly panoramic view of the city.

Dadar Sealink

A popular spot for locals residing in the area, but a great spot nonetheless. Visiting here during evenings means that you might still be met with some crowd. But not too much during weekdays. The spot is just a few minutes walk away from Shivaji park and the view of Mahim Bay it offers is spectacular, with the Bandra-Worli Sealink in the background. The wide stretch is even more enjoyable during early mornings.

Kharghar Hills

kharghar hills, most offbeat sunrise and sunset spots in mumbai

A quick fun trek along with amazing views. Kharghar hills in Navi Mumbai makes it to our list because outside of Navi Mumbai, a lot of people don’t know about it. And contrary to popular belief, it still is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Unlike most places on the list, the Kharghar Hills View Point offers an interesting sight of the highrise towers and mountains in the background. An experience we would definitely recommend.

Beyond these places, there are still a lot of cool places you can visit to experience sunrise or sunset in Mumbai. But these are definitely some of the lesser known places which are pretty fantastic in their own right and they definitely warrant a visit. Mumbai being such a big urban city means pollution often reduces the charm of the skyline. But that’s where Mumbai is fortunate for being an archipelago that has numerous amazing coastlines and stunning views to offer.

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