Experiencing Sheroes Hangout in Agra

Experiencing Sheroes Hangout in Agra

One of those experiences that truly stuck with us. We love food of all types so we often visit different cafes and restaurants. But Experiencing Sheroes Hangout in Agra was much more than just visiting a good cafe to eat and chill. It’s an initiative started by women who were victims of acid attacks. But even more so, visiting this place is a one of its kind experience that you must not miss out on. The interesting part is that now Sheroes Hangout also exists in Lucknow. But for now, we’ll focus on the one in Agra, which is the first one. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Who started it?

The cafe was the brainchild of the Chhanv Foundation. An NGO founded by journalists Alok Dixit and Ashish Kumar, both of whom are renowned Social Activists. Back in 2013, they first started the campaign Stop Acid Attacks to support acid attack survivors. Then a year later, they started the foundation with the sole purpose of rehabilitating these survivors.

Finally, it was in December of 2014 when Chhanv Foundation started Sheroes Hangout in Agra as a means to provide employment opportunities for acid attack survivors. Till date, the foundation has achieved numerous milestones by helping countless women across the country to get proper legal, medical, educational and employment support.

Where is it located?

The cafe is situated in Fatehabad Road, opposite the Gateway Hotel. If you’re at the Taj Mahal and are planning to visit the cafe, it’s just about 2.1 kms away from the East Gate.

Inside Sheroes Hangout

As the name suggests, the cafe is run entirely by women and it has a warm and cheerful vibe that’s just the same as the spirit of the women who run it. But unlike most cafes, Sheroes also has a library and a section where visitors can find some cool handicrafts. You will find some really cool t-shirts and elegant sequin and embroidered bags here, amongst other things.

What makes Sheroes special?

What was fascinating for us was that you won’t find the price for any dish on the menu. Really! That’s because they let you pay as you wish. All of that after serving really good and tasty food. Bhindi is something which often divides opinions here at Unstumbled, but their bhindi masala was delicious. We even liked the aloo gobi and chai they served us.

Sheroes Hangout is a place we strongly recommend not only for good food and a chilled out vibe but also for the overall experience. You get to witness love, life, hope, joy and have a humbling experience which will stick with you forever.

Unstumbled Tip – Please don’t be a cheapskate when visiting Sheroes, okay?

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