Experiencing the Food in Jaisalmer

Exploring Jaisalmer’s favorite dishes

Jaisalmer or the Golden city exudes warmth not just from the welcoming locals and the inviting yellow sandstone architecture but also from the simple yet delicious food. When in Jaisalmer apart from the famous Rajasthani Laal Maas and Dal batti churma give these a try as well.

Makhaniya Lassi – A twist on the classic Lassi, the Makhaniya has a flavour of rose and saffron and served loaded with dry fruits and heavy cream. You can either enjoy it by itself or as a perfect end to a sumptuous meal. And if you feel adventurous, then try the Makhaniya at the government licensed Bhaang shop near the entrance of Jaisalmer Fort. They have a version with Bhaang and although you may not notice a difference in taste but the after effects of a Bhaang Makhaniya will certainly be delightful!

Dal Pakoda –  Pakodas are a dish we are all familiar with and the best place to try out dal pakodas (or pakoras) which are made from chana dal in Jaisalmer is a tapri (street stall). A plate of pakoras with meethi chutney and a cup of chai on a cold winter evening with the sun setting over the Fort is what they call simple pleasures that warm your heart.

Chaat – If you are from Mumbai like me and craving chat already on your first day in Jaisalmer, try the Papdi chaat, another street food speciality. I found one while walking around the fort and it was thronged by locals and temptation kicked in. These are hot aloo pattice mashed in a bowl mixed with sweet and spicy chutneys, you can also add curd and then topped with sev. Yum!

Mutton Saag – Another famous Rajasthani dish, Mutton saag is meat cooked in pureed spinach with Rajasthani spices. The preparation goes well with tandoori roti or naan. We may all have tried Palak Paneer at some point but spinach with meat does make this dish interesting to dig into.

Woodfired Pizza – Pizza is not something you would relate to when thinking of food in Jaisalmer. But if you are a pizza lover then this is a must try when in Jaisalmer. Head to the rooftop restaurant at 1st Gate hotel to enjoy an amazing dinner of woodfired pizzas with a view of the fort and the cold breeze of the desert town. You can choose a glass of wine or beer to go with your pizza. The atmosphere of the place is peaceful as well as romantic. So a perfect spot for a family meal or a date.

Banana Nutella Pancakes – Another unusual food recommendation for Jaisalmer but Pancakes is something you will certainly notice in a lot of menus owing to the foreign tourists Jaisalmer gets and although not a regular breakfast item for us, you should definitely get your hands and mouth dirty with a banana nutella pancake. It is heavenly and you will surely want to try it at home!

Nutella Pancakes in jaisalmer may not look as good but they taste just as good
Nutella Pancakes in jaisalmer may not look as good but they taste just as good

Ghotua Laddoo – The Ghotua Laddoo is a traditional Jaisalmer sweet treat and something to take back home. It is a mix of besan (gram flour), sugar, condensed milk and a generous helping of desi ghee which makes it last almost a month without refrigeration. Head to Dhanraj Ranmal Bhatia, one of oldest sweet shops in Jaisalmer and well known for their Ghotua Laddoos which is prepared with a guarded recipe that has been passed down through generations. They also offer a wheat based version of this delicacy called Panchdhari Laddoo.

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