Staying Atop A Treehouse in Wayanad

Staying in a treehouse in Wayanad

Looking to cut yourself off from the outside world? Experiencing a stay atop a treehouse in Wayanad will surely help you with that calming break you need. Most of us have dreamt of living in a treehouse when we were kids. Wayanad just took things to another level to make those dreams come true. Situated in the state of Kerala, Wayanad has a reputation for being a hill station set high up in the Western Ghats.

Wayanad is blessed with an abundance of greenery. This is a district which is famous for its paddy fields and coffee plantations. The dense evergreen and moist deciduous forests, along with the pine forests, make it the perfect escape from the sensory overload of big cities. Wayanad’s untamed nature is where several tree houses can be found. So if you ever wanted to experience literally living on top of a tree, Wayanad is a great place to visit.

What does the experience involve?

There are many different properties across Wayanad which have their own unique qualities. But there are many factors which make this experience special. The most common but amazing part is that these tree houses are always nestled away in tranquil locations. Often deep inside a forest, in a farmhouse or even in meadows. Living in a tree house is as good as living amongst birds. Which for a nature lover can be as good as a paradise.

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These tree houses are often built organically. The facilities and amenities can be minimal or extravagant as there are many luxurious resorts in Wayanad too. In any case, the view is total bliss. You often get to see nocturnal creatures and are accompanied by the whistling and chirping of the birds. If you’re visiting a treehouse, you should let yourself be disconnected from everything else but nature. So don’t go chasing wifi or internet unless essential.

Network is not often strong in forest areas, which is a bonus. Unless the property you’re staying in gives importance to modern day pleasures and needs. Of course, living in a tree house means you can’t avoid insects and creepy crawlies. But then these days there are facilities for everything. For us though, it’s all about sitting back, and relaxing to the sound of the trees rustling against the wind with the birds and insects giving some background score.

There’s just something about the little pleasures like climbing up a ladder or walking on a sloped ramp. We feel it’s a very calm inducing experience which can be very therapeutic. We all need breaks every once in a while. And sometimes, it’s best to take a break from technology itself and enjoy being pampered by nature. Mose tree house properties cook food using the produce that’s grown in their own backyard. That can also be fun to partake in.

How to get to Wayanad?

By Air – The nearest airport is in Kozhikode, which is situated around 100 kms away. From there, it’s either a bus or a cab.

By Rail – Even the nearest railway station is in Kozhikode, which is around 85 kms away. You’ll have to hit the road from there.

By Road – There are many private players who have frequent buses to Wayanad. State Transport buses are also available. You could also drive down to Wayanad and enjoy the uplifting views along the journey. The roads are well connected with National Highways 766 and 181 being two of the few that bring you to Wayanad.

Best time to experience living in a treehouse?

If you love birds, monsoon might be a good time for you. During the rains, birds sometimes look for shelter in the veranda or balcony area of tree houses. So it can be really amazing to watch them up close. Besides, during the monsoon season, Wayanad colours itself with a brighter and livelier shade of green. The winter months of November to February can also be fun if you want to experience the sight of a mysteriously misty forest.

Overall, Wayanad in general has good weather throughout the year, especially for such experiences. So it all boils down to personal preferences. All things said and done, being amidst nature and living a simple and peaceful life can be very nourishing for our minds. And Wayanad knows just how to pamper its visitors with its many amazing tree houses.

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